Does Click N Stay Really Work?

Does Click N Stay Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does Click N Stay work?The Click N Stay device promises to keep your pet in place in the seat next to you, or in the back seat so that you can drive safely, and so that they are also kept secure. If your pet has boundary issues when you drive you probably wanted to buy this right away when you saw it. It looks pretty simple, and there aren’t a lot of reasons why it wouldn’t work, but we looked further to see what the verdict is on this.

For many dogs a car trip seems to be a lot of fun. They stick their head out the window if weather permits and just enjoy the ride. But that doesn’t mean they’re always on their best behavior, and some dogs don’t seem to understand that you’re driving and want to be next to you, like always. This can present a driving hazard, and can also be unsafe for your dog during turns and fast stops. They’ve got mats you can put down in the back of your car to keep your dog from messing up the back seat, but that doesn’t really work at keeping them where you want them.

The Claim
The makers of Click N Stay claim that their product keeps your dog from roaming around the car while you’re driving, by basically keeping their leash attached to the seat belt buckle. This tethers them to the chair and they quickly figure out that they can only go so far and end up relaxing in the chair instead of running around the car like they’re outside.

The Hype
Pet owners care deeply for their pets and are always interested in a product that can make things go a little more smoothly. When a problem presents itself, such as a loose dog in the car, there aren’t too many good fixes, so when something like this comes around that seems to fix things rather easily, it’s going to get a good amount of attention.

The Cost
The total cost of a Click N Stay package is $31 and comes with two adjustable harnesses, two clips, and shipping. Many times these two for one offers don’t make sense, but this one does, especially for those that have two dogs, or just to have one as backup. Since this solves a problem that is potentially dangerous to you and other drivers it seems like a small price to pay to prevent an accident from occurring.

The Commitment
One of the claims they make is that this goes on easily and comes off easily. They say that you can keep the clip right on their leash so it’s always ready to go when it’s time to go for a ride. Compared to the constant hassle and danger of wrestling your dog back into their seat while you’re driving, this product works wonders.

The Click N Stay system doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles to it, and it’s as if they tried to find the easiest way to solve the problem using materials that you already have on hand. It uses your standard leash and collar, or you can opt to use the harnesses that come with it. By leashing your dog to the seat you are preventing them from roaming freely around the car. Since some dogs like to poke their nose up front to see what’s happening, this is a good way to keep them constrained the backseat.

The one problem you might run into is having your dog in the front seat. It seems like you’d have to keep the leash pretty short in order to keep them in the passenger seat. This might work for short trips, but for long trips it would be very nice to restrict them to lying down in the front seat, and robbing them of the view.

Final Click N Stay Review

The Click N Stay is getting our seal of approval, based on the simplicity of the design, and the effectiveness at keeping your dog where you want them. This can be used both in the front and back seats of your car, and with dogs of all sizes since you can choose the size for your dog. It’s often the simple designs that work out the best, and this is designed for one purpose and seems to do it well.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve ever gotten your face licked while you’re in the middle of traffic you should probably get one of these. Since it uses their leash, your dog shouldn’t have any adjustment period to using this. Even though it’s made out of steel it’s very lightweight, and being able to keep it on the leash makes it very handy, and won’t even notice much extra weight when you are using the leash to take them on a walk.

What do you think? Does Click N Stay work or not?


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SpecterR99 September 9, 2012 at 10:24 pm

More often than not the best ideas are the simplest and this one looks like a winner to me. I mean, there are no moving parts, so nothing can go wrong. My dog gets too excited in the car and I have a real difficult time driving him around. This should solve that problem for good now.


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