Does Brain Metrix Really Work?

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Does Brain Metrix work?Brain Metrix is a free site that offers brain training games designed to increase your memory and test your intellect. There are many different options available to you on how to beef up your brain, so it’s important not to waste time on sites and programs that don’t work. So let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

Brain training games have gotten more and more popular as emerging science suggests that we can keep our brains from atrophying by keeping them active. For a long time people thought that your brain was your brain and there was no improving it. You’re either clever or not, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But science is showing us that the brain can be trained, and put to use daily so that it remains sharp long into old age.

The Claim
Brain Metrix isn’t really big on making claims, and simply provides a series of different games with some anecdotal information about how the brain learns, and how it builds memory.

The Hype
They’ve managed to find a home in the search rankings and show up for many searches on brain training. This will lead many people to believe that it is a quality brain training site, when in actuality they have just optimized their site very well and are a bit more savvy than other sites with the same sort of games.

The Cost
Brain Metrix is free to play, and you don’t even have to sign up for a membership. They are using ads to monetize their site, but the games they offer are easily accessible and you can start playing them in just a few seconds.

The Commitment
If you want to see improvement in your mental facilities, you’ll want to commit to playing brain games every day. You don’t have to play them for hours a day, or any longer than you feel inclined to, but visiting a brain training site every day for short periods can have a cumulative effect and put you in a different place than you otherwise would have been.

Brain Metrix games are pretty fun, and different from the ones we’ve seen on other brain sites. For example, their 8 Queens game is pretty interesting. It entails putting 8 queens onto a chess board without running out of space. They’ve also got an arrangement game that can be pretty addictive if you let it. There’s also a simple memory game, and of course they’ve got Sudoku which has become almost obligatory if you want to run a brain training site.

The thing is that this is more of a hodge podge list of different games. There’s also no tracking and score keeping the way there is at a site like Lumosity, which is obviously what they’re trying to emulate. There’s a lot of room for growth at this site, and perhaps they will release more games in the future, or add more structure to what they offer. At this juncture though, your time is better spent elsewhere, and you can spend a little while browsing their games, but there’s not a big reason to stay for the long-term.

Final Brain Metrix Review

Whether the games at Brain Metrix would actually work to train your brain or keep it sharp, or are just time killers, it’s still a fun site to spend a few minutes checking out. If you’re looking for a system that will help you avoid things like Alzheimer’s or brain disorders later in life, you might want to look into a more comprehensive and structured program. And if you’re looking to excel at math and boost your memory, you might want to look into Brainetics.

Our Recommendation
It’s worth checking out some of the games they have to offer, especially if you’ve never played 8 Queens. There’s also some other fun activities like an IQ test. None of it seems very scientific, so it’s more of a place to play a few games. You wouldn’t want to try and make it into a legitimate brain training program, but it never bills itself as that. Just have fun with it, and don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed.

What do you think? Does Brain Metrix work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Brain Metrix Really Work?

  1. It’s true that you do get stupid if you stop using your brain. Using your brain doesn’t mean working your job, doing your chores, or doing the everyday things, using your brain means making it do tough calculations or unfamiliar things to stimulate it and in the modern age people just don’t do those things as often. Anyways, there are lots of sites that charge you money for these games and they’re not even that good, so I’m all for a free site and I’ll watch the ads if that’s what it supports it.

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