Does Nothing Really Stick to the Gotham Steel Fry Pan?

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Gotham Steel Pan

With all the new technology that includes all different kinds of materials the cookware industry has had a hard time keeping up. There has been a frenzy of excitement with part of being the launch of the Gotham Steel Pans. These caused such a stir of excitement that they soon became the talk of the kitchen seen. But has it been good talk or bad?

What’s The Pitch On The Gotham Steel Pans?

Daniel Green

The Gotham Steel Cookware has appeared on many TV infomercials and is actually endorsed by well-renowned chef Daniel Green and has sold thousands of units worldwide. One of the biggest features is without any type of oil butter or grease, everything you cook will just slide out of the pan with ease.

The buzz is all around the materials which are:

  • Non stick ceramic
  • Strong titanium

This doesn’t tell you much except they are basically two somewhat recognizable materials that a cook might relate to. However, the big claim is that Gotham Steel is the first company to combine these two components together to make it the success that they are claiming that it is. So what does this combination allow for?

What Makes Gotham Steel Pans Better Than Ordinary Pans

Gotham Pan Intro

  • The everyday normal pans, even when they say they are non-stick, use a very thin Teflon or PTFE coating to try and make food from sticking to the surface. Apparently there have been some health concerns about using pans with a Teflon coating because of the content of PFOA which is a harmful chemical.


  • This particular pan is made of titanium-reinforced ceramic and is free of PFOS, PTFE, AND PFOA chemicals.  The beauty of this pan is that it is extremely durable and has a scratch-proof surface that is even safe to use with metal utensils.

Benefits Of Gotham Steel Pans

Gotham Steel Demo

  • The manufacturer utilizes Ti-Cerama technology instead of using Teflon
  • A healthier way to keep your food from sticking to the pan
  • No need for oils or butter or any other additives to keep your food sliding out of the pan with ease
  • Fully dishwasher safe
  • Free from harmful chemicals such as PTHE, PFOA, and PFOS
  • Safe for the whole family to use
  • Easy cleanup

How Are Gotham Pans Unique?

Gotham Steel pots and pans really hit the market around 2015 and since then have gotten a lot of promotion. You no doubt have seen the commercials or infomercials showing all the amazing feats this cookware can do. They make big claims about the quality and how efficient they are, and that if taken care of, they will last you for many years to come.

The surface

  • What makes this cookware unique from other non stick cookware is the fact that they use a safe mix of robust titanium and a non-gluey ceramic surface. It is because of this surface that they are able to hold up to their claims that you need no butter or oils to make your food slide right off the pan into your plate with amazing ease.

The weight

It is because of the high-quality Titanium that makes these pans so durable, so they can last you a long time. Even though Titanium has a heavyweight, the manufacturers have been able to design these pans so the weight is ideal for working with.

This means they are not too heavy but at the same time, they are not too light as well. This is very important with pans like this because you are able to transfer food from one pan or pot to another, or taking the food out of the stove, and having the right weight in the pot and the handle can make all the difference.

Are Gotham Pans Safe To Use?

Gotham Steel Pan and Chicken


Whats makes this brand stand out as far as safety is that it is sold with an assurance that the no stick coating will never contaminate the food, even if you use metal utensils, use high heat on the stovetop, or even in the oven, as this cookware is able to withstand very high temperatures.

No harmful chemicals

Gotham Steel is totally free from many harmful ingredients in their coating such as PFOA, PTFE or PFOS.  Even if you use a high temperature like 500 degrees, apparently this cookware does not emit any harmful gas or substances into the food.

The Controversy

Anger cook

There has been a lot of use and a lot of talk about the Gotham Steel Pans. So much so that it is causing a fair amount of confusion. So where is the problem?

Two Very Different Demonstrations:

As one can imagine you will find a lot of demos on this pan at Youtube. Here are two examples that are going to take this pan to opposite ends of the spectrum.

The Happy Client:

The Unimpressed Client:

An Observation

In the first video, it shows the cook using the pan. The second video does not. So were the same cooking methods used? The first chef reduced the heat after the pan got hot. Did the second chef do the same when cooking the bacon? However, the claim is that the pan is still not supposed to burn on high heat.

You can try and decipher out the rest.


Average Feedback:

Looking at 5,704 ratings the single 15” pan has gotten a 3.4 out of 5 star review. With 48% giving it a 5 star. 27% have given it a 1 star and the rest are in between. What does this indicate?

It indicates that it is an average quality pan

But what may have happened here is that the company hyped the market up to such a degree that this pan was flawless that it caused huge disappointment and people are angry about this and are speaking out more than what they normally would do.

make a choice

The bottom line is that if you are still wanting to try the Gotham Steel Pan for yourself then perhaps lower your expectations. Determine if you are willing to pay around $20 to $25. For an average pan.



322 Customer Reviews on “Does Nothing Really Stick to the Gotham Steel Fry Pan?

  1. I bought the entire set of cookware. Worked great for a few months but you can not fry eggs anymore! They are hard to clean. I have always hung them and used plastic. Never metal!! Very sad about the quality. They are so pretty hanging in my kitchen

  2. I just do not understand the negative comments about this pan. I originally saw the commercial, then I used the pan at two different friends homes and decided I absolutely had to have one myself. I hedge the large frying pan and it is utter perfection. Excellent, even heating, no sticking…ever. super easy clean up. I am going to get an entire set. I will add that I take care of my appliances and cookware and I don’t wash cookware in the dishwasher. These pans are so easy to clean you dobt need to. On a couple of occasions, I forgot I left the eye on and walked back to find my scrambled eggs with cheese completely burned. I let it cool and then allowed to a soak a short bit in soapy warm water and the burned gunk slid right off with zero damage to the finish. I CAN’T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

  3. Worked good for month or so. Going on two years now. Have to soak after every use. I paid over $30 for medium pan back then. Place I bought it at has them on clear out table for $10. What does that tell you?

  4. Everything sticks to these pans. I did over easy eggs they stuck to the pan. I tried fish it also stuck to the pan. It really upsets me I have to pay a processing fee and pay for shipping to return this.

  5. Thank goodness I didn’t pay a lot for this pan
    Everything sticks and I have to soak it to get burnt on material off with a scrungee pad
    Never believe tv ads
    Thanks Gotham for the garbage

  6. I bought the pan from Gotham steel and it’s horrible
    Everything sticks to it hard to clean I threw it in the garage !! Where it belongs

  7. I purchased 2 of the 9.5 pans. I gave one to my son and his wife as a gift and they loved it. It does what they say it would do. Nothing ever stick to my pan and theirs. I make one egg every morning for my puppy for breakfast, no problem, the egg slides right out to her dish and I just wipe the pan with a kitchen paper. I never had such a good non stick pans in my 60 years. Thank you so much for such a wonderful products, The best thing is this pan does not have any harmful chemicals or materials to make people ill.
    Mrs. M. Vincent

  8. I believe that there is no frypan on the market anywhere that lives up to the expectations it claims to be. We’ve seen many over the years and tried the lot a very expensive process. My wife has managed to kill every pan that’s existed even the bluestone types. Is there anything out there that cannot be killed by my wife?

  9. Worst pan ever! EVERYTHING sticks, even scrambled eggs, whether with butter, oil or Pam. Also oil burns and won’t come off. What a scam! Only good thing is the size, which can be found anywhere.

  10. I bought a 9.5″ Gotham steel non-stick fry pan about 3 months ago. I used it to fry an egg, with a little butter, a couple of times and it was fine. I then did a grilled cheese sandwich, again with butter, and I was left with a burned on mess that took considerable effort to remove. I tried it once more, same results. I will have to get rid of this pan and having used it less than half a dozen times, certainly did not get my moneys worth from it. A very poor product. I would give it one star but it will not let me change the three star rating!!

  11. Carole Mewhort you sound like a “FOOL”…… The pans are Garbage just like everyone said. The ones that gave it good reviews must have used the pan once or were paid to lie. You must have been paid too. Lol…

  12. If you read the fine print, especially on the red copper pans, it says you have to season the pan just like you do with cast iron.

  13. Donna, at least I know everything will stick to my cast iron pan. No false claims there LOL

  14. Agreed. Was highly impressed until the 3rd or 4th use. Did not need scouring pads the first few times.
    Maybe we need to mix things with a mixer for it not to stick. Unfortunately, I still have 2 pans not used.

  15. Yes this pan works for a month then its a complete piece of crap , try cleaning it LOL takes forever so sticky such BS advertising

  16. I was also wondering- been searching for answer are these pans safe for birds. This is first comment I found related to birds with these pans. THEY seem safe but if you know anything more please let me know. Thanks

  17. I’m actually so surprised to read the negative reviews because I genuinely LOVE my pans. I have a whole set, and all of them are still as non-stick as ever after several months of use. I would agree they were best on the first use, but they’re still the best non stick pans I’ve ever owned.

  18. I ABSOLUTELY agree Carole! I have three of the Gotham Steel pieces. My 12.5 inch skillet is all my wife an I use anymore. LOVE IT! I will admit, that after a year of heavy use it is not nearly as nonstick as it was on day one. I’d say I got 7 or 8 months of AMAZING nonstick (we’re talking downright SLIPPERY!!), and since then it has been a slow and gradual decline in nonstick. Today (about 15 months of heavy use) it is still essentially nonstick, but not amazing like it used to be. I love that I can use metal utensils, but even better is that I usually use NO utensils, because you can just shake the pan a bit and everything slides around. I flip my burgers like pancakes with a flip of the wrist!! I just ordered a replacement pan, because at $30, why not get an amazing new nonstick surface once a year?!!?? I have paid 7 times that much for a pan that I never really liked that much. This pan is awesome. I bought my first 3 from the company, but this time I just ordered it from Amazon. I feel like all these negative reviewers were using a different product!! Or maybe quality control is a problem and some people get lucky while others don’t? On Amazon 51 percent LOVED the pan, so the company is at least batting 500 on their quality control. Again, at $30, I’m willing to take a 50/50 shot at getting another amazing pan like the ones I got last time…

  19. I have used these pots and frying pans for several years and have not had any problems at all. They will great for me, no sticking at all and I use them often. I probably have 10 pieces of their cookware.

