Does CB-1 Weight Gainer Really Work?

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Does CB-1 Weight Gainer work?CB-1 Weight Gainer says that it can help you put on pounds of muscle mass, so that you can finally get the body you’re wanting. If you’re putting the time in the gym but aren’t able to get to the size you’re aiming for, it can be really frustrating. Instead of turning to dangerous substances, you like the idea of going with an all natural product. So it’s no surprise this has caught your eye, but does it actually work?

Most people out there want to lose weight, so it takes a certain kind of person to want to put it on. But not all weight is created equally, and most people want to lose weight caused by fat, with most wanting to gain muscle weight. There are a lot of weight gaining products out there that are basically the equivalent of sawdust, so you really have to be careful what you put into your body. There’s not a governing body out there that does quality control on these types of products, so you have to be able to trust the companies that are behind these products.

The Claim
CB-1 Weight Gainer says that it is proven to work, and that guys have been shown to put on a little over nine pounds in just one month of using it. When you consider that most guys that are taking this have already been working out, taking protein shakes, and using other muscle building products, those kinds of gains seem more impressive. It’s harder to put on weight the more you put weight on, if that makes sense. It’s easier for a guy that’s 220 pounds to get to 240 pounds than for a guy that’s 260 pounds to get to 280 pounds.

These should go to work at making you more hungry, more often, while at the same time reducing the effectiveness of your metabolism so you burn calories more slowly and build up your muscles even more. They say that it’s safe and all natural as well.

They also claim that women can take this to produce a more voluptuous figure, as it helps you gain weight where you want it, in the booty, the breasts, and the hips. It would only be recommended if you have trouble putting on weight and have that stick figure look. It wouldn’t be good if you’re always trying to battle with your weight, or if you’re a yo-yo dieter.

The Hype
The hype comes from there being so many horrible products in the weight gaining industry. This provides a ray of hope that maybe, just maybe a company has come out with something special here that has scientific backing and produces real world results.

The Cost
CB-1 Weight Gainer is $57 including shipping, and you get a free bottle if you opt for their monthly auto ship program. Unlike some products out there you have the choice of whether or not you get signed up for this. You can try it out first and then hop on to their program if you like the results you’re getting and you basically cut the price in half.

The Commitment
It’s all about what your overall goal is in regard to the size you want to get to. Obviously, the longer you take this and use it in conjunction with a high weight, low reps workout program you should see size gains. If you stop taking it, your metabolism will return to normal and you lose some of your mass. Once you hit the desired target it should be easy enough to maintain and you could cut back on how much you take per day.

In order to see what people really think of CB-1 Weight Gainer you have to of course disregard the testimonials at the site, and look for what people are saying at third party sites. You can also toss out the overly positive reviews, as these might be from affiliates that are trying to get you to buy. You can safely overlook the overly negative reviews as well, because these could be from competitors. Look for people that give detailed honest feedback. When you do that you’ll see that the majority of people are saying that this works, but you have to be patient, because it will take a little while for it to get into your system to the point where you start noticing some changes.

In order to make sure that it the CB-1 that is working, you should not use any other weight gainers, and try to keep everything else that you were doing before the same so that you don’t give credit to it when it was really something else. If you’ve hit a plateau in your workout, you might want to start using this first while keeping it the same so that you can start seeing more results which will make the same exercises engaging again, and allow you to get to the next level.

Final CB-1 Weight Gainer Review

We’re giving CB-1 Weight Gainer a Try rating, based on the positive feedback it receives, and that it’s guaranteed or your money back. You don’t see many all natural weight gainers being sold, and we like that they’re making this without a bunch of synthetic chemicals and man-made mumbo jumbo in it that is supposed to work. By keeping it simple, they are also making it more safe than your typical weight gaining products.

Our Recommendation
For the best results, we’d recommend taking this for two weeks so it can fully get into your system, and then work with a trainer or your workout buddy at the gym to try to push your limits to the next level. If you’re maxed out at a certain weight, try doing a little extra, or try getting a few more reps than you’ve ever been able to do. You want to exhaust the muscles while taking this, in order to increase their size even more.

What do you think? Does CB-1 Weight Gainer work or not?

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