Does Brush No More Really Work?

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Does Brush No More work?Brush No More is a food supplement for pets that is supposed to clean their mouth and break up built up plaque on their teeth so they have a whiter smile and fresher breath. But what are pet owners saying about how it works?

Your pet’s oral health is a big component of their overall health, and aside from it being so stinky you should be highly motivated to find a solution because it shouldn’t stink so bad that you can’t be around them. If left unchecked these problems can escalate, so it’s good to get your vet’s advice at their next check up so that you can feel good about the path that you’re taking to better breath and cleaner teeth.

The Claim
There are lots of claims made by the makers of Brush No More. They say that their product is 100% safe for your pet, which would be the most important factor since you’re sprinkling this on their food so they’ll be ingesting it. They say that it is made with all natural ingredients, yet they don’t list what those ingredients are.

They say this works for both cats and dogs and that in addition to fighting bad breath it also prevents gum disease and tooth loss, two common ailments for pets as they get older. They say that it’s a probiotic, but it’s supposed to kill bacteria which makes it sound like an antibiotic. Whatever the case, it is supposed to break up the tartar that is already present on your pet’s teeth so that they have a whiter smile over time, and then keep it white once it’s cleaned.

The Hype
The hype is that pet owners love their pets, and want the best for them, and also struggle when it comes to keeping their mouths clean. It’s not very natural for a pet to have their teeth brushed, and most will fight and squirm to try to get out of it.

The Cost
Brush No More starts off with a price of $10 and finishes with a total price of $26 after you factor in $16 in shipping for two tubs of it, a 60 day supply. They give you double the amount of time that most money back guarantees come with, and they give you 60 days. That would be nice if it was priced at $10 a bottle plus $6 shipping, which would be closer to the way it actually costs the company. But as it stands, even if every customer returned their supply they’d still be making $16 less whatever it costs to ship them out (which is not $16).

The Commitment
This is where they make one of the strongest cases for their product. They say all you have to do is sprinkle this onto your pets food, and since it is odorless and flavorless your pet won’t know it’s there and it will do its job without your involvement.

The Brush No More concept seems like a solid one, and it would be great not to have to try to brush your dog’s teeth or spray their mouth with breath spray. Whether or not this can actually work is still something of a mystery. If the manufacturer was really sure about the effectiveness of their product, they’d take on more of the risk in the form of the pricing and how it’s set up to only benefit the manufacturer in the case that it doesn’t work.

Dogs and cats in the wild would naturally get their teeth cleaned by scraping them on the bones of prey that they kill and eat. Domesticated dogs and cats only get pet food, which has a knack at getting stuck in teeth and up by the gumline. That’s why it’s a good idea to help them out with regular brushings.

Final Brush No More Review

Brush No More is getting our Try rating. It would have gotten our Solid Try rating if it was priced in such a way that it was less risky. They extend a 60 day money back guarantee on it, but that still only gets you $10 back in the case of a return. This is a serious issue for many pets, and it can be a sign that something is not right with their internal organs. That’s why you don’t want to take this lightly and rely only on a product like this to be a sort of magic bullet that can solve everything with just a sprinkle.

Our Recommendation
While it’s nice to think that a product like this could make it easier to keep your pet’s mouth clean and fresh, the reality of the situation is that it’s likely not to be found in a product like this, and you should still stick to the task of using a toothbrush, or a product like Greenies or Minties which get good reviews and have a proven track record of success. Also consult with your vet to get their opinion on the best practices for your pet’s oral health.

What do you think? Does Brush No More work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Brush No More Really Work?

  1. Keeping your dog’s or cat’s teeth really clean is super important for long-term health. Remember that, just as in humans, oral health problems with the teeth and gums in animals can eventually lead to systemic problems. So it is important to stop problems before they start. This involves giving treats that clean the teeth and gums as well as brushing their teeth regularly. It is also the responsibility of the pet owner to know what is in the products they are using on their pets, and I would definitely want to know what the ingredients in this product are before purchasing it for my pets.

  2. I never thought about brushing my dog’s teeth until I noticed that since she was on wet as well as dry dog food, she was getting really bad beyond dog breath. So I began brushing her teeth and endured the injuries. It is nice to know there is a product out there that will save me the trouble of sitting on my dog’s head to brush her teeth with a pair of gardening mitts on. I am quite happy with it being safe which would cause me bad feelings if it weren’t. I love my dog and I have put her on dry kibble and “Brush no more”

  3. This seems like a great idea because I always hear people complain about their dog’s breath, but I don’t know many people who actually take the time to brush their teeth. I’m sure they really should, but with all of the things people have to do during the day, I’m sure that’s one that people are slack on. But oral health is so important to the overall health of an animal, so if there’s an easy way to keep your pet’s teeth cleaner, then a lot of people would probably be interested. I think this is a great product, as long as it’s healthy for your pet.

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