  20. I contacted the phone # on the packaging and they said to take a picture of it and email it to them and they would send me another, Like you said, about 3 months was the limit before started sticking.

  21. I wanted to change for bad review would not let me. Anyhow it’s a piece of junk. I never eat out and wanted to try a good pan that didn’t stick. Well it’s terrible. Everything sticks. I used only plastic utensils and nope! I would be ashamed to sell something like this. It worked the first 3 times and then everything stuck!!! Don’t exist your money or time with this piece.

  22. I bought one and it doesn’t work. Food sticks to the pan. Eggs, cheese, you name it it sticks to the pan. Don’t waste your money stick to your Teflon pots and pans because those ones actually work I ended up throwing mine out .

  23. First time I cooked was eggs. Worked great , didn’t stick but after that everything sticks. I use the nonstick spray and guess what ……nothing sticks. This was by far the worse pans ever. I have yet to use a non stick pan as everyone claims they have the best non stick pan. They all lie. Do not buy this. It is a waste of time. Also, the handle can easily become to hot so beware you may get burned.

  24. Yes I agree I used mine for about a month and it is garbage i will never buy one again. Eggs even stick in it “thumbs down on the product”

  25. Anyone saying this pan works after using it more than 5 or6 times, is not telling the truth. It’s a total piece of garbage. Three friends of mine also had the same terrible experience. It’s a scam. Works for about a week, then the best place for it is in th ed garbage!

  26. This pan is garbage. It Worked for less than 3 months before everything started sticking to it. I tried to return it and Wallmart said that it was to long and I had to go to the company. Not worth the postage I will throw it away but I will first warn others not to buy this dumb pan that was supposed to last a life time!!!! I see now it changed the warrantee to 90 days. That’s about how long it will last.

  27. Oh my! Just because some thing doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it’s a scam. In my long life I have had my share of cooking and baking sets. I have experience with Calphalon,, T-Fal, Farberware, and many others. Anyways, Gotham Steel is the best I’ve ever used. This is my honest experience for all of the pots and pans. No stick still…though I use a few pieces of it every single day They are fabulous and since they are so pretty I have them hanging in my kitchen. I’d never own any other pan. I beat eggs in the deeper frying pan with a hand mixer. No scratch. I’ve baked apple dumpling cake in the oven in it…perfect! No stick, no mess, no burn I still use mitts but only because it’s hot on the inside of the oven. Everything cooks perfectly in Gotham Steel cooking ware .I’ve replaced everything I’ve ever had with it. I have been using it for 6 months.

  28. I love my 12″ frypan, I’ve used it a year and it still is non stick, and a dream to clean. You can NOT use cooking spray in these pans or it will do something to interfere with the non stick properties. I have never put this in a dishwasher. I think a dishwasher could leave a film that might also work against the non stick surface. I also have the square Copper Chef and notice the coating is starting to erode where my Gotham Steel looks like new. I also love that the handles are all metal so it can go in the oven.

  29. 3 stars. I rarely review but thought I should give some input here. I switched to cooking almost entirely with these. We had cast iron, stainless steel and teflon. When I wanted to ditch the teflon, I received the big set of these (15 pieces, I think) as a gift. I cook multiple times a day use the skillets the most. I didn’t ditch the oil. I use a variety of oils, but most often butter or avocado oil. Eggs stick if you cook any higher than “low” even with oil. So, no crispy edge super hot oil fried eggs if you like that. I noticed I can’t get that nice sear cooking meat on these pans that I could with a cast iron or stainless steel. Amazingly, tofu slides around the entire time. If you’ve ever tried frying tofu in a skillet, you’d know how this seems amazing. Other than that, the pans perform the same as my teflon ones did (minus the baking ability course). My guess is the biggest disappointment people have with this is that you do need to add SOMETHING to the pan to keep the food from sticking.

  30. My boyfriend and I are very disappointed in this cookware also. Probably even water would. lol

  31. Gotham copper pan is junk you lie everything sticks hard to clean just trash pan burns food pan is to thin very disappointed

  32. I bought the pan awhile ago and stopped using it because I use it to make eggs and it sticks all the time even with oil. No good. I am angry with myself for wasting my money.

  33. Worst damn pan. Sticks after a week. Hard to clean around the sides. Works for a very short time. Now even eggs stick even using oil and even using a lot of oil. Pan still looks good but it’s basically worthless. Will post YouTube videos of me cooking with it and I’m a professional chef

  34. I thought this was the best pan in the World for the first month . After that every thing sticks to it and it is hard to clean . Ready to throw in garbage .

  35. I bought a 9 inch pan to see if it works a advertised. My intention was to get rid of all the teflon coated frying pans. I was very disappointed ,time after time as i never succeeded to fry an egg without it sticking to the pan. Do I need special instructions on how to use this frying pan? Need help


  36. the pan stains and sticks in one week they lied bull shit never buy again………

  37. This is the worst excuse for a non stick pan that I can think of. I bought the largest pan and no matter what you cook in it you need a jack hammer to get it out. I thew it out in the yard to feed the animals. If you are thinking of buying one- Don’t the are complete junk.

  38. Go to Marshall’s and try to find a $20 Calphalon stainless steel pan.

    Then, just get some good, healthy avocado oil at Costco. . .

  39. in agreement with many other reviews, I bought large and small pans and am very disappointed, after very few uses both pans began to stick. anyone endorsing this product should be ashamed of themselves, they obviously had not used these pans, mine began sticking in 2nd week of usage. I have had to throw them away as they were spoiling food.i feel annoyed that I have been conned into buying such a rubbish product, never again gotham steel con artists you should be prosecuted. one very unhappy customer.

  40. Most everyone does not read instructions, thus blame the pan…
    I bought 2 of these @ 9.99ea. at Menards late 2017.
    I usually cook daily, scrambled eggs with a little olive oil and I never had a problem with any sticking – ever.
    I do find that its too slippery for pancakes though as it won’t stick to the pan for flat even cooking-seems to float over pan on batter bubbles .

    Instructions tell you to 1st wash it on arrival, coat it inside with oil, then heat it in oven @ 300^F for 20 minutes & let it cool down to treat it, then its ready to use.
    Instructions also tell you that if it starts sticking in the future, clean, re-oil & reheat again to restore anti-stick properties. I didn’t do the oven, just on stove top on low flame to treat it.
    6 months of daily use, I have yet to redo oiling – reheat treatment… Gave 1 to my son as well, besides the $99 pak for Christmas as I was very impressed. Still told him. NO METAL! Works for me!

    Not seen the $9.99 sale since so when I saw the ad on FOX News, I quickly ordered the buy1 get 1 one free deal with free shipping to boot… Nicer was No State Sales Tax 🙂
    Will give my mom one when I get these…

  41. I agree with you on that! I too wasted money and time on this Gotham pan. I bought one for my daughter also and after a few uses everything sticks. I bought mine at BJ’s. We are both extremely disappointed.

  42. Anyone who gives a thumbs up looks bad at this point. Every review says the same thing; food sticks badly, it scratches, and pan is 86,d in no time. False advertising… why are they still selling this garbage!? Don’t buy it, not even at half price—ANY PRICE IS A RIPOFF!

  43. Well said. Pan is junk.

  44. I bought my Gotham steel pan for $19, and it was nonstick for maybe the first 2 uses. In no time it got scratches just trying to get it clean—and the coating buffs off with little force. I tried a suggestion where you spread oil over the coating & ‘bake’ the pan at 500 deg for 4-5 minutes, and it actually did help, but was short-lived. I had to always use oil to cook, and it still scratched and burned way too easily. Seriously folks, if you get this pan, just be mindful, so that about the time your pan looks absolutely terrible and it really pisses you off that they still make those false claims, your return period won’t be over. I think the only reason they’re still alive is bec they’re selling at half price now—2 pans for price of 1, (probably to liquidate before sh*t hits the fan where they have to process too many returns).

  45. Purchased my Gotham steel set a few months ago. I generally only use the small fryer and sauce pan. For me, they don’t and never have cooked like a dream. I’m trashing them and looking for some better non stick ones. Who knows, maybe it’s in actuality a knock off. There are some good imposters out there.

  46. I also bought Gotham frying pans.The large one and the small one. Was really disappointed that when I used them the second time to cook everything stuck. Tied to fry bacon and they stuck to the pan. Tried it 3 more times and today threw it in the garbage. Even the small pan was terrible. The first time I tried to cook an over easy egg ,it stuck. So disappointed.

  47. I purchased their 9in pan with lid. At first it worked well. After owning it for a couple of months EVERYTHING sticks to it. I purchased one pan to try it out and I’m glad I did. I went to their web page and there is no numbers or email addresses. I guess they know they sell junk but don’t want to hear it. I’ll never buy another one

  48. I am very disappointed in my Gotham pan because it has one spot on it that since the first use never comes clean and is usually a darker cook than the rest of the pan. It is not a non-stick in this area of the pan – maybe a defect????

  49. I got one its junk, tried to fry egg on med heat and it stuck to hi heaven, tried with a little oil not great and now has pits in it, totally junk. When I called to get money back they wanted me to pay $9.95 to send pan back.

