Does the Perfect Cookie Really Work?

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Does the Perfect Cookie work?Perfect Cookie cookie sheets are designed to make your cookies come out, well, perfect. They say that the sheets are specially designed to promote even baking, so you don’t end up with underdone or overdone cookies. But can it work that good, and is it worth buying?

Baking cookies is a whole lot of fun if they come out perfect. It can also be a big disappointment to burn a batch of cookies. Underdone cookies are not such a bad thing, since cookie dough is yummy and if you want you can always put them back in for a little longer and let them finish baking. If you’ve ever had a batch of cookies ruined because of the sheet they’re on, this product most definitely got your attention.

The Claim
The makers of the Perfect Cookie baking sheets say that the grooves cut into the sheets show you where to put the cookie dough and also help to bake them to perfection. They say that it’s using a nonstick surface, and you can also use it to bake other things like biscuits and scones.

The Hype
There isn’t much hype here, except that everyone has their own concept of what a perfect cookie tastes like, smells like, and looks like, and the promise of having a sheet full of perfect cookies is rather enticing. By providing a product that promises these sort of cookies they are tapping into a strong desire for deliciousness.

The Cost
It’s $31 for two Perfect Cookie baking sheets. They start off with a price of $15 for one of them, plus $8 shipping. They charge an additional $8 shipping for the mandatory bonus, so before you know it the listed price of $15 has more than doubled. What’s more, you only get the $15 in the case that you return them within the 30 day window they have you. So no matter what the company is keeping $16 of your money, even if you send them back.

The Commitment
All that you’d need to do to use these is replace your current cookie sheets with these. They have little grooves in them that you’re supposed to put the cookie dough on, which allows air to circulate under the cookie, helping them to cook throughout but not get burned. Compared to conventional sheets this would save you a bit of hassle from having to make a makeup batch from burned cookies.

The only visible sign that separates the Perfect Cookie sheets from other baking sheets is the lines that are carved into each part of it. While it’s nice to think that this is enough to provide the difference between a pan that will bake perfect cookies and a pan that will burn them, it does leave us a bit skeptical that this can actually do what it says. It must make the manufacturer a little skeptical too, or they would price them in a way that makes it more fair for the consumer. Why not let people buy just one for $15 plus $5 shipping?

To make the case that these pans work we’d actually have to see it in action. Show a time lapse of a cookie baking on it, show a cookie being pulled apart so you can see that the insides are cooked and it really is perfect. None of that is happening here, and we’re left with just a few pictures and a few promises.

There just isn’t enough evidence that these will work. They don’t show anyone baking with them, and even on their website they only show pictures of perfectly baked cookies after the fact, and the pretzels or whatever they have on the Perfect Cookie baking sheets look hit up and not very good. And this is on a site that is supposed to show the product in the best light. For this reason we’re going to have to advise against this one and look for a better baking set.

Final Perfect Cookie Review

The Perfect Cookie cookie sheets are getting our Risky Try rating since there are potentially better alternatives at the same price point. Take into consideration the Nordic Ware baking set, which get universally good reviews, is nonstick, and bakes things evenly. At about the same price point you’re getting a total of four different items that will let you bake many different items and really expand your baking repertoire.

Our Recommendation
It’s pretty smart to put the air chambers on the sheets, and we were unable to find another product that has the same feature. So you may still want to try these. When we say it’s a Risky Try it’s because there’s no good course of action to take in the event that you’re unhappy with them. You can either keep them and eat the $31, or go through the hassle of shipping them back for a credit of $15.

What do you think? Does the Perfect Cookie work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does the Perfect Cookie Really Work?

  1. It’s so hard to find a good cookie sheet! They always seem to get stuck (even when they claim not to) or just don’t make nice cookies or treats. The claim behind this one is very interesting. I would be willing to try it, and I’m not deterred by the fact that the company doesn’t actually show the cookies being cooked. I don’t think that means it doesn’t do a good job, necessarily. I am wary of a company that doesn’t have a good return policy, though, because I feel like that means they don’t have good confidence in their product. Hopefully they end up working well for the people who buy it. I would maybe buy it from a store to try, but I wouldn’t order it because of the bad return policy.

  2. This seems like a great idea, but I am going to stick with your advice and opt for similar products from other more reputable companies instead. I love baking cookies, and I sometimes end up accidentally burning them, so any products that can prevent that from happening would be a great investment for me. I am also concerned, however, about what type of nonstick coating is used on baking sheets like these, as many are not really good for your health at all and I want to avoid them as a result and look for more natural alternatives instead.

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