Does BillShark Really Work?

Does BillShark Really Work?
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Does BillShark Work?There are many common services that the average person uses each month. These are services like you cable or satellite TV, internet and home security. Most often with the hectic lifestyles that people lead they don’t have time to negotiate with these services to get the best deals. There may be a great helper which is BillShark.

BillShark is a company that has dedicated themselves to bill reduction. They will take over the control of your satellite Tv, Cable TV and Internet,Wireless Phone, Satellite Radio,Internet Access and Home Security Services. All you have to do is send these bills through BillShark and they will go about getting you any possible savings they can for each of them. When you get your next bill you will automatically see how much they have saved you.

The Claim
According to BillShark they indicate that its possible that they may be able to lower your bills by about $3,000. a year on these services.

The Hype
The hype for BillShark aside from being a potential money saver is that it is a real time saver. If you have ever been on the phone with any of the services then you have experienced just have long you are often put on hold before you even get to speak to a representative. Then the process begins again as you get transferred from one department to another.

The Cost
The cost for BillShark is they will take 50% of the savings they have gotten you for the first year. They will give you the option to pay this amount in full, or in four equal payments. If you make the full payment they will give you a 10% discount.

The Commitment
The commitment you will have to make is a lot less than if you were to try your own negotiations you will really need to have a lot of extra time on your hands. Plus you will need to know how to negotiate with these various services which is not always easy. All BillShark is requiring from you is to download the applicable bills to them then they can start the negotiation process on your behalf.

One may question whether BillShark is something that is really needed. However, these services that BillShark is willing to negotiate with really do add up in costs throughout the year. If you can save some money on them then yes a company like BillShark is definitely a valuable resource.

Final BillShark Review

We are prepared to give BillShark a thumbs up rating. There is some good feedback from some of their clients, and we like the fact that there can be some money saved. They have a team of experts that they call Sharks who once you have signed on with them will begin negotiating your bills. Once they have determined what savings they have been able to garner for you, then they will deduct their share as agreed upon from your credit card. It may turn out after paying BillShark you are not getting huge savings but some is better than none, and consider that next year all of the savings are yours.

Our Recommendation
It is important that wherever you can save even a few pennies that it all adds up. If you are becoming one who is intent on looking for ways that you save money or hey! Maybe even find free money then you may want to check out the Free Money book.

What do you think? Does BillShark work or not?


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