Does Cellucor Super HD Really Work?

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Does Cellucor Super HD work?Cellucor Super HD urges you to see yourself in HD. The analogy is that you can get a more defined body by dropping that fat that is making your appearance akin to the old television sets compared to the new HD ones. But can a product that is designed to make you lose fat also help give you energy and improve your focus?

In the book A Brave New World everyone took their soma as a way to get their pleasure fix, and it seems like one day we will have some sort of drug, pills, or tonic that makes us all feel good. Until then there are tons of products out there that claim to help us towards looking and feeling our best. This Super HD from Cellucor is different than most, saying that you can improve your fat metabolism while also maintaining a clear head and not feeling hungry.

The Claim
It’s rare to find a product like Cellucor Super HD that is combining different claims into one product that you typically see being allocated to a group of products. For example, there are pills you can take that will help improve your focus and concentration, as well as diet pills that will help curb your hunger and give you more energy. Still others will try to inhibit the amount of fat your body absorbs and help get rid of what you’ve already got.

This product is trying to do all of those things in one pill, which many people will find convenient, but will only stick with if it is producing results.

The Hype
Weight loss products like these have hype built in, but when you start combining different benefits into one pill, you’re creating something that most people haven’t seen before. It’s as if fat loss wasn’t enough, and they had to go and add extra features to it. It’s a bit of a gamble, because if it works then it’s going to be a huge hit, and if people don’t like it, it will fail spectacularly.

The Cost
A one month supply of twice a day use of Cellucor Super HD is $40. If you only take it once a day it will last you twice as long, and if you mix it up you’ll extend the life of the product. In the world of fat loss and diet pills this is not a bad price, considering all it’s supposed to do.

The Commitment
You’ll want to try to ramp up your productivity while taking this, since it is designed to give you a heightened sense of mental clarity and focus. It also contains a fair amount of caffeine so you’re going to be alert and ready to go. If you’ve got a day of couch sitting planned, it may not be the best use of your time and money to take this. Also, you’ll probably want to make a earnest effort to eat right and exercise while taking this so you can get the best results possible.

Since Cellucor Super HD comes in pill form, it’s really easy to take. It also doesn’t have the sugar and carbs that an energy drink has, so while it gets you to an alert and focused state, you don’t get that big crash like you do from energy drinks. You also get the benefit of improved fat metabolism, which by itself won’t likely do too much, but it will amplify whatever actions you do take in order to lose the far, like dieting and exercising.

The worst part of dieting is getting hungry and losing your focus because of thinking about food all the time. Food doesn’t need to be at the forefront of your mind all of the time, and these pills are designed to create that barrier so you can stay on point, and stay on track with your dieting regimen. This doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself and use the pills as a way to mask your hunger, but you can go for a healthy caloric restriction and use these as a crutch so you don’t crash and burn.

Final Cellucor Super HD Review

Cellucor Super HD is best for the multitaskers out there that demand a lot from themselves, and want to see some good results from their efforts. It condenses a few different products into one so you don’t always have to be wondering which pills to take and when. Simplifying that process is one benefit, and as for claims it makes and its effectiveness, you can count on this doing something. Each person is subjective, so whether you end up agreeing with others that say it works, or if it falls short of your expectations, it will be a purely personal experience.

That being said, there is a strong likelihood that this will work for you, and that’s the best you can hope to uncover as you research different weight loss products. Avoiding the duds and siding with the products with the best potential is all you can do.

Our Recommendation
Giving this a try won’t break the bank, and if it provides half the results it claims to you’ll still be doing alright. Since it is going with a three pronged approach and is designed to help your energy, focus, and fat loss, if all three of those have been bugging you it’s definitely worth trying out.

What do you think? Does Cellucor Super HD work or not?

30 Customer Reviews on “Does Cellucor Super HD Really Work?

  1. First day I took two of the super HRs pills. Felt fine little weird but nothing to bad.
    Second day Took 1 in morning and one 6 hours later.. Felt nauseated and sick all day.. Didn’t do anything,. Did not eat much, wasn’t very hungry.
    Third day.Took only 1..Today.. Cold Shakes (heater on) and bad leg cramps and it Feels like my bones ache in my hips and shoulders.
    Still nauseated. Dehydrated and stomach muscles burns some. No energy at all..
    Will not take tomorrow. Praying this feeling will not last long.
    I don’t advise taking this product!!!

  2. Jack, no offense young man, that is one of the silliest comments I ever heard.
    A. that means your talking from age 15 to 18, so that is a period when you would be making some of the biggest gains of your life regardless if you were committed to a good routine.Pete’s sake that’s fastest growth period.
    B. You’re testosterone would be increasing so fast during this period naturally that the effect would be more potent than as many of us going on roids.
    C. You just said you took product for the 3 yrs so you could not possibly have any idea what you would experience without it. Christ sake you don’t even have adult experience without it. ( which is sad) Youngsters out there you owe yourself to know you’re natural adult self at least if you’re going to take things.
    D. You’re health may well be peaked at that age, unless abusing yourself, and likely you’ve yet to have real injury or cumulative wear yet so you should be able to work out at raging pace and probably getting results due to that–not that crap. Your recovery speed is super fast at that age, and energy level if you eat and rest well.
    E. NO SUCH THING AS A BODY TYPE CODED TO BE “skinny fat”–whether ecto, endo or meso–read up and exercise your mind as well–AND NOT MAGAZINES ALONE OR WEBSITES THAT’LL SAY ANYTHING.

  3. I can only take one a day. I tried 2. The first day was fine, but 2nd day, with 2, I felt really shaky. I di drunk lots of caffeine though. I also drink lots of water. So would one help, just in the mornings?

  4. I’m using this. Very clear mental state. Losing weight as well. Lots of energy after 45 of taking it. And no crash!

  5. Trust me, cellucor is a reputable brand name. I’m 18 and I’ve been using only cellucor products for the three years that I have been lifting. I started at 128 pounds at 21% body fat and now I’m 187 pounds at 6% body fat. Trust me, their products are top of the line. Take it from an endomorph (someone built to be skinny fat)

  6. I take Cellucor powdered form and l love it because it gives me energy through my day! Im not really taking this to lose weight. I am happy with my weight. It is more for being alert and energized during my long days. I am on the second day of taking it and I feel like I am always hungry. A lot hungrier than I was before! why is this??? answers??

  7. Basically another spurious claim at fat loss in pill form, you have to be very wary of these products. But the fact remains that there are reputable sources out there backing the claims of the companies making this stuff. I’ve tried lots of supplements in the past and can honestly say that the difference I have felt is negligible, at best. Seriously, the only time I notice anything different in my body is when I drastically reduce the amount of dairy, wheat and starch in my diet. If you couple your controlled diet with supplements, then you may experience extra benefits, but they will be small. All the work is done in controlling what you eat.

  8. When you’re fat you’re always tired. Believe me I know this, I’m fat and I can admit as much, not that anyone else would think otherwise if I didn’t admit it rofl. I’m really excited to try cellucor super hd because of what it promises to do and also because is very cheap considering the potential. If this ends up being the real deal I’m ordering a year’s worth right away.

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