Does Clearasil Really Work?

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Does Clearasil work?The commercials for Clearasil say that you’ll be able to keep your skin clean, clear, and under control. But if you’ve tried a lot of other acne products with mixed results, you’re probably a little skeptical at this point. It seems that in this day and age we should have something that is effective at keeping skin clear, without a lot of hassle. But can something that you can buy at your local supermarket really work to keep your face clear?

There’s definitely no shortage of options when it comes to products designed to clear up your zits. Skin care, and especially acne products, are big business, and the one company that can win over the most users will have it made for the next decade or so. There are always new products hitting the market, but this one is now owned by the Boots Group, a successful pharmaceutical and healthcare company from the UK. It has been around for decades, and there is something to be said for a product that is able to stay around in this industry, and surely they would’ve dropped the product line if there wasn’t enough repeat business.

The Claim
Clearasil makes their claim in their tagline by saying that you can keep your skin clean, clear, and under control. Those are the three big goals when it comes to keeping your face acne free. First, if your face is clean, it should project that fresh appearance to the world. If it’s clear, your skin looks healthy and vibrant, and that can play on your self-confidence. And if you are in control of the whole process you get that feeling like you are on top of the world and can conquer anything.

The Hype
Over the years there has been extensive advertising done to promote this brand. Coupled with that, it is one of the few acne treatments that can be found in almost every single grocery store and big supermarket chain in America. What this does is give the one-two punch of seeing the product on TV, and then seeing it in real life in the store. If it is sitting next to a product that you haven’t seen a commercial for, you will instinctively reach for the one that you recognize, which is the basic point of all television advertising.

The Cost
The Clearasil product line ranges in price based on which product you are going with, but overall it is a very reasonably priced solution for your skin. Since it is sold in stores, it has to compete with the other products that it is next to on the shelf. However, you will notice that it is a little more expensive than most products, and some of this has to do with the amount of advertising that they do to build awareness about the product. But in the world of acne treatments this would definitely clock in towards the lower end.

The Commitment
There is a rather extensive line of these products, so it’s really up to you how committed you want to be. They have different products that can be used to clean your face, or treat specific problem areas, and even to moisturize your face. You can decide to only use the cleanser, and then your commitment is pretty low. Or you can combine it with the whole suite of products, at which point your commitment level rises, but you potentially get better results.

Most of the feedback on the Clearasil product line is positive. They make such a large number products that they are sure to produce a few here and there that don’t get stellar reviews. But across the board people seem to really like the results they’re getting. If you’ve already tried a lot of different acne products already, you might not have success with this because it uses ingredients that are rather common, and chances are you’ve probably already used something that is very similar to it. However, if this is your first foray into fighting acne, this is a good place to start.

Final Clearasil Review

Clearasil has stood the test of time, has a host of positive reviews behind it, and a lot of repeat buyers. They are getting our Thumbs Up review as something that you should try if you are experiencing problems with your skin such as dryness, flakiness, or combination skin that is hard to treat with regular skin care products. As far as it being an intensive treatment, that’s another matter, and it really depends on which of their products youto go with. They do have some that are stronger than others, so be sure to browse their entire line to find the right product for your condition.

Our Recommendation
It’s good to remember that it’s OK if this doesn’t work for you. There is no shortage of acne fighting products available to you, so if this doesn’t work don’t lock yourself in your bedroom and become a recluse. It just means you have to try something new that you haven’t tried yet. It might also turn out that you need to use a combination of this with some other products thrown in for good measure. Maybe Clearasil makes the right cleanser for you, but another company makes the right overnight spot treatment. You don’t have to remain loyal to one brand, and can use an assortment of different products to get the results you want.

What do you think? Does Clearasil work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Clearasil Really Work?

  1. My mum bought me the Clearasil Ultra 5-in-1 Exfoliating Scrub (probably because it was on special).
    Let me tell you, ever since I started using Clearasil, my skin has gotten worse than what it already was.
    In my opinion, DO NOT USE CLEARASIL! Using Clearasil will make your acne/pimples worse and will bring down your confidence levels.
    I will be switching to a different brand, one that actually knows how to make acne/pimple treatment products.

  2. It’s funny how Clearasil has been around for a long time and yet I never got around trying it. I think I must have watched the commercial for it a hundred times at least but even with my pimple problem I never used it. But there are so many similar products out there though and you’re sort of flooded with so many choices. With that said I haven’t found a single product that works as well as advertised and that’s why I’ve been reading up on clearasil. Hopefully it’s as good as its longevity.

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