  50. MY daughter bought me the small frying pan and the commercials say that you can use any type of utensils to cook with. I just use plastic ones and the surface has a bunch of scraps on it. I thought that nothing will stick to it but that is not true

  51. Purchased the gotham steel 3 square pans and have fried an egg in the 2 smaller ones. Very disappointed as the eggs do not just “slide off” as shown. They stick to the pan and unless you’re really careful you cannot get the eggs out without breaking the yolk. Talk about false advertising!! Maybe I should have tried the copper chef brand.

  52. This pan sucks everything sticks or burns to pan my old 2 year old pan still works better total waste of money I won’t even send it back i don’t want another one will never use these osns again what a joke

  53. This Gotham pan is not as advertised. Everything sticks after a couple of uses. My old T-Fal is a better pan. Do not waste your money. Bought at giant tiger for $21.

  54. Worst piece of cook ware ! Throwing mine away. Everything sticks. Discolors and cooks very hot even over medium heat! Rivet exploded off handle and sounded like a gun shot! Smashed into my spice rack and dented one of the tins- could have caused some real damage if it was facing the wrong way! Back to my caphalon! No customer service response! Don’t waste your money!

  55. This product is bad. Everything sticks and burns. Not ones that I used it that my food didn’t stick or burn. This is not the product shown on tv. It’s all a scam and bullshit. There is no product out there that can withstand the elements that we cook on. We be better to cook over a rock. Don’t be fooled.

  56. Season it and use light oil cook on low to medium heat he should love it I’m waiting on mine but love my cousins it’s been a year and theirs still works fine just by the few tips I just gave you is what they told me to do with mine hope it helps

  57. Rocky if you get another season it as if it was cast iron and lightly oil it when cooking you shouldn’t have any problems with it my cousin had had theirs almost a year still no scratches and wipes clean every time and cook low to medium heat

  58. If you season it when you first get it and use a little oil and cook low to medium heat sausage comes off nicely I have ate lots of food off of my cousins can’t wait to get mine

  59. They do work my cousin has one as with any pan eggs naturally stick you have to use very little oil on low to medium heat the egg will slide right off when done I saw it with my on eyes I’m getting the pan the grill and the flat iron I can’t wait to use them the way food cooks on them brings out the flavors so 5 star from me on these pans and grills

  60. I have 3 Gotham Steel pots. One is only 5 months old and it is badly scratched, although, I have always used plastic spoons inside of it. My other pot, is so badly burned with rice that stuck to it, I will have to through it in the trash because nothing will remove the burned rice from the bottom of the pan. The 10″ frying pan is OK but the others are trash. I would not recommend this product to anyone; it is an advertising SCAM!!

    Brian Garvey

  61. I bought i on the tv site stuck from the get go. Called them and told them about it they said it was probably not finished right or defective so they did send me another one. Same problem the lady said not to use it over medium heat same problem ,maybe work ok on gas stove? I have a glass top stove.


  63. I bought this pan. Sure, it didn’t stick for the first 10 times I used it, now it instantly sticks and burns things. This product is not worth the money spent on it.

  64. Instructions say “good for all cooktops except induction”…….verbally (only) customer service states does not work on glasstop stoves…..guess what, my stove is glasstop….so lots of sticking, it warped, elbow grease to clean and uneven temp from warping….boo to Gotham Steel for false advertising…..

  65. I used the square 9.5 pan to fry two eggs. Used low to medium heat per the instructions when cooking eggs. One egg cooked almost all the way and didn’t stick at all. The other one wasn’t cooking as fast so I tried to flip it with my plastic spatula and it started sticking! Weird!!

  66. Agree that the pan was incredible for the first 2 weeks, after that, food stuck to the pan more than any pan I have ever used. Worst ripoff ever.

  67. They are so crooked the didn’t post my complaint Oh well so much for being scamed

  68. I purchased the 8″ when I first started using it I started boasting to my friends and neighbors how great it was. the longer I used it the worse it got. Don’t try to scramble eggs or stir fry it will scratch. I made the mistake and didn’t keep my receipt so I lost my $24.95 plus tax I will gladly make a video to prove my accusations

    Otis G. Broglin
    Citra, Fl

  69. I bought a Gotham muffin tin. The first time I used it, it didn’t ‘t stick but every time I’ve used it since, the muffins stuck worse than regular pans. Would I buy Gotham products again? NO! This one is going in the garbage. I was not offered warranty protection at the point of purchase so I have no alternative.

  70. I bought a Gotham muffin tin. The first time I used it, it didn’t ‘t stick but every time I’ve used it since, the muffins stuck worse than regular pans. Would I buy Gotham products again? NO!

  71. Bought one at TJMaxx two weeks ago. The first time I used it nothing stuck to it. After it had been washed a couple of times things do stick. It seems to be a lot of hype about nothing. Will go back to my cast iron pans which heat more evenly.

  72. I bought the 12″ pan with high hopes. After a couple of months,it has scratches and food sticks to it and has to be soaked then scrubbed off. So disappointed. Don’t waste your money.

  73. Jeez! They didn’t say anything about an oven when they mentioned the handle in the last paragraph. They implied the handle may heat up while using it on the stove top — like a cast iron pan does. Read with your brain in gear, people.

  74. Yes it work the first time and after that it sticks like crazy not impress wasted of money

  75. after 6 months of instructed use, it failed to work!! now have a useless pan that requires a scrub to remove stuck on food!! worked great at first. my seasoned cast iron skillet may take longer to heat but it comes clean!!!!

  76. My husband and I bought the Gotham Steel pan set 6 months ago and we have had no problems with them, we even bought a second 9.5′” fry pan so I can have my spicy meals! Hubby doesn’t eat veggies so he can make his meal his way. I love making my roast meals in the big pot, so easy to clean when done. I forgot to say, we have a gas stove.

  77. Worst pan ever, can’t cook in it, they must have used silicone in the pan for demonstrrations.Food stuck badly to pan..unusable!

  78. I bought it 2 days ago. I tried to fry 3 eggs without butter or oil. It sticked, so it became scramble eggs. I am going to return them to the store.

  79. Gotham Steel 9.5 Titanium & Ceramic Fry-Pay seems to work okay though I’ve only used it a couple times. However, I would never buy another. Cooking on top of the stove, the handle gets hotter than I’ve ever had pot or pan handle get. Not good. Not worth it.

  80. We had Ours two days and the pan had two chips on it just from putting another pot inside it in the. Cupboard?? Its not worth the money…

  81. I have no proof for my theory, but I suspect all these types of cookware have some type of temporary non stick coating over the primary coat, be it ceramic, copper, etc. All these pans seem to work well at first, then get progressively worse as time goes by, just like those dark grey cake pans. Seems like the more cakes you bake, the more they stick (if you do not use non stick spray). For a short time, I had one of the green pans. I seasoned it per manufacturer’s instructions but within a month it wasn’t any better than stainless, even with spray. By now it has likely been recycled into another crappy pan.

  82. nope total disaster within less than 6 months scratch food sticks it’s a waste of money

  83. I just sent a picture to the company demonstrating how non-stickable the pan was. I have tried different things to cook in the pan with and without oil/butter and have had to scrape the pan the pan each time. I will say it is easy to wash.
    added note that the 2 stars above this comment was not my doing ..I tried to change it to1 star but was able to!

  84. What a piece of crap this pan is. Had this pan for about 4 months and it’s now in the garbage!

  85. Couldn’t of bought a worse fry pan, It should be called the “stick pan.”
    False advertising at its best, I’m throwing mine on the scrap heap.
    I should of realized, “remarkable claims require remarkable evidence,”
    A total waste of money.

  86. I purchased a Gotham Steel 10″ pan when I was at the local Walmart for Christmas and really love it has long as you follow the directions prior to usage, Coat the inside with light oil and bake the pan for 20 minutes. Cook every morning eggs, bacon and sausage and works great except for the last week the inside bottom turned black so my wife cleaned it and it’s okay. Today I used it to cook french toast and eggs when the button on the handle blew off and into the eggs. Afraid to use it now and tried to contact the web site but can’t find email………..

  87. Absolute garbage! Every food sticks to this pan. What a fucking joke. Threw it away after one day of testing. Glad I didn’t buy the set. worst shit! I wasted my time.

  88. I fried an egg in mine and it didn’t stick at all my bf even flipped it like a flap jack.

  89. And yesssz, it does scratch. I have the three sizes butuse the 9 inch the most and the other 2 sizes intermittently.

  90. These pans are not as advertised. Looks great. Burns food. Eggs stick no matter what the heat and no matter what heat u start with. And I am worried about the brown stuff that appears from no where when cooking. I’m going back to the iron cookware and see if I can cook eggs without sticking.

  91. I bought this pan. Everything sticks and it does not wipe clean. False advertising. What a Joke. This alleged chef should be ashamed!

  92. be sure and do what I did not due, read the comments. This pan sticks and warps. Wish I had my money back and the pans in the scrap yard where they belong. I hate to get scammed.

  93. it is not non stick, after scraping what you are cooking off the pan thenyou have to remove the part still stuck to the pan. My large skillet warped very quickly and the non stick was false from day 1. You can buy a pan just as good at the dollar store. Once they warp it makes cooking very hard even if you ignore the fact that it is not true non stick.

  94. Bull

    worthless!! Put an egg on it STUCK after first use!!

  95. At first it worked great. Suddenly EVERYTHING stuck to the bottom. Forget getting off the pan…no matter how long you soak it in hot, soapy water. FALSE ADVERTISING; DONT BOTHER!

