Does the Raw Food Diet Really Work?

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Does the Raw Food Diet Work?We are entering into the festive season so this means a lot of people are going to want to shed a few pounds so they look their best. In return this means maybe looking at whats happening in the diet industry. Today we are going to look at the Raw Food diet for a couple of reasons.

There are tons of diet programs and supplements on the market for anyone to try and a lot of people have tried many of them. Some come and go but there seems to be a list of ones that just keep on going no matter what kind of competition they come up against. As a rule many want a diet that is no muss no fuss and that makes the Raw Food Diet appealing. There are no special foods to be prepared and in fact there is less food preparation with this diet than many of the others.

The Claim
For those that advocate the Raw Food Diet they claim it is simple and just a matter of consuming foods that have not been processed in any way, shape or form and are totally plant based and the preference is that the foods being consumed are organic.

The Hype
They hype evolves around the ease of choosing and preparing the foods and that there are no complex restrictions that come along with the dieting process.

The Cost
Of course the cost is going to vary depending on the foods you choose to buy, as well as your location and also the fact that true organic foods are normally more expensive.

The Commitment
Like any diet you are really going to have to stick with it. It takes effort in compiling a list of raw foods that you are allowed to eat then heading out to the grocery store to purchase these and of course to refrain from cheating.

It makes sense that the diet would help one to lose weight. It is cutting out the high fat and sweet foods which are weight contributors. Most of the foods on the raw food diet are low in calories. Although it may be easy for food preparation in that there is no cooking, it does take time to prepare the fruits and veggies so that can be consumed. It is also difficult when it comes to eating out. So this diet is not without some work. It has been shown to work as a lot of people have lost some significant weight on it. Anyone on this must be extremely cautious that they are getting all the nutrition they need and may require a vitamin supplement. It may be wise to follow this diet under the direction of a professional food expert.

Final Raw Food Diet Review

We are going to give the Raw Food Diet a Thumbs Up rating but with some caution. Care has to be taken to avoid food poisoning and no diet really should be started without the approval of your health care professional.

Our Recommendation
We really recommend that if you are going to try this diet that you research all about it first. You may want to try it for a short term first until you lose a few pounds then go off it but make sure you adopt a healthy form of eating habits combined with exercise. While there are many popular diets that really stand the test of time one of the most innovative perhaps is the Venus Factor.

What do you think? Does the Raw Food Diet work or not?

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