Does Mineral Air Really Work?

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Does Mineral Air Work?If you are looking for the latest way of applying makeup then you are going to be intrigued with Mineral Air, which is a version of air brushing.

Mineral Air is a neat compact air brush type unit that you can use at home for makeup application.This is used for the application of foundation. However, it appears as though you have to use a special blend of foundation that is sold with the unit.

The Claim
The company claims that it is quick and easy to apply the makeup with this Mineral Air airbrush system. They say it works great for covering up blemishes and imperfections. They also say that it works well for those that have sensitive skin.

The Hype
The unit is compact and cordless so it is easy to carry around with you or makes it convenient to use at home. They indicate that it performs beautifully and gives nice even coverage of the foundation.

The Cost
At first glance it may seem inexpensive but look carefully because you are required to make four payments of $59.95 plus $14.95. for the shipping and handling. With your order though, you are going to receive 4 months worth of makeup included with your order, plus a few bonus items like a blush and brush. It does come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The Commitment
You are first going to have to master how to spray on the application of the makeup. This takes some practice so you are able to get it even and be able to do touch ups when you want to.

At first, the Mineral Air comes across as being an airbrush but it is more like an aerosol mister. You are not going to have the same flow control that you would have with a airbrush makeup unit. Plus you are limited to what kind of makeup you can use with the Mineral Air. This means you are going to have constantly order the foundation replacements. The write up about the actual makeup that comes with Mineral Air is quite impressive and seems to be of good quality. For those with a lot of skin flaws then the coverage that it is supposed to provide might be quite beneficial.

Final Mineral Air Review

We are going to give the Mineral Air a Try/Buy. While the concept is good there are some potential negatives to it. First we did find it pricey when you consider it is not nearly as sophisticated as a airbrush. Then there is the fact that you can only use it for foundation application. Then on top of this is the fact that you are restricted to having to use their makeup.

Our Recommendation
This form of makeup application is really becoming popular however most that are delving into this are purchasing airbrush units that they can use for the different types of makeup worn. These types of units can be used for blush, and eye makeup application as well. We know that people are looking for easier and better ways for makeup application. In the past we talked about the Temptu Airbrush which was selling for $225. but worked more like a traditional airbrush system.

What do you think? Does Mineral Air work or not?

40 Customer Reviews on “Does Mineral Air Really Work?

  1. I bought mineral air system about 3 yrs ago and I love it . The makeup makes my skin look so smooth ,does not cake up . I am 78 and people guess me to be in my 60,s . It takes a few times to learn how much to use the product but I will never go back to regular makeup again

  2. I ordered this machine received it in after the first time the machine decided it wasn’t going to shut off took it apart and put it back together and still nothing contacted customer service they replace the machine once again the same thing has happened used it once makeup didn’t come out right then now the machine went shut off it seems like the makeup is actually going down into the machine causing the problems let’s see what they do this time if it happens again I will contact my credit card company and dispute this because I’m not paying that kind of money for a machine that’s not going to stay working and I spent a lot of money on there makeup

  3. Awful customer service!. Returned my unit almost a month ago with an authorized RA number and within the allotted time. Called 8 days ago to follow up since I had not seen refund and I was told that they would contact corporate for my refund. Called again today and not only they had no information about my money but was treated very poorly, the CS Rep told me that I had to wait as long as it may take to get my refund that the “might respond by the end of the month and will not let me speak or ask questions and was hung up on the first time I called because I was trying to make her understand that this was unacceptable. I will just call my CC company. Never had worse CS in my life. I don’t think I am being unreasonable. It’s been almost a month… I would think about it twice to order.

  4. I love the mineral air. My first one left speckled splotches so I exchanged and the second one works like a charm! I do finish off with powder and blush but that is what I use to do. I find using the mineral air makes my face look even toned and covers imperfections.

  5. I have skin blemishes.
    It covered nothing.
    I made sweeps over my face for about fifteen minutes and still had to wear my regular foundation over it.

  6. If its too good to be true, it usually is. I was soo excited to try this new innovative way to apply foundation and cut my application time in half but as soon as i sprayed my first spray i felt speckles on my face and thought to myself, maybe I’m doing it wrong. So i tried again, again, and again, and it came out the same exact way. Always went back to my sponge to smooth out the speckles but i figured since the product is made out of all good stuff its worth just smoothing it out with a sponge. Wrong! this product made me breakout!! So I called customer service and the rep was just unsympathetic and right to the point and eventually told me id be losing my 29.95 and I wasn’t going to let that slide. I wanted my money back and wanted them to keep their free bottles of foundation and she talked over me rudely and loudly thanking me for my business and hung on me.. I was in complete shock. Never had such a bad experience with customer service before. This topped them all!

  7. I absolutely love the mineral air airbrush system. It is quick and easy and the makeup is of great quality. You don’t need much makeup and the makeup goes a long way. I had a Temptu system in the past which I also loved. The pods in that system were never perfected and it was hit or miss whether they woul work or not. ( very frustrating) I would highly recommend the mineral air airbrush system. The customer service center does a great job! ?

  8. I absolutely love the mineral air airbrush system. It is quick and easy and the makeup is of great quality. I had a Temptu airbrush system in the past which I also loved. The pods that are used with that system were never perfected. It was hit or miss whether they would work or not. (very frustrating) I would highly recommend this system.

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