Do AlternaCigs Really Work?

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Do Alternacigs work?When trying to quit smoking, electronic cigarettes like AlternaCigs can sometimes be helpful. They can also get you by in a pinch even if you’re not trying to quit, but find yourself in a place where smoking is a no-no. But can these really help undo a habit years in the making, and will you really be able to smoke them in non-smoking areas? We explored further to find out.

If you’ve smoked for years, you’ve definitely become accustomed to it, and the feeling of a cigarette between your fingers might be one of the harder things to overcome. This is in addition to the addictive substance nicotine that is firmly implanted in your body, not to mention all of the other chemicals found in cigarettes that are toxic to the body and will also cause withdrawal symptoms. Doctors say the sooner you quit the better, because it gives the body more time to heal and recover, so it makes sense that these could be a sort of crutch on the way to quitting.

The Claim
The makers of AlternaCigs claim that their system is completely safe, and that it provides the same flavor and experience that smoking a regular cigarette does. They say it’s a healthy alternative to smoking. They also say you’ll be able to smoke these in non-smoking areas like at the movies, or in a restaurant, or even on an airplane and other confined spaces. They say the vapor it produces is odorless, so you won’t have any complaints from people that are typically bothered by secondhand smoke.

The Hype
Electronic cigarettes have been popular for a few years now, and have been around for over a decade. The hype comes in the form of trying to make smokers believe that these actually replicate the smoking experience with a lot of precision. Quite frankly, nothing is going to place the experience of lighting a cigarette, inhaling the smoke, and getting a nicotine fix. What you’re really going for is something that comes close enough to it to either help you kick the habit, or to smoke in places that don’t allow it.

The Cost
This is where they make a pretty strong case for AlternaCigs. It’s got an initial cost of $38 which gets you the actual electronic unit, plus 6 cartridges which is equivalent to 9 packs of cigarettes. They also offer to send you replacement cartridges with only a shipping charge. They calculate the per pack price equivalent at $1.46 and say that if you’re a pack a day smoker your annual cost would be just over $500, compared to an estimated cost of over $2500 to smoke traditional cigarettes.

The Commitment
Aside from there being a smaller financial commitment, there isn’t really any difference between smoking an actual cigarette, and an e-cigarette. In the time it takes you to take out a cigarette and light it up, you could also have your e-cigarette loaded up and ready to go. In this aspect it really helps because when you want to smoke you want to smoke now, and if you had to wait for it to charge or warm up it might be a deal breaker.

What’s interesting about AlternaCigs is they are really relying on your long-term use so they can continue to make money from the refill cartridges. For this reason it is in their best interest to not only provide a unit that works, but one that you’ll want to use daily and possibly even replace or put a dent in how many real cigarettes you smoke each day. With the 30 day money back guarantee, and a reasonable shipping cost, you’re not risking much on a unit that has positive feedback and a higher rate of success than most other e-cigarettes out there.

The jury is still out in regards to how safe electronic cigarettes are, since they haven’t been around long enough for long-term testing on any negative effects from using them. However when you consider all of the things that you’re not inhaling, all of the toxic chemicals that find their way into regular mass-produced brands of cigarettes, there’s little doubt that smoking the vapors from an e-cig would be the lesser of two evils.

Final AlternaCigs Review

If you’re shopping around for an electronic cigarette, AlternaCigs deserves a try. For less than the price of a carton of cigarettes you’ll end up getting the equivalent of 9 packs, so even if you just smoke through what comes with the first pack you break even. If you continue on with it the cost savings really kick in. Aside from the financial side of things this makes a great unit to give e-cigs a chance with. If you’ve already used electronic cigarettes in the past and didn’t like them, you may want to give them another go so you have something to compare them to.

Our Recommendation
If you’re trying to quit smoking and have failed in the past, you might need some supplemental products like this to help you come down from them. They say going cold turkey has the highest rate of success, but if you’ve tried that and fell off the wagon you should try some other methods to see if they are what you need. The important step when it comes to quitting is never quit quitting. Each time you make an attempt you increase the likelihood that you’ll finally get to the promised land.

What do you think? Does AlternaCigs work or not?

22 Customer Reviews on “Do AlternaCigs Really Work?

  1. Yes, exactly, it happen to me as well. And it charge me £49.99 per month!!
    Totally I have lost £170 pound!! and I didn’t even receive anything! This is horrible!

