Does the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Really Work?

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Does the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Work?Most kids love anything that they think has to do with magic. This is what has made so many magic sets and products so popular for consumers to buy. Here is one that has hit the market in the form of a gravity ball that really is intriguing, and it’s the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball.


The user of the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball is able to manipulate the ball through hand manouvers to make the ball look as if it floating or moving on its own. It creates the illusion for those watching this to think that the manipulator of the ball is moving the ball through mind suggestions.

The Claim

The Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball is really a cross between looking like magic and the art of juggling. It is being promoted as being a great resource to stimulate relaxation, but after seeing what the ball does no doubt it will become a entertainment venue.

The Hype
The hype really focuses on the fact that people like something new and intriguing. Something that appears to be a little more difficult to figure out, and something that can wow people.

The Cost
For the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball you can expect to pay $19.99 and $6.99 shipping and handling. You do get a DVD to give you the instructions.

The Commitment
If you are buying the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball for yourself then there is little doubt that you will have to be pushed into a commitment of using it. In the beginning you are surely going to intrigued with what it does. You will have to most likely practice the various moves that you can make with this ball like Levitation, Enigma,and Palm Spin just to name a few.

Anything that can make someone even smile is often worth an investment. We are convinced that the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball would be ideal for someone that is stressed out to use to help them get their minds off their problems for awhile. We can also see this as being a great entertainment product to mesmerize guests. It is a see through sphere so this makes it all the more mystical.

Final Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball Review

We are going to give the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball a thumbs up because it is quite intriguing and mystical although there is a science behind it. It is reasonably priced and for those that are into things that seem magical then this is different.

Our Recommendation
You may want to purchase the Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball for yourself if you are looking for a stress reliever. It would almost make a perfect gift for a lot of people on your gift buying list. If you are interested in other products with some magical components to it then take a look at the Magic Tricks.

What do you think? Does Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball work or not?

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