Does Bodylastics Really Work?

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Does Bodylastics work?Bodylastics are resistance bands that are trying to make the case that they can be like a home gym. For several years now bands like these have been used in aerobics classes, since they provide lighter resistance in a smooth motion, without the bulk and clunk of using heavy free weights or machines. So can these really give you a strength training workout that rivals the gym?

When building strength there are a few pieces of equipment that most people use in order to get results. You’ve got your machines at the gym, with a dedicated machine for each major muscle group. This lets you use more weight and not use a spotter. You can use dumbbells, which help you use stabilizing muscles because you have to hold the weights in place and keep them steady.

And then there are dumbbell exercises like bench presses and squats, which you typically will want a spotter for since there’s a chance of dropping the weight onto yourself. Resistance bands try to offer the best of all worlds, with no spotter needed, and the ability to use them in creative ways to get a full body workout.

The Claim
Bodylastics is claiming that their resistance bands are a cut above what you’ll typically find at your local department store, or even at your local gym. They say that the difference is in the way they’re constructed, with patented processes that make them more durable, less likely to break, and provide smooth resistance during your workouts. If you’ve ever hand a band break on you in the past, you’ll appreciate that these are 99% snap resistant, but you might also still be concerned about that 1% possibility.

The Hype
Most any fitness program comes with its share of hype. When it’s something that you’re supposed to be able to do at home there’s even more hype heaped on. Resistance bands aren’t exactly a new invention, but these are supposed to be super strong, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them, and you don’t have to worry about getting an intense enough workout.

The Cost
There’s a Super Strong Man set that sells for $78 and comes with a total of 202 pounds of resistance that you can arrange in 90 different increments. This would be enough for just about anyone to evolve to and never complain that there isn’t enough resistance to keep things challenging. They also have packages from $29 so there’s an entry point for just about anyone that would want to add these to their collection of fitness equipment, or get started on creating a respectable home gym.

The Commitment
This is the one part that many people might struggle with. Resistance bands take a little getting used to if you typically use machines or free weights at the gym, or if you’re totally new to the world of strength training. The nice part about using bands is that they provide resistance in both directions. This forces you to use stabilizing muscles as you return the weight to your starting position. While this makes it more effective, it also requires learning the proper form, and sticking with it until it feels natural.

They make a very strong argument that these could be a suitable replacement for the gym by showing dozens of exercises for each muscle group that you can perform at home. Many at-home workout machines are unable to replicate the kind of exercises you can do at the gym, which is why so many people are still relying on their fitness club membership to keep them in shape. But with this you not only get the bands, but you get a lot of instruction on how to use them, and how to do different exercises with them. That combination is huge, and something that’s hard to find in any workout system.

Without the instructional videos that come with these bands, you might be lost on how to use them. That lost feeling is what prevents many people from finding a workout program that suits them and sticking with it. They’ve got pre-designed workout programs that can help you target specific muscle groups depending on your goals. And they even provide spreadsheets so that you can track your progress, stay organized, and stay focused.

Final Bodylastics Review

We’re giving Bodylastics our Thumbs Up rating, as these are some of the best resistance bands you can buy. They provide all of this quality but don’t take advantage on the price, offering good value for the dollar, which is something we can all appreciate. Just be sure that you’ll be able to stay committed to using them, because even though they’ll last longer and provide a better workout than substandard competing bands, you’ll still have to use them to the point where you feel comfortable doing the motions, and of course find the motivation to work out on a regular basis.

Our Recommendation
While you might not be looking to replace the gym completely, these could be a great supplement to a gym membership, especially for rainy days, snowy days, busy days, or when the only time you’d be able to make it to the gym is when it’s all crowded and you’d have to wait to use the machines. These would definitely be a suitable surrogate, and many might find that they can cancel their membership and rely on them entirely.

What do you think? Does Bodylastics work or not?

21 Customer Reviews on “Does Bodylastics Really Work?

  1. Yes! Resistance bands do work! After belonging to commercial gyms 25+ years….I am at home using Bodylastics bands in my living room. I have Spinal Stenosis and another spinal condition.called spondylolisthesis–all in L4-5 area. The bands allow me to really work hard, but they are very forgiving on your body. You MUST concentrate and keep your form good….no sloppy stuff. The bands will require you to keep focused to get the most out of them. You will be rewarded with a very good workout and you will see results. You dont have to hear iron clanking around to grow!! I’m very happy with the Chiseled Show that offers. I stream it on my tv off the Roku. The earlier shows have Blake Kassel as the leader…he is great. I’m only on Series 2…I dont know if he is still doing Chiseled..but its a great show to follow using your bands. Bodylastics are quality all the way, btw. 🙂

  2. Been using mine for over 2 years, not 1 issue with them. I even travel with them, workout outside, and totally love the their website too.

  3. These bands are great. They were inexpensive, they are good quality and they don’t take up any room. I use them every day.

  4. These bands are the best home gym you can get. Best investment I have ever made. And for those people who think you can’t build muscle with bands, you will be pleasantly surprised on the results you will get with these bands. Strongly recommend signing up with their [link removed] site to get the full benefit of the product. Strongly recommend this product to anyone looking to get into shape. Love them.

  5. Workout resistance bands definitely give you a great workout. The first time I tried it was with a wii game that I bought, which came with a resistance band. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually gave me a very good workout until it snapped on me. I’m glad that bodylastics is 99% snap proof, but I want to be on the safe side I’d rather change it once every 6 months. But that’s just me lol~ the scaredy cat xD

  6. I love bodylastics! Very compact and I am convinced the quality is good. I recommend it to anyone determined enough to keep up with working out on their own at home… Or if you give up on your resolution, you’ll be glad they’re so nice and compact. I need to stay using mine again actually, I’m starting to get really flabby. This my thumbs up too, DIRW! =)

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