Does the Chefs Diet Delivery Food Service Really Work?

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Does Chefs Diet work?Chefs Diet is trying to bring a little class and sophistication to diet delivery food. Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have your own gourmet chef cooking you meals in your own kitchen? That’s basically what they say their meals are like, and they take care of you throughout the entire day, all three meals plus snacks. But can a program like this really replicate gourmet dining, and overcome the problem of shipping and storing your freshly made foods?

Getting your meals delivered is becoming a more and more popular option for dieters everywhere. The thought is that by using these services, you reduce or eliminate all of the hassle involved in trying to make your own meals. When you’re dieting you need large amounts of willpower, and this often extends to cooking your own food. If you are typically used to eating out, or having someone else cook for you, it can be hard adjusting to buying food from the grocery store, preparing it, and then eating it. A lot of dieters break down during the cooking process and will nibble at their meal before it’s ready, or they will eat other foods while they cook.

The Claim
Chefs Diet says that they’re America’s only 5-star diet, but maybe they haven’t heard of Freshology or Healthy Chef Creations. They definitely have some competition when it comes to gourmet food delivered to your door.

Unless you yourself are a gourmet cook, you probably don’t have a lot of other options if you want to eat like a king and still be on a diet. You will still have to shop for the ingredients, and be able to pick the best cuts of meat, the ripest vegetables and fruits, and know how to prepare things professionally, including the seasonings and cooking styles. When you think of it like this, it starts to make more and more sense to go gourmet, and to go with a service, at least for a little while.

The Hype
The hype is that they say this is 5 star quality food, but who eats five star food at every meal, day after day? Probably not even Bill Gates. So this is a little bit of overkill, and probably not something you would want to stay on with for the long term, but fun to try out for a few days or weeks.

The Cost
The cost of the Chefs Diet programs varies with which one you go with, but you can get their Heart Healthy meals down to $46 a day if you go with the one-month package. Not a bad price, considering you don’t have to shop for the foods, spend time preparing them, cooking them, and cleaning up the kitchen afterward. It’s also competitively priced compared to other gourmet diet food services.

The Commitment
While Chefs Diet says it isn’t required to exercise while eating their foods, they also add that those that do exercise see more results in regards to weight loss. So you should probably commit to working out, or at least to taking more walks, or more bike rides, in addition to eating these foods. Since you’re getting the right mix of carbs, proteins, and fats, you might find that you have more energy and more drive to want to be more active. It’s just a byproduct of healthy eating.

Programs like Bistro MD and Diet-to-Go are made in a way that a majority of people can afford them and stay on with them for a longer time period. They definitely leave a lot of room for improvement, but with that upgrade comes an increase in price. Chefs Diet might be more expensive, but they are hands down a better quality of food, and are not trying to compete on the same plane. The food you get with other programs will be edible, but likely not delectable. To be fair, those other programs are not trying to make gourmet, five star caliber meals. That’s why

Cracking the Diet Code
If you’re going to go on a diet, why make it any more painful than it has to be? Perhaps the reason a lot of diets fail is because the food tastes so bad. If you could make dieting seem like a treat, instead of a torture session, you’d be more apt to stay with it, and your results would feel effortless. You might actually look forward to eating again, and it might give you a new outlook on food. You could stop battling over eating good-tasting easy to make foods that are bad for you, and bad-tasting hard to make foods that are good for you. You’d finally have good tasting, easy to make foods that are good for you, and you may have just cracked the code.

Final Chefs Diet Review

If you’re looking for a way to see what it would be like to be able to cook your own meals like a gourmet chef, Chefs Diet is something that you should try. It’s getting our Thumbs Up review, mostly because of the way they deliver it. They don’t freeze it, or even flash freeze it like some of their gourmet competitors. It comes to you daily, and not twice weekly like one of their competitors, so you don’t have to worry about when your food was made, you always know that it was made fresh yesterday. That’s about as fresh as you can get from a diet food delivery service.

Our Recommendation
Chefs Diet would be fun to try, but you have to enter your zip code to see if it’s even available in your area. We’d recommend getting a one day or a 3 day trial pack. Sure it’s a little more expensive per day than if you get a 2 week or a 28 day pack, but that’s the whole point of trying it out, you aren’t locked in to all of those meals and you can get a firsthand experience and make up your own mind about what you think of their food.

What do you think? Does Chefs Diet work or not?

7 Customer Reviews on “Does the Chefs Diet Delivery Food Service Really Work?

  1. This is pretty much like the Zen Foods Diet or am I wrong? This looks even better – man where do you guys find this stuff? Curious about quality and wish they had more zones. However, making good food isn’t easy and I imagine will take time for them to expand in all areas. Would love to know if anyone has tried Chefs Diet or ZEN as well? Looking for good options to simplify meal time – always busy over here!

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