Does Add Height Really Work?

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Does Add Height Work?There are a lot of people that are not happy about their height, this includes both genders and is often a common problem that many youth complain about, especially those that are into some sports. Add Height may really be the simple solution

Add Height is simply a pair of inserts that are easily slipped into any kind of shoe wear. Some may be surprised to learn that they are actually quite comfortable. They are comprised of silicon gel and comfort form. This combination creates a cushion feel when one is walking in a pair of shoes that have the Add Height inserted into them.

The Claim
The promoters of Add Height are claiming that these inserts will add two inches to the height. For those that are not happy with their height then two inches makes a big difference for them.

The Hype
The hype for Add Height focuses on two areas. One that they are really easy to insert into the shoes. Secondly they are comfort and don’t affect the way a person walks or runs.

The Cost
The promo for the Add Height is a little deceiving. You need to read the fine print of the pricing carefully. You need to make two payments of The $19.95 and $7.95 for shipping and handling. Total this comes to $46.99 so they are not as cheap as what they may appear to be at first glance. Then if you want a second pair of the Add Height you will need to pay the $7.95 shipping for it.

The Commitment
First you are going to have to remember to switch the Add Height over to each pair of shoes that you are going to be wearing. Once you start wearing these in public and its for the purpose of height then you don’t want to be creating an odd appearance about yourself. Meaning, that one day your friends see you two inches taller than perhaps the next day when you are not using the Add Height.

Our evaluation about Add Height is a little mixed. We are not happy with the way the cost is promoted. You can easily miss that there are two payments of $19.95 and this makes it look like the promoters are a little deceitful. If they are going to be this way with the pricing is there anything about the product itself that we should be concerned about?

The second concern is whether wearing the Add Height day in and day out is such a good idea. For those that are not happy with their height on a regular basis they may be tempted to do this. After a while this could play havoc on the back. Just like high heels do for many women who wear them constantly.

Final Add Height Review

We are convinced that there is a need for this type of product and that Add Height is contributing to meeting that need. There are other similar products on the market that are garnering attention so that supports the needs. Overall we are going to give the Add Height a try/buy rating. Ideally they should be reserved for occasional wear but that really is up to the individual.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for something to make your shoe wear more comfortable and height is not the issue then you may want to take a look at Comfi Heels.

What do you think? Does Add Height work or not?

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