  96. Horrible skillet! Food sticks to it and middle of skillet warps. Don’t waste your money with this product.

  97. I was amazed when I first got my set. They were everything they promised. After about 8 months I noticed scrambled eggs began to stick slightly. By 1 year it wasn’t worth using. Even when food stuck to it the pan was easy to clean. I was disapointed. I became angry when I sought a replacement. Red copper pan company has a better replacement policy.

  98. Don’t let that used car salesman sell you that this pan is indestructible . I have had it for several months and I have a chip and several scratches, and I’m not even really hard with it. Would not recommend

  99. Thanks all for your comments everyone. I was dying to try. The sometime skeptic as I am…. I was compelled to check for reviews. They range so much. Makes my decision clear though. Not getting it. If it’s not as easy as claimed…If it works well when using on low enough heat, but still loses its abilities after a couple of weeks/months, then it ain’t worth it. Like this pan after some use, I’m gonna stick (get it? Cause it sticks, lol)… Stick my decision not to buy that is!

  100. The pan itself is a beter non stick than the older Teflon ones. I have found that for some reason when cooking pork links they do stick to the bottom. My biggest issue with the round 9″ pan is that when heated upon my flat surface electric stove., the pan warps therefore not distributing the heat evenly. Other than that its worth the price. If they would make the bottom thicker to keep it from warping it would be great.

  101. Purchased through Carol Wright Gifts online. My first use was blueberry pancakes and had to chisel the burnt residue of the berries off. Still in the process of sending back.

  102. I ordered two of your pans recently and am very disappointed with the pans they do not in any way cook as shown on TV I have recently rang to complain and was refused any compensation as it is over 30 days .l wanted to fully use them prior to complaining very very unhappy

  103. I also purchased the Gotham steel pan (against my scam alert in my head). It worked ok for maybe 3-4 uses, then my son who likes to cook eggs from a cold pan allowing to heat while he chops veggies and scrambles it up in the pan. When finished, wash it out and let it dry. When dry there is a thin egg film all over the pan. Attempts to scrub with a plastic kitchen scrubber-failed, then a magic eraser-failed, then filled with water and attempted to boil it out-failed, steel wool was the only thing to remove this film. Worst cooking pan ever!

  104. I have purchased a gotham frying pan for a friend. I love mine. I seasoned mine in the oven. I need to know how to season in the oven for my friend before using it?

  105. Hey Shane, I cooked fresh sausage patties in my Gotham skillet last night. Didn’t stick at all and wiped clean. Of course I wash it too but the skillet works fine. I have also done eggs and hamburgers with very good results. Maybe you are not letting your pan heat up before you add the food and maybe you are using too high of a heat setting. Oh yea, I use an electric range.

  106. I bought this grill new off Ebay mailed to me from Amazon, it is the two sided Gotham grill and I have fried eggs with out oil or butter and they stuck like crazy. I even heated up the pan amply before putting the eggs on the grill. The warranty says to NEVER use non stick sprays by the way. I guess you actually have to use some oil or butter when frying eggs cause they were a disaster otherwise. Plus the grill has no handle, I hate that, it slides all over the stove when cooking and turning your foods. I have a glass top stove by the way. No where on the packaging does it say not for glass top stoves. Another down fall is when you do get grease from your foods there is no easy way to drain off the grease. It is a square pan with out any provisions to drain grease into a corner. I would not recommend this grill for those reasons alone.

  107. Yeah the eggs didnt stick if you keep them moving side by side in the pan. The great thing about it is the easiest pan to clean even if stuff does stick, and the handle stays cool. The BAD part is it doesnt cook evenly on an electric stove. The bottom is not flat. So this pan was a waste of money for me.

  108. My wife received one as a gift from a friend about 2 months ago. She and I have used it several times. Neither of us had anything stick or had issue on any other claim on the TV commercial . We had fried eggs this morning. Mine were scrambled my wife cooked hers sunny side . We have several times cooked either bacon or sauge at the same time. We always cook on medium heat regardless of what pan we are using. We have a glass top stove. Turn your heat down . A great pan!

  109. I just bought a flat square pan for pancakes, eggs ect. I tried cooking hamburger patties for my first go at it. They STUCK and I had to soak the pan to get it off. I’m so disappointed because I bought 2 of the square big pans that go into the oven or use on the stove top for Xmas presents. I think I’m just going to return them. How disappointing! My other non-stick pans are REALLY non-stick and much cheaper!

  110. Some foods ie bacon and potlickers stick to my 12 in. slkillet. I have to use spatula to release them. What’s up? Have I been scammed? My old teflon skillet didn”t have this problem.

  111. I know you wrote this review a while ago and you may not even see this.. but! I wanted to share ..
    I bought this with, I cook eggs every morning and I needed something that would stop getting a build up, having eggs stick, etc..
    This pan did NOT work to cook my eggs. They STUCK terribly. From then on, I just used pam. I hated that it didn’t do what it claimed and the whole point of a purchase was because it advertises no oils, but when I use pam, it doesn’t stick at ALL! Just a suggestion, incase you don’t want a pan just sitting in your cupboard. 🙂

  112. I got the 9.5 pan and it works fine. Had it for 6 months. I fry eggs, poach eggs, toast bread, grill cheese sandwiches. It hasn’t stuck. Did get a little brown stain in mine, removed it with baking soda paste and sponge. Now it’s like new. I like the pan. And my 10 inch glass lid fit perfect on it, I was concerned about that till I got it.

  113. Thanks for your response, my pan did not give directions for seasoning the pan before use so will follow your directions, appreciate the post. Have a great day!

  114. Why would they do a fool thing like that when all they have to do is write up a review and have others who have actually tried it write it for them? Then they know if they should bother spending money on it or not.

    Then there are people like me who are looking for legit reviews, come to blogs like this, and have to wade through hundreds of comments to get to the truth. :/ I’ll be going to see if America’s Test Kitchen has tried them… :p

  115. Absolutely love the 9.5 round pan. Works great on all foods we have prepared including eggs. We also did the cheese test and it worked perfectly. Also purchased the Griddle pan and after the second use the bottom of the pan has turned black and we can’t get it to come off. It’s like there is a MAJOR defect it.

  116. you didn’t let the egg cook long enough. before tryin to flip it if you do it wont stick

  117. Worst pan ever. Everything sticks. Tried to cook an omelette and ended up with scrambled eggs. Nothing slides off the pan. Tried to send an email to Gotham and there isn’t one on their website.

  118. No! They dont work, Got one and everything sticks, eggs,pancakes, grilled cheese , & meat, ill never buy another one, not happy with it

  119. My unit held up for 3 weeks. But gradually it started sticking. Still looks perfect but eggs stick bad. Even with a lie rub of butter. Am hoping that the manufacturers can advise on how to rejuvenate the surface. Which still looks new to the eye.

  120. I received the deep square pan as a gift & I love it! I use it every day without oil and things dont stick including eggs. Perhaps it really matters of you preheat it 1st, and most importantly, for best results, when cooking eggs in any pan, cook eggs on low heat.

  121. I came to this site to see if this product is worth buying, because it looks so promising on TV, and to cook food without oil or butter would be great. After reading the comments, though, I think I’ll stay away from this one. Frankly, I have a ROCK frying pan and I love it. I have to use grease with it but it actually doesn’t stick and cleans easy. I’ve had it for two years now and I think I’ll buy another one of these instead of wasting my money on the Gotham pan. And I agree with everyone else here, you can’t do a legitimate review on a product you’ve never actually used. I won’t be coming back to this site again.

  122. the first time I fried eggs with them they were ok and didn’t stick much. the second time they started to stick a little, the third time it stuck really bad and I got scrambled eggs. I also fried some asparagus and it left nasty black stains on the pan and after scrubbing for 10 minutes with a wet cloth (after soaking overnight) I couldn’t get it all off.

    when I tried to return them they suggested giving it away as a gift…who to? someone I hate??? I kept complaining and eventually they agreed to refund my money but not the postage to get it delivered and I had to post it back to them, so it will end up costing me about $40 to have tried their pans and return them.

    DO NOT BUY THEM its a con!

  123. Yes I have and it is good but when cooking food in it to, it sometimes gets brown stains in it and you can’t get them out easily if at all

  124. I really wanted to purchase this pan ( or the Red one) & after reading these comments, I’m very glad that I hesitated. I’m with you…I think that I’ll just invest the money towards another small castiron skillet!!!

  125. WHAT INSTRUCTIONS?? I read all the enclosures VERY CAREFULLY and there are NO INSTRUCTIONS that came with the pan..

  126. I bought the 10 pc set from Amazon for $99, so far I have had no issues with them. I going to buy I would recommend checking Amazon prices first.

  127. Well it’s nice to see a great response on this pan. I bought it 2 weeks ago and cooked hamburgers, eggs, hamberburger helper, melted cheese and nothing really sticks. The stuff that does is so little and so easy to clean. I just hope it holds up??

  128. I have a few ceramic pans and yes they work but I no longer use them with out a decent high temp low smoke oil.I use a measuring spoon and throw in 1/4 tsp. of peanut,coconut oil,other low smoke oils. Now the pan will truly result in a great fried what ever and yur not soaking your food in oil and hate to admit it but fatty food needs no oil,I grill rib eyes in them and sear beautifully on medium heat (another tip is I allow the pan to heat up for 3 mins before throwing the food in) If you want to go health then bake your food.I know the novelty of not using any oil is a great idea but the food doesnt have that taste when we dont use butter or any other flavorful oil,its bland. If you want to try to recondition a ceramic pan grab a melonite sponge and make sure there isnt any products stuck to the pain and vigorously wash the pan with the sponge, rinse (mr clean eraser sponges are melonite sponges) or sit the pan out and sprinkle a decent amount of baking soda and enough water to make a paste and take a regular sponge and scrub the pan with the baking soda paste,rinse and look to see if you see any yellow residue on sponge or paper towel that your using to clean the pan.

