Do Cave Shakes Really Work?

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Do Cave Shakes Work?There are a whole lot of people who are into nutrition shakes, and there are a whole lot of these on the market. Choosing the best one can be a challenge especially when buyers have some specific needs. So this means taking a look at Cave Shakes.

Cave Shakes has a whole lot of benefits and features that the promoters of this product want to get the word out about. First, it is marketed as a keto meal replacement. It is paleo, vegan and dairy free. All important buzz words for many people who want a top quality meal replacement that is going to meet all of their requirements.

The Claim
The claim being made about Cave Shakes is that it is the original Keto plus Paleo plus vegan drink that just needs a shake and is ready to consume.

The Hype
As can be seen, by the marketing the hype revolves around the needs that the Cave Shakes meet. Its keto friendly and meets the paleo needs and is suitable for vegans.

The Cost
For many, this is the bad news about Cave Shakes. It is not cheap. A three pack of the vanilla 8-ounce shakes is going to set you back $24.99.

The Commitment
The commitment that comes with Cave Shakes is to really determine if this is the type of meal replacement that you need or want. You are paying for the keto, paleo and vegan benefits. If you are not a vegan, then do you really need this shake. The same applies to those who are not focusing on keto.

Aside from the buzz words keto, paleo and vegan this product is low carb and has no extra sugar added. It is gluten and dairy free and is comprised of organic quality ingredients. Some are using it as a full meal replacement. Others are using it for their snacks or for a good tasting dessert. It is being promoted for those who want to adhere to their keto diet and stay in ketosis.It is being claimed that it will give a much-needed energy boost without having to rely on carbs.

Final Cave Shakes Review

There are a lot of appealing factors that come with Cave Shakes. So what do those that have used this product think about it as a group? Remember that when looking at just one review you are only getting one opinion. To evaluate a product you need to look at it based on what several people think. The Cave Shakes have received just 15 reviews on Amazon so far. Giving it a 3.3 out of 5-star standing. Not great, but 47% of these reviewers have given it a 5 star. Some of the complaints are not about the product itself but because of the price. Although there was at least one complaint about the quality of the product when they reordered.

Our Recommendation
For those who are just looking for what they consider to be a good quality meal replacement shake, they may want to look at Shakeology.

What do you think? Does the Cave Shakes work or not?

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