Does Chef’s Thumb Really Work?

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Does Chef's Thumb Work?It really is exciting for those who take on the role of food preparer for the family to have as many kitchen gadgets as possible. When it comes to one of these being a simple to use safety device then it makes it even more meaningful. So is this what the Chef’s Thumb offers?

This little kitchen device really may support the premise that good things come in small packages. The Chef’s Thumb is a intricately designed device that fits over the thumb of the individual that is working with sharp knives during their food preparation. Almost everyone that has been cutting up various foods at one time or another as become a victim of at least a small nick on the thumb area as a result of a sharp knife that got too close to the skin.

The Claim
The Company claims that the Chef’s Thumb allows the user to obtain a better grip which leads to more protection from getting cut. They says that it’s unique design makes it a perfect fit for any thumb size. It isn’t just restricted for food cutting tasks, but also is ideal for when food needs paring, to protect from nasty scrapes.

The Hype
Naturally the hype is going to center around the product’s safety features. It also zeros in on the variety of people that can put it to good use, which are those that are more vulnerable to cuts like kids and seniors. Then added to this is its ease of use and cleaning, and no having to fiddle around with size adjustments. They have heightened the hype with the bonus item they are adding along with the Chef’s Thumb which is the add on device that turns this thumb guard into a peeling device.

The Cost
You can expect to pay about $27. which includes the shipping costs. Included with your purchase is the add on peeler, and also a Antoro Santoku knife.

The Commitment
It’s a little device so you may end up putting it away in a drawer and forgetting about it. Forming the habit of using it on a regular basis will rectify this. Also make sure that you put the additional peeler device to good use, as well as the knife you are receiving as a bonus gift.

Accidents such as getting cut with a knife during food preparation are extremely common during the preparation of food. Any item that can help to prevent this is well worth looking at. When looking at similar products one that we found that fits into the same type of safety range is the low vision chef. This is guard device to help those with vision problems to prevent themselves from getting cut.

Final Chef’s Thumb Review

We are going to give the Chef’s Thumb a thumbs up rating (no pun intended). It is a device that can potentially protected against what can be nasty cuts for the food preparer. One thing we find is that a lot of people end up wasting a lot of the food they are cutting simply because as food being cut gets close to it’s end it becomes dangerously close to the thumb. So rather than risk getting cut they simply discard the food when there may still be several more cuts for the food that could be done.

Our Recommendation
Another reason that many people end up getting cut when cutting foods is simply because the knife they are using is too dull and the food slips. Although the Chef’s Thumb comes with a bonus knife, it might be worth investing in an additional top quality knife like the Yoshi Blade.

What do you think? Does Chef’s Thumb work or not?

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