  2. chec k your account …this company has already been robbing from my account

  3. i filled out a form where this was offered to me as a free gift all i had to do was pay for postage….why have you taken 69.99 from my account ….dirty bastards……i will be contacting the fraud team today…

  4. I believe this produt you sent me was free and yet you have charge me £49 99. Would you please send me a refand ??

  5. I’ve had the Alternacig for about a month now and have to say it is the best Electronic cig I have ever used. I tried the electronic cigs when they first came out buy my first kit at a mall and gave up on them very quickly because they just didn’t satisfy. I’ve tried several brands since then including all the big names out there like Smoke Stik, Blu, ect… They would seem ok for a little while but never quite up to par. With Alternacig I actually ask myself why an I smoking a real cigarette when these hit as good as they do. I honestly can’t tell the difference between my cigarettes and Alternacig. I first quit smoking in my bedroom and used the alternacig instead and smoked regular cigs outside the bedroom. Now I don’t smoke in the house period or my car. It’s frigging awesome!!! I feel better and have much more energy. I don’t wake up coughing and hacking up a lung in the mornings and my all around attitude is much better. I am 55 years young and have smoked since I was 12. This is the first time in my life I feel like I have an actual chance to give up this awful habit that has already robbed years from my life. Either I will quit or become addicted to Alternacigs. I’ll take the latter any day. I feel so strongly about these I took the information to my doctor so that she could let other patients know about this great new product so that maybe another soul could be saved from the pitfalls of smoking cigaretts. She knows if I tell her it works, “it Works”!!!

  6. I ordered your cigarette and am pleased. Only problem I have is you have sent me SO MANY REPLACEMENT FILTERS. I have enough to last me for a year.

    I called the number on the order form but cannot talk to anyone to ask PLEASE stop sending me filters. I need that ordered cancelled immediately. When I need more I will reorder on the internet.

    Thank You,
    JoAnn Arnold

  7. After reading some of the reviews on here, I decided to offer my experience with e-cigs. I haven’t used the alternacigs. Just saw their infomercial and looked for reviews. I’ve been using Cig2 0 brand batteries (which I bought at a local tobacco store) and then started reordering cartomizers from They go from 24mg (where I started), 18mg, 8mg then no nicotine. The refills at the retail store are $16.99. At vapage, they are $14.99 regularly. they own both brands. I prefer the vapage refills in the regular tobacco flavor (but there’s not really much flavor). They have frequent sales of $50 for 5 packs (5 cartomizers in ea. pack). they also have a huge variety of different types, styles, strengths and flavors. Their customer service is really good. I once got a pack of 8 mg (Had ordered 5 of the 18 mg packs). It was labeled 18 on the box. I sent it back to them after opening it and trying to use it. Realized something was wrong and then saw the 8mg on the cartomizer itself and they immediately sent me the 18mg replacement pack. I’ve been off regular cigs for over 3 months. I’m 62 and except for a 6 yr. period in my 20’s when I was having kids, I’ve been a smoker. LOVE not coughing all the time!

  8. I was thinking of ordering this but after the comments I read I think I will search for another…

  9. I received extra “tips” a few days ago, but never signed up for auto ship. One was for $58.04 and another pkg for $29.37 These were deducted from my bank account without my permission. I sent back the $150.00 plus last week and never wanted auto ship. That’s the reason I ordered a large quantity initially. Please return these two charges to my account ASAP as I’m nearly out of money and am disabled. I will be checking my messages and expect to hear back from you company informing me of any auto ship I agreed to as I never agreed to auto ship. Thank you in advance for your response and refund. Sharon Karlson

  10. I have been using Blucigs for over two years now. I was a four pack a day smoker and havent touched a real cigarette in more than two years.

  11. just wondering if there any side effects of this product?
    I have a friend who’s sister n law was smoking some kind of e-cig(not sure which one) anyway she ended up having a tumor on her tongue, she had to have part of her tongue removed, now I’m more scared of e-cigs than I am of the real thing.

  12. Thanx Bill……Will try that number…..Their website Sucks !!! Ps. Had the cig for about a week now.. Luving it so far… my chest does not hurt either like it did with the regular chemical cigs…

  13. I got on the website for Alternacigs, got the order all typed up, when I hit the button for it to take the money out of my account for the 6 filters and cigarettes, it did not work.

    Bonnie B. Hale

  14. For those of you who need to re-order cartomizer simply call 1-800-583-5416 this is the only way you can order them there is no provision on their website to re-order.

  15. I’ve had my alternacigs for about a month. I would like to order more cartomizers long before I run out or need to. The only complaint I have so far is; I haven’t found or seen any where, or how, to order more. I don’t appreciate having to buy an entire kit every time I want or need cartomizers. If alternacigs don’t offer a way to purchase single items, when my cartomizers run out, I’ll try the other e-cigarettes that’s now on the market. If any one knows of a way to order individual parts, I would like to know also.

  16. i have the alterna cig and i am really enjoying it….BUT is there anyone who knows how to re-order just some of the refills without having to buy the whole unit again…i can’t find anyplace to order them..not at the website, and all the customer service numbers i call keep giving me another number or they tell me to order at the website…but there is no option to reorder at the darn website and there is no “fags” section at the website as i have been told soooooooooooo many times. please if there is anyone out there please email me with the information if you have had success at purchasing some more refills.

  17. I’m not really looking to quit, but rather switch to something less health damaging than a cigarette. After 5 failed attempts to quit smoking, I’ve pretty much given up and I plan to enjoy the rest of my life the way I lived most of it already. Without all the chemicals that go into making a cigarette and the smoke that it creates, alternacig has to be better than what I’m smoking now. Plus, my wife will love that I don’t smell like an old sock anymore lol.

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