Does Invent Help Really Present & Launch your Invention?

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Invent HelpThere are a lot of people that have plenty of good innovative ideas for products but never get the chance to bring them to market. Is it possible that a business entity like Invent Help could make this a reality?

What Is Invent Help?

It is an organization that has been developed to help those who have a great idea that could be turned into an invention. Then take it through the process to bring it to market.

Pipe Dreams Or Reality?


There are many that have some great ideas for products and events and just as many who think they are no more than pipe dreams. But just look at all the products and nifty inventions that make our life easier and the reality can easily be seen.

Besides, there would be popular shows like Shark Tank if possibilities didn’t exist. So having a company like Invent Help could possibly make the difference between setting something amazing to the side or bringing it to market. However, having the name Invent Help doesn’t in itself mean that it is authentic.

Just What Does Invent Help Do?


To gain an appreciation of what Invent could help with it means knowing what it takes to bring an invention to market.

  • It starts with the idea
  • Then the research as to whether there is a need for it and who is going to be the target market. Is it big enough?
  • Check out the legalities such as whether there is a similar product is there a patent pending on something similar to your, as well as many other factors.
  • Get a prototype made. Some try to make this themselves others have to find a company willing to do it. Then knowing that if and when it becomes successful it can be manufactured. Cost factors and further legalities such as patents etc.
  • Bringing it to market.

Sounds like five easy steps but each of them has a lot of sub-steps and a lot of work. So for this reason most do not want to go it alone but it gives them a starting point to see where Invent Help will fit in.

The Invent Help Process

It is important to note that Invent Help is not there to evaluate your invention or offer any opinion on its value. It is strictly a support service to take you through the steps of what is needed to get a product to market. The company DOES NOT offer any guarantees that your journey will be successful.

Invent Help Is Your Resource Guide To Services

Once you decide to come on board with Invent Help then you will be advised as to what their services are and based on information that you provide them with they will recommend which you may need.

When you are visiting the Invent Help site you will be offered free information. You may be thinking that you will be getting some freebies via email, but you will be told that they will be calling you. Some may not like this but the Company wants to deal with people that are serious about bringing a product to market and don’t want to just waste time with curiosity seekers.

Credibility of the Company


One thing that lends to the credibility of a Company is:

  • How long they have been in business
  • How big are they
  • Who has promoted them
  • Who is endorsing them
  • And feedback.

For Invent Help they have been in business for over thirty-five years, have more than 60 offices and are active all across the US and Canada.

Although the Company is aggressive with their marketing it alone would not have kept them in business for this many years.

What Are The Resources Saying?

Consumer Affairs:

A good resource is Consumer Affairs:

As of the end of 2019 overall customer satisfaction is sitting at 3.5 starts based on 63 submissions. So how does this stack up?

Overall it is pretty impressive if you think about it. Just imagine how many people would be approaching the company for help in just 2019. Then think about all the potential problems that they can face along the way. Not through any fault of Invent Help. But, because of issues with their product.

ComplaintThe Biggest Complaint

It would appear that overall the biggest complaint is the cost. This seems to start as soon as contact is made and a customer is going to go ahead with some part of Invent Helps services. It seems a little strange that people wouldn’t realize that this is a necessity. Invent Help is a business not a charitable organization.

For example: One interested party invested in a help book that was supposed to personalized for his project and it contained a long story about a previous incident. The client was not happy with having to pay for a book such as this.

The Bottom Line

There are several things to keep in mind before you will be able to or should make your final decision. This is one of those circumstances where you are going to have to base your decision on your own experience not on the feedback of others.

  1. This is a big company with several offices. So when you see a complaint it deals with the office and representative not the company on the whole. (The company seems to put an effort into tracking negative complaints online and addressing them – which is a positive step.)


  1. Every invention is different and this is going to make the overall costs different based on what has to be done with it.


  1. The Company is offering services therefore they expect to get paid for it.


Based on these three points you as a potential customer will have to come to the conclusion whether Invent Help is trying to get your money as quick as possible or whether they are using the proper business protocol.

Let us know what your experience with Invent Help has been. Or, if you do go ahead in the future with your invention.



716 Customer Reviews on “Does Invent Help Really Present & Launch your Invention?

  1. I really appreciate you sharing this information. I’ll save this tab for later. I’m now researching how to patent your invention and need all the info I can get. I’ll check out the website of this company, especially their Inventhelp products. I’m curious to see what their inventors come up with.

  2. I’ve been working with Inventhelp as an inventor for the last five years. This article pretty much sums up my experience. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to become an inventor and is really serious about it. They’re a no-nonsense company for sure.

  3. Thanks for the article. It pretty much answered all of my questions regarding the company. I’ve been thinking about calling the Inventhelp number that I found on their website and setting up a meeting to talk about my invention. Just wanted to look up some info on them online first.

  4. I know about this company from the Inventhelp George Foreman commercials. I think what they’re doing is great. Guidance can sometimes be invaluable. It’s just as important as having a strong support circle. However, you do need people to be honest with you and not bring your hopes up unnecessarily.

  5. I’ve seen Inventhelp commercials before on TV and had a general idea of what the company was all about. I couldn’t find all the information I wanted on their website probably because it was scattered on different pages. But this post was really helpful. Thank you for such a detailed review of the company.

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