    Im not worried about a small amount of fat from the oil ,it makes the pan really useful and work well.I do not believe the hype of non scratch, I just use wooden and plastic utensils …. to all who are going crazy to see if they work, the answer is yes, but you must recondition them if yours is sticking , use lower heat than usual and use a small amount of cooking fats be it oils or lard or butter, the ceramic pan works great then and a small amount of fat will not harm you and nothing sticks to it if there is a small film of fat on top of the ceramic. YMMV

  129. Pan worked great, notice the word worked!! I used this pan for 5 months everyday. The last month the bacon was starting to stick. Eggs dont have a chance , they stick worse in this pan than a typical teflon. It did work great at first but now i’d have better luck with a cast iron frying pan seasoned well in flax seed oil.

  130. I bought one of the Gotham steel frying pans and everything sticks to it especially eggs, to get the eggs from the pan I had to use a Teflon spatula to scrape them out that was the first and last time I cooked in it.

  131. First I purchased the smaller fry pan. after 2 weeks is was still worth the money, so I bought the larger fry pan. NOW, less than 3 months, both of them SUCK big time. They stick, they scratch AND THEY ARE HARD TO CLEAN. I cooked only on Med heat, did not use oil spray, and followed the directions for using them. I feel very cheated. It seems to me, that the people that came up with this idea, figured out a way to make millions of dollars in a short period of time, with no reguards to the consumers. THIS IS A BIG RIP-OFF —

  132. Yes it works very well i got the pan with the lid u can cook in oven are on top of stove im pleased,with the product

  133. Thanks for the confirmation, I too have experienced the same thing w/this pan I was better off staying with my “Teffs” as well I wish I’d have kept the receipt I’d totally get my $$ back

  134. Well looks like I just got a defective one because I scrambled an egg and most of the egg was stuck in the pan, so I thought I maybe have to “condition” it so I attempted to do the scramble egg thing again and well,… I’m just not happy with this pan so I’m back to my Teflon pan and no more listening to ads that are too good to be true

  135. Purchased a Gotham Steel 12.5 inch skillet from Bed Bath &Beyond. The skillet was used very little when the bottom warped . The coating on the inside is perfect. The skillet looks brand new, but it rocks when used on the stove surface. Gotham customer service wants me to spend $10.00 plus postage to solve their defective product I bought for $29.95. Be ware!

  136. I received one of these as a gift. I always use a small amount of oil or bacon fat (NO spray oil) when using it and have had absolutely no problems with it. While I wouldn’t sear meat in it over high heat (I prefer cast iron for that purpose), the Gotham Steel pan has worked as advertised as far as I can tell. If you don’t want to order it online or by phone, it is available at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

    As always, YMMV.

  137. I have the 12.5″. I love it. nothing sticks. makes a perfect omelet that just slides right off.

  138. I ordered one some months ago, and sent another to a friend. First three uses it worked perfectly.
    Eggs slid right off pan like in the commercial. The next use, the eggs stuck horribly, but my friend has had no problems. I think there may be a quality control problem in production. Also concerned, if it worked the first three times and didn’t after, what was on the pan that made it non stick…at first, and it seemed to have come off. Did it get into my food?? If these pans are made in CHINA…BEWARE.
    I threw the pan out.

  139. I purchased the 12.5 inch pan on Groupon and my lid from eBay and so far so good. I have not tried cooking eggs (I would still add a small amount of butter for taste when that time comes) but cooked a steak,onions,peppers and chicken and have had no issues. I also seasoned my pan which is why I have not had any issues,imo. So far, no issues just keeping my fingers crossed! I also decided to purchase Gotham Steel knives and they work great!

  140. The gothem pan was a joke. Bought 2 one for my house and one for my motorhome . Eggs stick worse than in my regular Teflon pans. How can they get away with false advertisement like that! They may make a killing by selling several at first, But will not have any repeat customers! False advertisement !!

  141. I just bought the 9.5″ fry pan. This morning I wanted to cook scrambled eggs in it. I buy Eggbeaters in a carton. I heated the pan on medium heat. I did not add any oil or butter. The eggs stuck to the pan worse than my Teflon one. I use a non-stick spray on the Teflon but not the Gotham Steel. This pan did a horrible job. I would like to know what the people did that say it works perfectly. I called the number on the packaging and they said to try a little oil or butter, so I will try that next. I tried to explain to the customer service agent that part of the pans appeal is it says no butter or oil needed. She then said I can exchange it for another and they would waive the shipping charge. When I tried to verify that she is covering my return charge and them sending a new one, it turned out she was only referring to the charge they incur when sending a new one, I would still have to pay to send it back. I got the pan yesterday, has not even been 24 hours yet.

  142. Everything I cook in it sticks, have to scrub pan to clean it would not buy again

  143. This pan is a joke. I fried a couple of eggs and they stuck immediately to the pan. I could not flip the eggs, nor could I even get under the eggs to cook them over easy. They came out very messy scrambled. This does not do what they say it does. Stuff sticks like crazy. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY LIKE I DID! There is no getting your money back either. (To try and get your money back, you have to pay $9.95 for processing plus your shipping back to them. So it is not worth it.) You call the customer service number and they act like they don’t even know the product, what a joke! I got taken and am embarrassed that I fell for this. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!!!

  144. I wish I would have read buyers’ reviews, prior to making my purchase. I believed the hype, I believed the commercials, and I jumped too quickly to purchase this 9.5″ Gotham Steel Pan. I bought it for the purpose of replacing my standard non-stick frying pan that had become scratched over the years. I use this size frying pan mainly for cooking eggs. I always use a small amount of butter or some type of grease, even in any non-stick pan, and it was no different for this pan. Well, to put it quite simply, my eggs stuck to the pan. They did not slide around, as you see in the commercial. In fact, it took so much spatula action to loosen the eggs, that the yolks broke. I’ve used the pan about 5 times now, with the same result each time. Anything I put in the pan sticks. I’m very disappointed in this pan, and if I can save someone else the disappointment and money spent on this garbage, I will be somewhat placated.

  145. I bought one and I use it a lot. BUT I seasoned my pan after I unbowed and washed it. Most non-stick pans recommend that you heat it and wipe some oil around the surface, let it cool and wipe out any excess oil. Then it’s ready to use. IF you put it into the dishwasher, the chemicals may require that you reseason the pan before using it again. the chemicals in the dishwasher detergent are very caustic and scour the pans. This is why it causes some non-stick pans to begin sticking. But with the new technology, ceramic is one that you don’t have to season, but I did it anyway (no harm). And I haven’t had anything stick. I have fried eggs and made gravy without any sticking AND I used a metal spoon to stir the gravy. I like mine, don’t know what else to say.

  146. this 9 1/2 inch pan sucks, eggs stick doesn’t matter if it is preheated or not don’t buy waste of my hard earned money!!!!!!!

  147. oh yeah try frying an egg on it and not have it stick impossible ! Coated fish stuck to it too making it hard to turn the fish….and you have to scrub it off I paid 50 bucks for mine at Giant Tiger and am returning it ! they are fraudulent in their claims.

  148. Pan works for a few weeks but now it has a ton of scratches even though it said you can use metal utensils that is bull shit i wish i could show a picture of how scratched it is right now i am very dissapointed

  149. UNAUTHORIZED ORDERS AND CHARGES! I bought a 9 inch Gotham Steel pan and lid last Christmas for my oldest son and decided to buy one for my self and my youngest son on July 3, 2016. I received 2 emails; one with the right order information on it and the other was an unauthorized order for another pan and lid for $31.89. Now, I had read this has happened before with other people on reviews posts like this, so I AM NOT THE FIRST. Let me say, I had confirmed with the sales representative the phone what I ordered and the charges before I placed my order, So someone (this sales rep.I was talking with no doubt ) unauthorized a second order. Most likely these sales representatives need to meet a sales quota but it’s at OUR EXPENSE.. Big mistake. Since the Service Department is not open on weekends (it’s Saturday) I have already taken action just in case Gotham Steel does not issue me a PREPAID RETURN LABEL.(1.) I called Pac-Mail (where my boxes are being delivered) and they said I could refuse the unauthorized package ( identified by the tracking number on the box.). ( 2.) I called my credit card company and put in a dispute on the charge for $31.89, and refunded my money. (if the company does issue me a prepaid return label, i will take the dispute off my card.) Anyhow, BEWARE of UNAUTHORIZED ORDERS AND CHARGES. Best of luck to you. ~ Christina

  150. I’ve had my gotham steel pan for about 4 months and will be purchasing more. I’ve not had any problems with it. Much better than any teflon pan I’ve had. My hubby likes it too. When I said I wanted to buy more of them he was very positive about that which is unusual for him. I have a tiny rock pan that I have had for a couple of years, that I like too, but the coating is coming off the outside.

  151. It didn’t work for me. It was great for the first day, then, after the first wash the magic disappeared.
    I do not recommend it!

  152. After seeing this pan on tv I bought one at a local store in the “as seen on tv” section. My short story is, it’s the worst non stick pan I’ve ever had. The first thing we tried was fried eggs, the eggs stuck to the pan and it was not super easy to clean. I’ve done fish, bacon, pork chops and grilled sandwiches. Everything sticks and I have yet to find anything that just wipes out clean. I wouldn’t buy this pan ever for any reason if you are looking for non stick, easy to clean

  153. Glad your happy Barb…Wait about two/three weeks..Mine warped after about 5 uses and everything sticks to it!!

  154. Great price & so far everythng has come out perfect ! Healthy meals & easy clean up I have definitely got my good money out it !!! I’m A HAPPY SHOPPER 🙂

  155. Nearly 800 people gave this product a thumbs down with less than 300 giving it a thumbs up. With those odds and all the negative comments regarding this product, I am so very happy I didn’t buy it! I use to be a compulsive buyer but now I am cautious having been burned (pardon the pun) by too many commercials that seemed genuine.

