Does the Chill Chest Really Work

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Does the Chill Chest Work?Whenever you are transporting food and drinks it always raises the same problem which is how to keep it cold, or in some cases how to keep it hot. There may be a real answer for this and its called the Chill Chest.

Most everyone knows about the old type traditional ice coolers. They really have served their purposes over the years, but they are now beginning to be beat out by modern technology. Now there is the Chill Chest. It is built with technology that allows for the locking of the temperature so items in the Chill Chest will stay cold for up to ten hours. Then if its hot food you are looking to keep hot no problem as this unit can do that too.

The Claim
The promoters of Chill Chest claim that it is super lightweight, and it folds down flat when not in use. It is so durable it can be run over by a truck without damaging it.

The Hype
The hype really focuses on the large capacity it possesses. The Chill Chest can hold up to forty cans and keep them cold for ten hours. Then of course there is the fact that it folds up for storage which is a big plus.

The Cost
For the Chill Chest you can expect to pay $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping. So basically you are paying $50. But if you want to add another $9.99 then you can get a second one. So this would end up costing you about $30. for each of them.

The Commitment
It doesn’t take much of a commitment to use the Chill Chest. The only thing you really need to determine is if you really would put this item to good use or are you buying it just because its so intriguing. If that’s not case then all you have to is remember to use it the next time you are on the go with hot or cold foods.

The fact that you don’t have to use ice with the Chill Chest means you don’t have all that melting ice to deal with or soggy drinks and food. There is no questioning whether an item such as this has some value to it. Price wise we find it is comparable because it is not all that unique as there is a similar item on the market that is priced at %4.95 and that’s just for one. The only question is whether the Chill Chest is really as durable as that one.

Final Chill Chest Review

The chill chest really does have a lot of great features about it and the fact that it can be used equally effective for both hot and cold foods is a big bonus. The no mess no fuss concept of this product is a big selling feature.

Our Recommendation
If you are just not ready to invest in the Chill Chest and want to stick with your traditional cooler then you may want to get the Cooler Shock.

What do you think? Does Chill Chest work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does the Chill Chest Really Work

  1. unless you put a lot of frozen food in with your cold food it will not stay cold – they say you can use gel ice packs – as they melt they sweat which creates water – chest is NOT WATERPROOF – after the 6hr ice cream test, ice cream was 1/2 melted and that was with frozen bottles of water around it and frozen food on top of it. SO NOT WATERPROOF – ICE CREAM MELTS – CAN ONLY USE OUTDOORS WITH ICE PACKS OR FROZEN FOOD AS THEY WILL CREATE CONDENSATION (WATER) AND LEAK SINCE IT IS NOT WATERPROOF A REGULAR HARD COOLER WITH ICEPACKS DOES BETTER, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY Cannot be used inside or in car, anything frozen will create condensation (water) and it will leak on your floor or counter or car rug Got same results with regular cooler and icepacks (they do say can use gel packs, problem is they melt after time, more condensation and water leaking out)

  2. Does not work. I brought one as I live rural. I catch a bus to where I shop. The trip can take up to 3 hours. All my frozen stuff was unfrozen by the time I got home. DO NOT BUY ONE. Better off with an esky and a cooler block.

  3. Same as a older style foam coolers but the chill chest doesn’t hold a 12 oz bottle or a gallon of ice tea or milk upright STUPID! not worth the money!

  4. DON’T DO IT!!!!!! I purchased on 5/8 for 60.97; used product indoors with A/C, outside temp averaged 85-90 degrees. After 3-3.5 hours, water leaked out from the chest onto my wood floors. There was no mention of needing a mat, as online they have people using in on countertops and in the back of their vehicles. On 5/27/18 I inquired about a refund, and got no response. The return policy online and on the commercial states I get a 60 Money Back Guarantee (But They Do Not Pay Shipping To Return The Product) I paid $55!!!! to return their badly deficient product back to them. I will get $4 back, not my $60.97, so stop lying to consumers, FULL REFUND NEEDS TO MEAN FULL REFUND. The ambiguous meaning of Money Back Guarantee should be: 60 Day SOME Money Back Guarantee. I do NOT recommend using this product, use a traditional ice chest, speaking from personal experience. I’ve seen better from home made structures.

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