Does Really Work?

Does Work?One of the most common tasks that a lot of people have to do on at a least a few different occasions is to do bookings. This includes bookings for hotels, travel, and even restaurants. So all of this just may make the services that has to offer something worth taking advantage of.

As you can guess by the name this is a company that allows you to do the majority of your bookings through one easy platform. There are plenty of categories to choose from. It really makes it much easier especially if you are going to be travelling outside of your region like to another state, province or even country.

The Claim
Basically what is saying that they will do is save you time and money. Anyone that has the task of doing a lot of bookings will be the first to tell you what a hassle this can be.

The Hype
The hype around is really the convenience and the choices you are given no matter what category you need to book in.

The Cost
While you may not be charged for the actual use of the platform you need to be well informed about any of the fees that are going to be affiliated with your specific booking. For example, there may be cancellation fees, or other fees that you were not made aware of at the time of your booking.

The Commitment
Your commitment is really going to depend on what you are booking for. appears to try and bring selections for bookings that offer good promotions and discounts. You need to still do your homework and ensure that what you are going to book is going to meet all of your needs. Price will be important but it should not be the sole factor of your decision.

Evaluation has been very successful at marketing their brand. One of the dangers of this is that many people automatically assume that because is so well known that they should just go ahead and use it. It is important to look at resources like Consumer Affairs has on hand about the company. To date they are showing out of 570 ratings that is only receiving a 1 star over all satisfaction rating. You may also want to check out if the BBB in your region or destination has anything to offer in regards to

Final Review

We are prepared to give the a try/buy rating. It is all going to come down to the individual user and their experience and based on what category of bookings that was used for. There are tons of reviews about this company. Keep in mind that a lot of the reviews that are negative may not be of any fault of the Company itself. In many cases it is the service provider that is the issue.

Our Recommendation
If it accommodations that you are focusing on to try and book then another platform to help you find the right place for this may be Roomorama.

What do you think? Does work or not?

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