  156. I finally broke down and bought the middle sized one from Carol Wright Gifts. Took forever to arrive. Works great at first, but used metal utensils and it DOES scratch and nick and stain. so NOW what?

  157. i received this skillet from my local casino as a free gift.. I was skeptical but I used it and made pancakes.. the metal handle doesnt get hot at all.. the pancakes didn’t stick at all. easy clean up.. so far I like it

  158. cooked on steak in and it is a stick pan now can not cook eggs in it anymore….the pan is not worth buying at ur money

  159. I just received my 9.5 inch Gotham in the mail today. Was very excited after seeing the ads. I love making omelets, and that was the primary reason for my purchase. I’ve been using a cast iron skillet which cooks beautifully but is VERY, VERY hard to flip the omelet before adding the goodies; so I haven’t been. I put the Gotham on the stove and let it heat up on medium. I broke an egg for a simple fry and was disappointed. Though it in no way stuck like a cast iron, it was equally in no way like the infomercial. The egg didn’t move freely in the pan by moving the pan as shown in the ad. I discarded the egg and tried another (thinking the pan hadn’t been hot enough). Same thing. The egg initially sticks but somehow releases afterwards, but again, not like the ad. In my insanity, I tried yet a third egg in like fashion with very similar results. The next egg I sprayed some canola oil (like you’re not supposed to have to), and that was my best egg by far. With a minor push with a plastic spatula the egg was fully released from the surface of the pan and able to be flipped using the the flipping motion we’ve all seen. By the way, this was the only egg I didn’t break even though I’ve been cooking eggs for years. I think the pan will work fine once the right method is figured out, but don’t think you’re getting the product in the infomercial. At least I didn’t get it. Sunday I will be cooking omelets. I’m positive it will be better than omelets in my cast iron skillet, but duh… It better be. Excitement disappointed. It may be a descent pan but it is not a miracle pan as advertised. God bless.

  160. My 9.5″ pan works just fine, if you paid attention to the infomercial when chef Daniel was cooking, you would have noticed he said several times, you needed to let it heat up first before adding food. That is the difference as to weather or not it will stick. We love our pan and are in the process of buying the whole set.

    As for the people who oginally started this review, you people are a joke!, you run a website, does it really work, and you write reviews on things without even trying them out???. WTF what kinda review is that, and to mainly tell us that we might need to use a pot holder because a pan coming out of a 500° oven might be hot. YOU THINK! What was you first clue dumb asses?


  162. I agree with some of the comments but and some I agree with. I cooked some meat in it last night it the pan turned dark with the meat sticking to the pan. Have been soaking it over night and it still burnt meat stuck to it. Disappointed.

  163. Just bought it yesterday and the card it came with states it DOES NOT WORK ON INDUCTION COOKTOPS.

  164. I just bought one for my husband who wanted to try it so much. We will see soon if it works! I hope so!

  165. It says it WON’T work on induction cooktops on the card that comes with the pan.



  168. When will you guys wake up .tell the truth. Daniel Green has not ever done a live show. This lack of .honesty should tell you something. IT CANT BE DONE LIVE. Daniel Green is now a billionaire lying,sceaming,and scamiing all the way to the bank. PLEASE ,all you DUMBKOFFS READ THE REPORTS IN HiYa if you dare to LEARN THE TRUTH.

  169. I love this pan. I didn’t season or do anything just started frying potatoes and added cheese. Works great. This one is put out by Gotham Steel. Have been using for about 2 months. No marks and just wipe pan out to clean.

  170. 1. The pans work well, nothing sticks to them and you can definitely use metal utensils in them BUT:
    2. I ordered 2 pans with glass lids Dec 6, 2015, received 2 pans but no lids around the end of Jan 2016. They included a not that said there was a high demand for lids and they don’t expect them in for “some time”. I called them again in March and they said I could get metal lids but glass ones were not available yet and they would send them when they get them, it’s now the end of May 2016 and still no lids. Why would there ever be a higher demand for lids than pans? I see other Gotham ads online showing glass lids, 2 of those are mine!!
    Maybe someday my lids will come, none of mine fit and I like basted eggs.

  171. I bought mine at a flee market , could not wait to try it. The first 3 times I used it , it did just like on tv buy the fourth time I used everything started to stick . By the fifth time I used everything I put in it stuck so bad I had to through it away . Since it came from a flea market I can not return it so I had to through it away . I agree who ever does these reviews really beed to trie each idem out several times before giving a thumbs up because eventually everyone that has bought one is going to have the same problem.

  172. My Mom bought 2 of these and gave me one. The pan needs to be seasoned with a coat of oil then baked for 20 minutes in an oven before using. This was done and the pan is CRAP. I tried “seasoning” the pan again…..It didn’t work. Eggs stick, forget making an omelet. Yes, fried oily cheese slides right out of the pan because it is pure oil. I tried making an omelet using a cooking spray, again…eggs stick to the pan. My husband had the same independent results. Don’t buy this pan. I either got a dud or maybe they are all like this. I am glad it was a gift, I threw it in the trash.

  173. My wife bought this pan for me. Have had it 6 months now.
    I use it every day and it still works great.
    If the pan doesn’t work for some
    I would say its the user.
    I have used a lot of pans in my day and this is clealy the best i have seen
    and used yet.

  174. If this company is in Canada, ships from Canada and I am in Canada why then do they charge US dollars?

    Read these eviews and I think I’ll stay away and keep on using my well seasoned cast iron pand and dutch oven.

  175. My parents purchased their Gotham Steel Pan two months ago at Walmart. The cost was $19.95 plus tax, a better deal than buying from the website. After hand washing the pan I was the first to use it. I love my eggs over easy but my cookware stinks and I always end up with scrambled eggs. I fired up the stove and cracked a couple of eggs. I was really excited about how well the cookware performed. My eggs came out perfect! I was sold at that point. I visited the folks a couple of days ago and mom says that she cooks with her pan exclusively. I was impressed since she has Calphalon and Analon cookware, nothing cheap. After arguing over using the pan, she told me to go get my own. That I did, and and I am enjoying it.

  176. I got my Gotham Steel Pan a few days ago and I have used it four times. I have fried eggs, for egg and bacon sandwiches. I also fried the bacon after frying the eggs. The eggs have slipped right out of the pan each time. The only thing I am doing is heat the pan, pour the eggs in, let them get started cooking and turn them over when the pan side of the eggs looks ready/done. I trust it enough now that I flip the eggs over in the pan without the spatula.
    I would say that this pan works GREAT!

  177. it’s real simple, if it was worth a **** the warranty would be longer than 90 days, i bought my son a set of pans from wally world ( 12 piece set ) came with a 10 yr warranty, $ 59.95


  179. I bought one of these P.O.S….fry some sausage in it…..THEN…’ll scrub your fingers off trying to clean it…..IT DOES NOT WIPE OUT….how about YOU TAKE THIS $19.95 P

  180. Were you able to return it? I could not. I bought mine through Amazon and Gotham Steel said that they don’t honor their 90 day warranty unless you buy directly through them. Amazon only allows returns for the first 30 days. I waited to long to find that this an sucks.

  181. Don’t waste your money! And don’t expect a refund! My product worked for a few times and then everything stuck. I followed the usage instructions. What’s worse is that when I called to make a return I was told they would not honor their warranty because I bought it through a third party (Amazon). This was an outsourced customer service rep armed with only the most basic information and of no help to me.

  182. FALSE ADVERTISING !!!!!!!!!. Bought this for frying eggs with no oil or butter. Cooked eggs on med. heat. Eggs Stick worst then any other pan that I have owned. Why is anybody allowed to sell this garbage?

  183. I paid to buy a set of three size on April 22, 2016 from their website and d did not receive them. I tried to contact them and did not find any phone number or email to contact. What is this Gotham Steel company ? Is it a fake company ? I will complain to my credit card company and BBB.

  184. I just read were the guy had not tried them in the oven well I bake my biskets in it and the just slide right out on to a dish.

  185. I got all the pans and love them. They really do do what you say. I only use them and put my others out in the shed. Do you have any other pans. Thank you

  186. I brought this item just to fried eggs without butter or oil. Unfortunately it sticks badly. The trick they do on TV I couldn’t duplicate. Dont waist your money on this scam. I am going to return it.

  187. One, I have nothing to do with this company. My 92 year old mom came wandering in with a Harriet ehh whoever catalog & asked me to order this. Oh, Harriet Carter part #E8882. 9 1/2″ pan. The round sticker that came centered in the pan states to season the pan before first usage @ 250 degrees for 20 minutes if memory serves on the heat/time. That may have been printed on the back side of the round sticker but having the memory of an ex-musician who grew up in the 70’s won’t swear to the location of the season it instructions.

    Essentially, I seasoned it as I would a cast iron pan. Thin layer of vegetable oil, threw it in the oven went to the internet, stared like this o.o, sometimes like this O_O if I clicked the wrong image link while wandering around the ‘net & pulled the pan out when the countdown timer beeped ‘remember me?’.

    Set on counter. Let cool. Since then I’ve used it several times a week for eggs, fish, etc etc. Near as I can tell (short of any type of quality control problem, that obviously I cannot babble about – hers came with no manufacturing flaws. Oh, I moved back in with her to provide care to keep her out of a nursing home, thus the regular usage) the main problem people seem to have is not properly curing the pan. And probably cranking the heat up too much – fatal to anything in an unseasoned pan, at least those which require it. Ceramic/titanium coated aluminum pan.

