Do Dash Cams Really Work?

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Do Dash Cams Work?Most everyone has some type of image taking device with most being those used with their smart phones. Now the interest seems to be going towards dash cams as well.

Dash cams are basically cameras that you mount on the dashboard or on other areas in your car. While for some they are a novelty, others find that they can be quite useful.

The Claim
Those that advocate the dash cams claim they are good for many different reasons. Some say they are good for capturing the events of a road accident. Others have used them to record a parking accident. There are even some that have said they have been instrumental in helping to detect an insurance fraud. This is pertaining to an individual that fakes an auto injury. Then there are those that use the dash cams as a way of showing off their driving skills. One use of them that is really becoming popular is for recording your road trip when you are taking a driving vacation. This is actually a pretty neat use for them. Then of course there are always those unique moments that you wish you could have caught on camera. Your phone may not be in easy reach and after all you are driving, so you don’t want to be distracted. Your dash cams can record it for you.

The Hype
The hype really depends on just how much of a camera buff and individual is. It also depends on whether an individual has been able to put their dash cams to good use. For those that were able to record an accident they were involved in, then it could have proved to have been a valuable resource, unless of course they were in the wrong.

The Cost
The cost is really going to vary depending on the style and quality that you are investing in. For the good quality dash cams you can expect to pay in excess of $100. For example, the FalconZero F170HD+ GPS DashCam 1080P 170° Viewing Angle 32GB sells for $149.95 and is classed as a best seller.

The Commitment
If you are going to get into the dash cams then the first thing you want to do is take the time to review the various makes and models. Before doing this learn a little about them so you can make an informed decision for your purchase. Then once you do buy one make sure that you learn everything about how it operates. Make full use of all of its features so you are getting full value for your money.

Most technology is good and well received by many users and this includes camera and imaging technology such as the dash cams. It too can be used improperly. Some people feel that dash cams are an invasion of privacy. As an owner of dash cams you really need to act appropriately with their use.

Final Dash Cams Review

Overall we are going to give dash cams a thumbs up. This applies to those who are going to make proper use of them. While they have a lot of good uses they can also be detrimental for example, in the case of a auto accident that you were responsible for. The data they capture could be used against you. On the other hand they could also be valuable for proving your innocence.

Our Recommendation
If you are really into picture taking of all sorts then you may be interested in a review we did on the pocket cam. Again though, you must keep in mind other people’s privacy.

What do you think? Do Dash Cams work or not?

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