Does ClickN READ Phonics Really Work?

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Does ClickN READ Phonics work?The ClickN READ Phonics system says that it’s guaranteed to teach your child how to read using a series of online training exercises. As a parent you want what’s best for your child, and the ability to read is one of those tools that they’ll be using for the rest of their life, and can really make a difference in the way they’ll be able to succeed in the world. That’s why a lot of emphasis gets placed on it. But is this online-based system really the way to go?

It’s startling to realize that the literacy rate in the United States is not quite where you’d expect it to be. As literate adults it’s easy to take the ability to read for granted, and even harder to appreciate the steps our parents took to make sure that we were able to read when the time came. As a parent yourself it might seem a little overwhelming at first, being tasked with teaching your child to read without really knowing where to start. It gets even more confusing when things get competitive, and now it seems parents are wanting to get their kids to read before they even get their first teeth.

The Claim
The team behind ClickN READ Phonics says that your child will learn how to read, guaranteed, and that they are the world’s most advanced phonics system. They claim that their lessons are based on research, and are meant to be interactive and engaging. They also say that the lessons simulate actual classroom learning, so your child will be better prepared when they are put in the same type of situation. They also say this is the same style of teaching that is done in grades ranging from Pre-K all the way to the 3rd grade, so you could really be giving your kid a leg up.

The Hype
Education is a hot button debate topic, and lots of parents have differing view on what’s the best way to educate a child. There’s also been a lot of argument as to whether or not phonics are the best way to teach a kid how to read, or if better methods exist. And ever since Hooked on Phonics ran its large TV campaign the idea of teaching your child to read at home has been in the spotlight and has its share of naysayers and advocates.

The Cost
You can get your child started on the ClickN READ Phonics program for $20, and since it’s all conducted online there’s no shipping charges. You not only have to weigh this against the free materials that are available, but also against the higher-priced programs that promise similar results.

The Commitment
The program is set up so that there’s minimal involvement on your part, but it’s also something that you be a part of if you choose to be. Since this doesn’t require you to install anything or down load any software, it’s easy enough to get up and running. Of course you don’t want to use this all by itself, and you should continue to read to your child so that they make the connection between what they’re learning in regards to phonics, and how this skill translates to a real world setting.

They let you take a look at some sample ClickN READ Phonics lessons, both the basic and the more advanced stuff, so you’ll be able to get an idea of where you child will be starting, and where they should end up. You can even have them sit down to one of the samples and see how they interact with it. This will give you a good idea of whether or not to sign on for the complete package. They’ve also got progress reports, so you don’t have to rely solely on your own judgment of how they’re doing, you can get a more scientific reading of the progress they’re making, or not making.

They’ve also got a 60 day money back guarantee, so after they’ve tried it out for a while you can make the determination on whether it’s worth keeping or not. They say that the results are guaranteed, and in two months time you should definitely be able to see some sort of improvement, enough to know whether or not you want to stay on with it.

Final ClickN READ Phonics Review

The ClickN READ Phonics system is getting our Solid Try rating, based on how well parents have said that it works, and by the fact that you never know what your child will take to when it comes to educational materials. It’s a bit like throwing the spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. You have to come at them from several different angles to see what connects with them, and introducing them to programs like these are just part of the process. It doesn’t really matter if 100 parents said it works for their kid, until you see it work or not work for your kid you’ll never know.

Our Recommendation
A comprehensive approach to education is always best, and so you don’t want to rely on any one method to do the trick. At this price point they make it pretty easy to sit your child down, start things up, and see how they like it. You’ll have your answer fairly quickly, and if they end up staying with it but you can’t recognize any improvement in their abilities, you can always take advantage of their money back guarantee and move on to the next program.

What do you think? Does ClickN READ Phonics work or not?

Customer Review on “Does ClickN READ Phonics Really Work?

  1. Based on what I’ve seen from my sister’s way of teaching her kids, I think it’s a good idea to teach your kids how to read and write when they’re young and before they go to school. I’m a new parent and my husband and I often talk about how we’ll educate our children. I think the best way is to get them ready for school, but teach them at a slow pace so you don’t overwhelm them with excessive information when they’re too young.

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