    So basically, what I have is a pan which, once prepped, has worked as advertised (to date) a couple hundred times. Haven’t thrown in it the oven yet, no comment there.

    Hope that helps someone else, and if it doesn’t go click random links so you too may go O_O

  188. 100% correct. My question is: What recourse do we have as potential customers to battle these lies? BBB?

  189. the handful of people who love this pan said that they seasoned it per the instructions…so my big question is…for the masses of people who hated it…..did they season the pan?????? if not, then all those reviews are meaningless

  190. I bought this and a Rock, to compare. This one did a great job cooking regular veggies for a stir-fry but failed miserably on the fried egg test. As many have stated, it stuck almost immediately and then I tried to do scrambled eggs and they stuck as well. Will be taking the product back to WalMart and replacing it with the Rock larger size. The Rock worked much better, in my opinion.

  191. I certainly won’t be dealing with this company again. I ordered my fry pan with the free omelet maker in November 2015. I finally received the fry pan in January 2016, it is now the end of April and I still haven’t received the omelet maker. Every month I call, I’m told they will be shipped out next month. Well I have yet to see it. What a farce.

  192. TRASH……Eggs stick big time! Over easy isn’t easy with this pan. I thought maybe I didn’t cure it or something…but nope, it sucks! It cleans easy and that’s it!! Don’t waste your $$$

  193. This pan does not work. 2nd time used everything sticks and it is hard to wash. Lies lies lies.

  194. I use Iko ceramic cookware it is incredible and nothing sticks to it. It cleans perfectly everytime

  195. I like eggs over easy. When I turned them over for a few seconds the eggs stuck to the pan.?????

    Seems to work for everything else.

    I’m disappointed.

  196. I ordered from the number on the TV infomercial. I stupidly fell for their pitch to get a $50 gift card for trying a magazine subscription — 3 different magazine – 1 issue free. Cancel anytime. Well I got a letter from the magazine company telling me that I needed to do extra for the gift card. I cancelled. But then I went out of town for a couple of days. My husband got a call saying the pans were on back order. Then apparently they signed him up for more magazine. When I got home I called and cancelled. But the last Saturday, I got a call to renew one of the magazines that my husband had supposedly ordered. I said no and that we had cancelled. I was transferred to another person who told me we had not cancelled and could not and that our VISA card would be billed $49.99 a month for the life of the subscription. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. Does it have to be pre seasoned? Did you do it? And did it feel not work?

  198. I want to know if it has to be preseasoned and if you did that

  199. I ordered my pan from the Canadian website using my visa card. It came within a week, at a total price of $56.20. When I was ordering the bill came to $41.20, after I filled out my visa number – I immediately stopped the order and did not send the final page. They sent the pan anyway with this ridiculous invoice. There are two separate charges for $6.95 on the invoice -??? and a charge for Canadian currency difference on a Canadian website -???. What a bunch of scumbag scammers. This pan is nowhere near 9.5 in. in the bottom of the pan. The pan sticks and overcooks the bottom of the eggs while the tops are still uncooked – weird heat transfer or something. All in all, an expensive bad experience – I will never again order like this on the internet again. These unethical assholes are ruining it for the honest internet retailers.

  200. WOW! Yours actually worked? Not mine and a couple of other reviews I read said theirs didn’t work either. Will be interested in Shirley’s review after purchasing a pan.

  201. It works as a fry pan but not as described. First time I used the pan I felt like bacon and eggs so I cooked 3 strips of bacon that are too long for the 9.5″ pan unless you cut them in half. When done I poured out the grease. Wanted over easy eggs and was excited about them just sliding out. That’s a joke. The eggs stuck like glue and I had to scramble them up and scrape them out with a spoon. Very disappointed. Washed and dried the pan and the next time I thought I would cook the eggs first, maybe the grease was the problem. Still no sliding, had to get out the spatula to get them out. Waste of money if you want the pan to work as described on TV.

  202. I received mine today and was curious as I didn’t do my homework and tried to research reviews. Well, I started to fry an egg with a low fire but had to raise it to a medium fire. Low and behold, after lifting it with a plastic spatula, it worked without any oil or butter. No I don’t work for the company and just like telling the truth.

  203. Kgs4ever, thank you sooo much for your review as you seem to be the only one who actually stated if it truly works or not. I appreciate your honest review because you just saved me money.

    I saw the commercial and was so hyped about it. I thought if this really works I’m buying two sets! It’s disappointing to hear that food sticks to it after all the BS Chef Daniel was touting in the infomercial. I’m so sick of them lying to us.

  204. I have 5 Gotham Steel products and each one has lived up to the various advertisements….whether on TV or on the web. Easy clean up. NO sticking. Healthy. Don’t knock the product if you have not used the product several times. Highly recommend Gotham Steel products.

  205. Thankyou for pointing out that it is Aluminum. Aluminum is unhealthy to cook with. I won’t be buying one.

  206. It’s a scam – i ordered one online and never received it. in following up the 1-888 number provided was not real and the customer service link to check your order was also not real and just kept telling you they could not find the order – even though i used the confirmation number they provided. It is 4 weeks since i ordered and i have seen nothing yet and have been unable to follow- up by phone or internet.

  207. Ordered nearly a month ago…… Am told they are “temporarily out of stock”…. Too late for giving as a gift, And now I Am learning its a scam….. ????? AAK!!

  208. Tried some eggs over easy to start…….stick stick stick. Pan does NOT do as advertised! It cleans up very easy, but it sucks!

  209. I am sorry but you will get burns from the HEAT of the oven.
    So yeah you will need a oven mitt. The oven itself is hot!!!
    so you will get burned without an oven mitt maybe not on the pan but from the heat of the oven- ummm YEAH!!!!

  210. Great post and great story. However, this is the generation of folks who value convenience over doing things the right and proper way. Very few people beyond those who really care about the craft of cooking will actually bother to season a cast iron pan and maintain it. That is why people hanker after non-stick pans despite the downsides and imperfections; the convenience factor is simply too compelling for the lazy.

  211. Hey Larry and DannyG, ever thought of checking the timestamps on posts before accusing others of not reading prior posts? All of the posts confirming that this won’t work for induction have timstamps AFTER the timestamp on John’s post — Jan 27, 3.21pm. Note that there are a couple of such confirmatory posts on Jan 27, so you need to check the time too, not just the date.

  212. Tim:

    You mentioned ceramic none stick pans can you supply me with a brand name.? ones that do not scratch

  213. Folks. Read the fine print on the Gotham Steel Website. This is an ALUMINUM PAN with a stainless steel handle. Not steel. Not iron so will not work with induction cooktops. Yes, this so called review site was clearly bought and paid for by the marketers and they never ever tested the product. But they provided a forum sir people who have actually tried the product. Some like it, but I t doesn’t get high marks over all. READ THE FINE PRINT; IT IS AN ALUMINUM PAN. IT’S ON THER WBSITE!

  214. For induction use, you need iron, I.e. steel. There is magnetic stainless. I have a full set. This copper blather is BS? Copper is a soft metal, readily formable. Also cuts easily. Ask a plumber . “Dishwasher safe” Gimme a break. Any metal pan is. The amount of titanium, if any, is likely measured in micro ounces. TV ads run continuously on @ every cable channel. Not cheap! The per unit cost must be well under $ 5.00.

  215. You are saying that when you grab a pan out of the OVEN from 500 degrees, it will not burn you with that particular handle? Amazing!!!

  216. Well I read almost all these reviews and it’s like people are talking about 2 different pans. They stick. They don’t stick. I bought Ozeri pans at a very reasonable price on Amazon, have used them for a year now, and they work very well, and safe to 480 deg. (see review below). Even the small one, which I use for frying meat, that I have used much more than the bigger ones, and has become discolored somewhat from times I had the heat too high or got distracted and left it frying too long, is still easy to clean. I just scrape with a plastic scraper the burnt on parts (comes off easily) and then just wipe with paper towel. The other ones, everything falls out of the pan without any problems. Wipe with paper towel.

  217. I don’t own this product and don’t intend to.
    I just wanted to state that there is nothing better than cast iron. It is a great conductor of even heat. Won’t warp or scratch, virtually indestructible, I have a pan that is 3 generations old( my grandma was the first owner). If it is seasoned correctly, it is practically non stick and you don’t need to clean it with soap and water, just wipe it clean. You can also get ceramic coated cast iron if you prefer. The only other type I would recommend would be copper bottom stainless steel.

  218. Piece of junk. Good luck trying to find a return or customer contact number . These people are crooks and should have a cell reserved for them with Bernie Madoff.

  219. Hi Richard…my husband and I also have parrots and so are always wary of non-stick. However, from what I see, the pan is ceramic and titanium and they say it doesn’t contain the nasty things like the old style non-stick have. I have been wondering about trying this product, but it seems that the views vary WIDELY. Some people love it, others hate it. We currently own Titanware cookware which is safe around birds, but unless you keep it seasoned, they become crap.

  220. how come their web side says.. to use plastic utensils !!!
    when on TV they claim it is OK to use metal utensils
    Nobody seems to notice that !!!

  221. Hope you sent it back. The product has a 90 day money back offer (minus S&H) so I do hope you took advantage of this generous offer in the research project. No stick or scratch or your $$ back – return costs.

  222. You’ve got to watch your temperatures people! The hotter the pan gets, the larger the “pores” of the surface will get and the greater the chances of food getting in those “pores” and actually ‘grabbing’ the surface and as it cools, even a little, food will start to stick as some of you have already experirnced AND it will be a beast to clean. And this info, Dear One’s, is honestly from years of experience. Sure the food does take a bit loger to cook, but your food will taste much better. YOUR CHOICE.

