Does Cooler Shock Really Work?

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Does Cooler Shock Work?There are many times when we have the need to transport food and drinks and we want to keep them cold. The standard way of doing this is by filling up your cooler with as many bags of ice as you can get. There may be a far simpler solution to this and one that makes a lot of sense called the Cooler Shock.

The Cooler Shock are sold as solid dry packs that you hydrate when you are ready to use them. There are options to buy various sizes.

The Claim
The Cooler Shock company claims that when you use their product you no longer have a need for ice to keep your items cold.

The Hype
One of the big factors is that they are reusable which the same cannot be said for ice. Unless you want to take that cooler full of melted ice and re-freeze it.

The Cost
The cost is going to vary depending on the size and type of the Cooler Shock product that you buy. For example, you can buy the 4 pack medium sized Cooler Shock packs that you just add the water to and then seal and use them when you are ready. This version will cost you $18.95.

The Commitment
The commitment for the Cool Shock products is all going to depend on which version you choose. You can buy them pre-filled or you have the option of buying them then adding the water. If you buy this version then you need to seal the bag with a hot iron.

Coolers are great for being able to easily transport food items but it can get messy when the ice melts which doesn’t take very long. Then all of the contents end up dripping wet. Not to mention the amount of space that the ice takes up. Having something like Cool Shock to replace this seems to be a great alternative. Then there is the substantial savings to be enjoyed when you no longer have to buy ice.

Final Cooler Shock Review

You can purchase the Cooler Shock right from the Company’s website but as you may have guessed this product is also available on Amazon. Knowing this allows us to check out the feed back concerning the Cooler Shock and it really is quite impressive. The Large Cooler Shock size seems to be the favorite and out of 1,045 reviews, it has received a 4.8 star rating. Based on this and the fact that it is really a common sense product we have to give it a Thumbs Up.

Our Recommendation
If you really want to save money on shipping then getting the ones that you have to fill yourself will do the trick. Although you do have a little work with these ones. Many of those that have used the Cool Shock are really impressed with just how quickly the product works at cooling down the cooler. What we personally like as well is that it leaves so much more space to add more items to the cooler now that it isn’t being loaded with ice. There are other versions similar to this that we have talked about called Icential that you may want to compare with the Cooler Shock.

What do you think? Does Cooler Shock work or not?

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