Does Bottle Top Really Work?

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Does Bottle Top really work?If your kid has ever made a mess with their can of cola, the makers of Bottle Top hope to change all that. Their solution is to snap on a plastic top that resembles a plastic bottle. The thought is that now you won’t be able to spill your drink and you’ll be able to reseal it if needed, two things aluminum cans don’t provide on their own.

Aluminum cans are great for keeping cold drinks cold and being lightweight and durable. But the convenience of a plastic bottle is preferred, especially when giving a drink to your child or being outdoors where things can crawl into the opening. Since aluminum cans can be resealed, they also aren’t very good at storing drinks for longer periods of time.

The Claim
The claim made by Bottle Top is that you just snap it onto aluminum can and you instantly get the benefits of the plastic bottle combined with the benefits of a can. They say it won’t spill, won’t leak, and that it’s still easy to open and drink from.

They also say it seals with a snap and allows you to put it onto all types of cans including soda, beer, iced tea, energy drinks, and anything else. They claim that aluminum cans can’t travel because they’re prone to spills. They also say that you’ll be able to store sodas and colas in the refrigerator and that they will stay fresher longer because of its resealable nature.

See all of the features touted in their promo video:

The Hype
The hype is how convenient they make this product seem. Aluminum cans are typically smaller than plastic bottles. The average aluminum can holds 12 ounces of fluid while the average plastic bottle holds 20 ounces. Many times you will be able to drink the contents of a regular sized aluminum can in one sitting, and so will your kids. The reason plastic bottles are convenient for 20 ounce sizes is because sometimes you can’t finish all that’s in it and need to save the rest for later.

So the instances where you’ll have the need to use Bottle Top are most likely few and far between. It does seem like a good idea for kids because they won’t be able to knock it over and spill their drink.

The Cost
You can pick up a set of 6 Bottle Top tops for $10 plus 7 dollars shipping and handling. However, they have the dreaded second one free offer which means they’ll tack on an extra $7 shipping and send you a dozen tops for a total of $24, or two dollars per top.

The Commitment
The commitment involves remembering to use Bottle Top whenever you or your kids are drinking from an aluminum can. This may be trickier than it seems since most times we just pop the can open and start to drink. It is hard to start a new habit, especially when the inconvenience factor is so low.

Bottle Top works, but not exactly the way that it’s shown to. It’s shown to snap on and off easily but this is not the case. You have to wrestle with it a bit to get it onto the can as well as getting it off of the can. Kids will definitely have trouble putting it on themselves which will become a pain, but likewise they will also have trouble taking off which is a good thing.

In the promotions they say that it’s spillproof and leak proof, but this is not the case 100% of the time. Because of the minute variations in aluminum can lids, and also from the wear and tear of using Bottle Top repeatedly, it leads to warping which means you don’t get a consistent fit over time.

Final Bottle Top Review

Bottle Top started with a somewhat flimsy concept, and followed through with a somewhat ineffective product. The amount of times that you’ll actually need it, and remember to use it, are so low that you really don’t need to buy this. If you do end up getting it you’ll see that the modicum amount of benefit and enhancement to your life doesn’t measure up to whatever you pay for it.

When we review these products we look for value, and we just don’t see it here. Even something as simple as this needs to be constructed properly and work the right way every time you use it.

Our Recommendation
We are recommending not to buy Bottle Top. We are basing our decision on three different factors. The first is that we’re questioning the actual need for a product like this. We just can’t see a daily or even weekly need to put a plastic top on your aluminum can. Second, we doubt that people will be able to remember to use this in the moment. And lastly, if someone does buy this and remembers to use it it doesn’t seem like it will provide the benefits it states.

What do you think? Does Bottle Top work or not?

11 Customer Reviews on “Does Bottle Top Really Work?

  1. I love it! Works great. I take soda cans for lunch and have to have spill proof at my job. I can take a full or half gone soda back to my desk after lunch. Snaps on easily! With just a small squeeze when gone, it easily pops off when done. Very worth it for me! I use every day!

  2. Its real purpose is that of a funnel. You put the narrow end into your wallet and watch your money being funneled out the big end.

  3. Yeah I completely agree with you Mike. It’s not worth getting poisoned from not getting your can to spill. You’re either better off having it bottled before hand and then opening it than trying to add something to it that’ll just make your drink toxic to drink. Even a can that’s already shaped like a bottle would be better to use.(So I’ve only seen this in Japan but I’m sure it exists elsewhere too) As opposed to trying to attach something onto your can and risk becoming ill later on.

  4. Yeah I bought these because I did a lot of entertaining and outside stuff for a while. It is good for odd things like keeping flies out of the drinks and keeping the fizz in if you are walking around talking to people but again from a medical standpoint of which I have authority, you can actually get aluminum poisoning which used to be and still is, common among bachelors- sorry guys, because they would not only do this, but, they would store food in cheap aluminum pots without bothering to use safe containers and leave the food for days in the fridge.

  5. What a joke! I’m good friends with a family who actually has six kids. I purchased two sets of the bottle tops and thought that they would be a very useful thing for the kids. Each kid could have his/her own color and would have two tops. I was at their house when they tried the tops the first and only time. We couldn’t get them to snap on!!! Two of the kids got so frustrated and I even broke a nail. I had one top on crooked and had to fight to get it to come off. The concept sounds great, but we were very disappointed.

  6. I have to agree with some of the previous comments. This just isn’t a good product. I bought a set of Bottle Tops last night and was actually excited to test them because I never seem to drink an entire can of pop. Well I was thrilled till I actually got home and tried them. They did not fit on top of my can of Coke without utilizing a great amount of strain. After I went to fix it, I had the same difficulty. The instructions say to snap the bottle top on, but instead it crushed the can and made a mess. Again, no luck. I’m not sure how children would have the ability to use these. How about seniors? My grandma & mom would NOT have the ability to make use of these @ all!!! Yes, they do not leak as they are forever bonded to the can, and that’s if you can get the tops on in the first place. VERY, VERY dissatisfied!

  7. OK, is anyone else aware that you’re not supposed to put cans in the fridge after they’ve been opened because the metal inside oxidizes and can poison you? Because that’s precisely what this product is promoting. If the seal is faulty at all, your can will not be safe to store in the fridge. Also, cans are typically 12 ounces. Is there really a need to save 4-6 oz. of soda? Won’t it go flat? If you’re obsessed with the resealable aspect of bottles, then buy bottles! Probably less than 10 times in my life have I wished I could reseal a can, so I don’t see the big demand for this product.

  8. I purchased these bottle tops and am thoroughly disgusted with the product. There were 6 tops in the package and none worked. I’m unable to fit the tops on the a soda can with the exception of one. The one that fitted only worked because the plastic top split on the side. I feel this product was a total fraud and only wanted to get my money. I did not pay any attention when I purchased the product but there is no address or “.com” on-line which would enable me to contact directly. A TRUE WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!

  9. We bought these for when we go to the lake. I hate bees and other bugs getting into my can of soda!! These stayed on the can VERY well. They were actually hard to get off. lol

  10. i thought the whole point of drink makers offering their drinks in a can and a bottle is because you can choose which one is more convenient for you.
    Generally if i buy a can of drink it’s not going to be around long enough to worry about resealing it.
    If i want that benefit i’ll buy it in a bottle…

    Sometimes i really think the creators of these products don’t live in the real world!

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