  223. Thanks Larry! I too was wondering if those induction folks took the time to read the now 5 or 6 reviews that have answered that quite clearly?

  224. I had a green one and it got cut up and it was junkthey said they would send me a new one and I didn’t get one

  225. A great *review* of all the selling points and no actual testing? I suspect this review and the ‘pan’ rhyme with a four letter word that starts with ‘s’.

  226. The ‘live’ operator was totally rude when you decide you don’t want to upgrade and when you decide that you want to cancel your order.

  227. Why are there so many differing opinions about this pan and it’s performance? It scrambles my eggs……… works fine as advertised, who to believe? I have a Swiss Diamond pan and it worked fine for a while and then loses all it’s capabilities. With a life time guarantee, I had it replaced once, but was told that is it for you, and the replacement has long worn out as well. Are these just scam pans?

  228. John, read previous comments before you post! Several people have said it is not induction friendly; magnets do not stick!

  229. Just telling everyone not to waste your money. It doesn’t work. Eggs do not slide around the pan like he’s showing on TV. And it may not scratch, but it was really hard cleaning that egg off the pan.

  230. I couldn’t wait to get it. Frying an egg without butter was so exciting to me. BULL****
    It doesn’t work. The egg stuck. I’m too lazy to send it back so now I have just another pan in my cupboard.

  231. FIRST: You need to change this sentence: “They are claiming that you can even cook those notorious foods that like to stick in the Gotham Steel pan with no problem.” Why? Well, read this part by itself: “…you can even cook those notorious foods that like to stick in the Gotham Steel pan…” You see? The way you worded it, it looks like there are foods that DO stick to the pan. Try something like “They are claiming that you can even cook those notoriously sticky foods in the Gotham Steel pan with no problem.”
    Next, I did a LOT of research on pans before placing my order. The new “Teflon” pans are now safe, even if you scratch them. Next, ceramic pans are NOT any more durable than the new Teflon ones, DESPITE GOTHICS CLAIM. Those of you who buy this pan and abuse it with metal utensils are going to be back here in a few months complaining about how it is no longer “stick free”. Really.
    Bottom line — the ONLY difference between this pan and other ceramic pans is the advertising, nothing more, nothing less. I bought a 14 piece ceramic II set, 8 pans, 6 lids, for around $170. That’s about the same price as this one, but really a better price considering you get some of the bigger pots and pans in it.

  232. The magnet doesn’t stick, hence it will NOT work on an induction cooktop. I use Ikea 365+ series of non-stick pans. They are induction compatible and are very durable. They also are not too expensive.

  233. In short: shipping was good. online experience good. skillet sucks. worse than my other ‘normal’ skillets. the pan burned while frying up turkey burgers. Had to soak pan and then use brillow pad to scrape off. Eggs also cooked into the pan. had to scrub to get that off as well. good idea, but terrible product.

  234. The website “” seems to be selling the exact same pan and I don’t trust either ad.

  235. Remember, the directions warn in red bold print not to use a spray oil. Maybe you did that. Everything I’ve cooked in it slides right out.

  236. FABULOUS PAN!!! I’m waiting for a 6 inch version. Way better than traditional non-stick. Love it!!!

  237. For me the pan doesn’t work as demonstrated on tv. On medium heat the egg sticks immediately. I had to virtually make it into a scrambled egg to get it out of the pan. Yes, I can put it into the oven obviously using an oven mitt to remove the pan.

  238. Are your pans safe around birds? Do they give off the toxic fumes like other non stick pans?

  239. I’m betting it is ferrous. The name is Gotham “Steel” for peats sake. If it was made from pure titanium the price would be outrageous. I’m a knife maker and I pay ~$75 for a smaller piece then this would provide. My best guess, and as far as I can understand from research (albeit limited) is that we get a simple steel pan and the titanium is in the ceramic surface. After all, what would be the point of super strong base without a super strong non stick coating. And BTW, it’s just a suped up ORGREENIC. I got one of those a while back. It looks exactly the same except the color is different. the handle shape and everything. The orgreenic worked great until i scratched it with metal tools. My fault. IF this is scratch “proof” I expect to be quite happy with it. If not, then I’ll break out the red ink and write a very strongly worded letter.

  240. I would like to know if the Gotham Steel pans give off the same noxious odor that other ceramic pans give off when heated.

  241. Hello , just wanted you to know I have used this small size skillet and tested it as follows:
    Burned two eggs purposely to see if they stick….slid right out no problem
    For fun I did the peppermint boil like in the commercial…came out with a nudge from my spatula no problem
    Simmered tomato sauce till it burned…wiped right out after letting it cool down with paper towel…no residue.
    I am not endorsing this pan just providing objective validation. I will see how it performs after a few more months….price is a little high because a good cook can use just about anything well.
    So no recommendations from me…..

  242. Do the Gotham Steel pans give off the same bad smell that other ceramic surface frying pans give off when heated??

  243. Hi, I liked the opportunity to find a review on this product. I was looking for a review where they tested the product and provided their test results. I didn’t get what I was hoping for in this review.

  244. Finally got my pan after waiting for over a month. My son (who goes to culinary school so is a great and experienced cook) decided to make an omelet. The eggs stuck, the cheese burned and got stuck and the whole thing had to be thrown in the trash.

    He then got out our 20 year old cast iron pan and made a delicious omelet – no sticking or burning.

    We would not recommend this pan.

  245. If it really comes down to your cooking skills, then the cookware you currently have will work just fine. Don’t be fooled by all the hype in advertising.

  246. I have one and no a magnet will not work. I have other ceramic none stick pans that work as good or better. If you let things over cook or the stove top is to high the pan over heats fast and the evil brown cooking ring happens. It will stick some if u let the juices of the foods you are cooking evaporate. Its best for stewie or wet texture foods. You can get the same quality pan for ten dollars less at kmart. All in all not a bad pan but not what it is bulit up to pan.

  247. I have iron and stainless steel and copper bottom pan that I use in induction heat. If this is aluminun or titanium, this will not work. I tried it with my non stick pans. I plan on purchasing this to use on my range. Looks like less time and effort to clean.

  248. Hi William! I just got the 11″ pan in the mail today. Haven’t used it yet so can’t say if it is as non stick as it claims to be. I tried the magnet on the bottom of the pan and it DID NOT stick. Guess no induction cooking with this pan.

  249. I tried to fry an easy over egg with this frypan and everything stuck. We ended up with a real mess. We are not impressed

  250. I read on another review site that induction requires the cookware be ferrous, and titanium is non-ferrous and thus not usable.

  251. Folks, many of us induction users are asking if it will work. Perhaps you don’t know because you don’t have one. Simple answer is this.. Will a magnet stick to the bottom of the pan? If yes, than yes they will work on induction. I think the “Gotham Steel” is just in the name. From the pictures I have seen, it looks like aluminum.

  252. Maybe next time actually try the stupid thing. How hard would it be to fry a few eggs without butter and see what happens? Is this site a joke or a poorly executed shill?

  253. I was really excited to use my new Gotham Steel Frying Pan. I used it today to fry an egg, and guess what, it stuck to the pan. My nice over easy egg turned into scrambled, and that was not good either.
    Not impressed.

  254. They say it’s 9.5″ pan I’m just wondering if anyone has used this yet & is it as advertised.

  255. After multiple requests by various people nobody seems to know if it will work on induction amazing

  256. I received one of these pans in the mail. I don’t cook a lot but this is my go to pan. Nothing sticks. I make the best omelets in this pan. It’s heavy, but not too heavy, and food slides off like crazy.
    Love it

  257. My mother bought me one and I fried two eggs on medium heat with no oil or butter and was amazed. Excellent product at a good price. I will only use plastic spatulas regardless of somebody saying metal is ok.

  258. When I put anything in an oven at 500 degrees, I will use an oven mitt to take it out.

  259. We just got our 9″ frying pan before Christmas and my wife used it today to see if she could fry 2 eggs at low heat without using butter or oils. Unfortunately the eggs were sticking to the pan 🙁
    We will try it again another day on low heat just adding a bit of virgin olive oil to see if that makes a difference. I will try to post the results.



  262. Thank you Cindy. Yours is the only review or comment from one who actually used the product. I appreciate you taking the time to leave this information. ?

  263. These guys probably were hired by Gotham steel people to review the pan. My question is this: The pan may work just fine, but with all the technology we’ve got these days, don’t you think this has already been invented or tried? It’s possible you can find the same thing under a different name for less.

  264. I bought the 9.5 inch pan and recieved it well within the shipping time quoted, I hae used it several times and it works great, excatly as stated…I have gone to the website and they have a variety of sizes, I will be ordering more once I have used it for at least a month. Great value for the money I would say!

  265. Taking the time to write this because I am OUTRAGED that you wasted my time and made money doing it. How the **** can you give this a “thumbs up” when its 100% clear you have not tested the product nor have you even come in contact with the product?? You saw the commercial, skimmed their web site and wrote this “review” and endorsement. BS. How about you order one, cook a few things in it and THEN write the review?

  266. DOES IT WORK?! HAVE YOU EVER TRIED IT OUT?! You provide details about the pan that are already on their website. Do you have anything to add that would convince me to buy the pan? Thank you

  267. a lot of talk about the one tells you what size it is,or how many different sizes

  268. So did you guys actually use it? My guess is no. How can you write a review based on the materials used to make it make sense? Plus if you had actually bothered to use it you would know the rivited design of the handle means you don’t need an oven mitt (all my pans at home use this design and I have never used one). Thanks for wasting my time.

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