Does Brush N Play Really Work?

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Does Brush N Play Work?It’s bad enough to have to deal with the kids to brush their teeth, but when you have to do this for your dogs then you really need a resource to count on. So will Brush N Play get the job done for you?

Brush N Play is designed like a toy. You fill it with some doggie toothpaste and then begin some playtime with your dog and the Brush N Play. As you do this the toothpaste is released and goes about its job of cleaning your canine friend’s teeth.

The Claim
The company claims that you won’t have any more hassles trying to clean your dog’s teeth. The promoters claim that during the cleaning while playing process, the Brush N Play will help to remove the plaque and tartar that has built up on your dog’s teeth.

The Hype
There is a lot of responsibilities that come with owning a dog. Keeping their teeth clean is just one of many, but it is one that many dogs will not enjoy having taken care of. The fact that the promoters are saying this now becomes an easy task with Brush N Play is all the hype they need.

The Cost
You will have to pay $14.99 for the Brush N Play and $6.99 shipping and handling. This is a total of $21.98. You can get a second one free if you want to pay an extra $4.99.

The Commitment
The commitment you are going to have to make is spending a few minutes playing with your dog to make sure he uses the Brush N Play. No more time than you would have to spend if you had to clean his teeth using other methods. Most likely it is going to take less time with this toy than it would with a doggie toothbrush or other method.

It really is important to have a way to clean your dog’s teeth properly. If this is not done then it can lead to some potential health problems for your pooch. While using the traditional methods of dog teeth cleaning you are in control of whatever device you are using for the cleaning. With the Brush N Play it comes down to a little bit of guesswork as to whether the dog toothpaste is reaching all of the necessary areas. If you are really into buying some great items for your dogs, then check out what we had to say about Pubbles.

Final Brush N Play Review

We’re going to give the Brush N Play a try/buy rating. It is a little expensive once you have added on the shipping costs. Then there is no guarantees as to how long the toy will actually last. This will depend on the size of your dog and how aggressive they are with their toys. Then you have to consider just how much of the plaque and tartar is really being removed with this method. At least with other methods you can target a specific area. If you dog is docile enough to let you inspect their teeth then you are going to get some good indications as to whether the Brush N Play is doing it’s job. However, if your dog is placid enough to let you examine their teeth, then you probably don’t have any issues cleaning them with the traditional methods anyway.

Our Recommendation
If your dog doesn’t mind you cleaning their teeth with traditional methods, then you probably don’t even need to consider this product. For dogs that aren’t cooperative and there is no way you can clean their teeth then perhaps the Brush N Play will be somewhat of a solution. Even if it doesn’t do the perfect job, something is better than nothing. It might at least cut down on some of the vet visits you need to make for doggie teeth cleaning.

What do you think? Does Brush N Play work or not?

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    Order Date: 01/25/16

    waiting to receive.

  2. I am waiting to receive my brush n play that was due 3/13/16 per your order date of 1/25/16.

    Confirmation #: 16712815
    Order #: 25418201604154008
    Order Date: 01/25/16

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    Expected delivery of Mar 13, 2016

    lease advise as to where our product is we ordered

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