Does Bunchems Really Work?

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Does Bunchems Work? Its time to start thinking about what to buy the kids for the upcoming Christmas season, and Bunchems may save you a lot of time and stress in trying to find the great gift.

Bunchems is one of those toys that allow the kids to be creative. It extends the playing time because once they have made their creation they get to play with it. It is a collection of shaped pieces that will stick together in whatever form the kids choose to make.

The Claim
The company claims that the young ones just have to squish the various pieces and shape them the way they want, then just connect them together. They say the pieces will stick together easily and stay that way, but at the same time they are easy to take apart.

The Hype
This is a great toy for clean fun. There isn’t anything messy about it like glue or adhesives to hold the pieces together. This is a real bonus for the parents who have to clean up after children’s play. It also leads to less frustration for the kids when they want to change the way their piece is connected.

The Cost
The cost of Bunchems is $24.99 which includes the shipping and handling. It is a set of 400 pieces.

The Commitment
This toy seems so easy to play with that you as a parent are not going to have to get involved too much. Being as they stick together so easily they can just be gathered up into one big ball until the kids are ready for the next play session. You may have to get the kids started on their activity first so they get the jest of what they can do with the Bunchems.

For the most part kids love toys that they can be creative with. This is one of the reasons why Lego was and still is such a popular toy for kids. In fact, many of these types of toys like Bunchems seem to stimulate interest in the adults too. It may be that there is still a child within all of us even as we grow older. Bunchems is a great toy that even the younger ones can play with as it doesn’t come with the frustration level that some of the building type toys do. Most parents have all dealt with that disappointment where the kids have built something with building blocks only for it to tumble over much to the dismay of the kids who spent hours building it.

Final Bunchems Review

We are going to give the Bunchems a Thumbs Up rating, even though it is a fairly new product. The YouTube video has already got over 14,000 views which indicates there is some interest here. It is a great toy for toddlers who of course will need supervision to make sure they don’t put them in their mouths. It is ideal for pre-schoolers. It doesn’t stop there though, because it is intriguing enough that even the older kids won’t mind playing with it (and a few adults too!). The price is reasonable and clean up is super easy.

Our Recommendation
If you are going to invest in toys then why not make sure it is the type that is going to spur their imagination and hold their attention for a good period of time. In the past we have talked about other products that we feel are capable of doing this. Some get great reviews while others are mixed reviews like the Light Up Links.

What do you think? Does Bunchems work or not?

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