Does Charco Clean Really Work?

Does Charco Clean Work?Keeping your home smelling fresh and clean as well as mold free and dry is very important to many people. Charco Clean is a great innovative product to achieve all these environmental needs.


Charco Clean is a product consisting of charcoal filled pouches that clean the air, eliminating odours.

The Claim

Many claims about the Charco Clean products state they are very effective in several places throughout the home. They can be used in bathrooms, in garbage cans, basements, pet litter boxes, refrigerators and even in your vehicle. Charo Clean bags are chemical free, non-toxic and fragrance free. The Charo Clean bags eliminate the use of expensive toxic chemicals.
Charco Cleans bags are safe to use around pets and children. The Charco Clean products absorb moisture and odours eliminating both from the air we breath.

The Hype

The hype about the Charco Clean pouches is that charcoal absorbs odours and moisture naturally making the air fresh and clean. The Charco
Clean pouches contain charcoal that recharges in the sunlight, which extends the life of the charcoal in the pouches.

The Cost

The cost of the Charco Clean package, which includes two large and two small pouches is $19.99 plus tax and shipping fees.

The Commitment

The commitment required when using the Charco Clean pouches is ensuring you use them in the appropriate places for maximum benefits. Placing them in the sun to allow the charcoal in the pouches to recharge will enable the pouches to last a long time.


The Charco Clean products are an amazing way to safely and effectively eliminate foul smelling odours without using harmful chemicals. The Charco Clean bags can virtually be used anywhere for example, in diaper pails, garbage pails, basements, near pet beds, around shoes, in bathrooms etc. Charco Clean products are a convenient way to keep your home and desired area smelling fresh and clean. One customer rating stated the Charco Clean pouches totally eliminated the smell of urine in their bathroom caused by their toddler urinating outside the toilet.

Another customer review stated the use of the Charco Clean pouches eliminated the odour of two foul smelling litter boxes at the same time, and was so impressed they were going to purchase more of the Charco Clean pouches for other uses in the home.

Final Charco Clean Review

We are going to give the Charco Clean pouches a two thumbs up. It is a product that contains charcoal. Charcoal has been proven for years that it is an effective odour eliminating agent. The Charo Clean pouches last up to 2 years as the charcoal is rechargable when placed in direct sunligh.t The Charco Clean products have received many 5 star reviews stating the Charco Clean pouches work amazingly well. We would highly recommend the Charco Clean charcoal activating pouches to everyone. They can only benefit you in keeping the environment you live in free from foul smelling odours and mold and moisture that can greatly affect your overall health.

Our Recommendation
If you are still not sure and are looking for an alternative then check out Bad Air Sponge.

What do you think? Does Charco Clean work or not?

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