Do V2 Cigs Really Work?

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Do V2 Cigs work?V2 Cigs makes the claim that they’re America’s number one choice for electronic cigarettes, and they boast they’ve served over one million customers. It’s easy to see that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to all of the different flavors, battery sizes, and charging options. At this point it’s just a matter of seeing what real users think and finding out how much it costs.

Electronic cigarettes enjoyed a big spike in popularity a few years back and are still going strong. Since then a lot of manufacturers have gone belly up, but there are still a lot of them that are doing quite well, and have withstood the test of time. It’s still somewhat tricky trying to choose which one to go with, since they all essential look the same, and presumably function the same. With V2 Cigs all signs are pointing to them running a good business and providing a quality product.

The Claim
V2 Cigs makes the claim that their e-cigarettes are better for you than smoking regular tobacco cigarettes, and that they can be a better choice in several social and daily situations where you’re either not allowed to smoke, or where it’s awkward or inconsiderate for you to smoke. They also say that with their wide assortment of flavors you’ll be able to change up the taste of your cigarettes easily so you’re not always smoking the same thing all the time. They also offer three different battery sizes, with puff differences ranging from 160 to 300 per charge.

How It Works
There’s no actual smoke involved here, and nothing is being burned in order to make the vapors that you see. That’s why you don’t end up with ash, smoke, and that horrible smell that comes with it and permeates clothes and fingertips. You’re still getting a nicotine fix if you want one, and they have it set up so that you can wean yourself off nicotine in time, going from a full strength formula all the way down to zero nicotine. A lot of brands out there either contain no nicotine or they only have one strength level.

The Cost
To get started you’ll want to get one of their kits, which start at $65 and includes the essentials of what you’ll need to get going with it. They have larger packages that have more chargers, more cartridges, and more batteries, and go for $180 depending on how vested you want to be at the start. If you run a cost comparison between the major brands of e-cigs out there these prices are pretty reasonable, and a bit lower than others for what you’re getting. And when you compare it to smoking traditional cigarettes the difference is pretty clear.

The Commitment
How much and how often you use these is entirely up to you. Some smokers use them as a way to step down from smoking, gradually making the transition to V2 Cigs and cutting down on how much they smoke their normal cigarettes. Others simply use them when they’re in a jam and can’t whip out their pack and light up. Still others view these from an economical perspective and look at the savings as a reduction in the commitment of your wallet. And then there are those that realize the added benefit of reduced health care costs later from years of smoke-free living.

What People Are Saying
The third party user feedback points to this being a winner, with most users saying that it provides an enjoyable experience, and that it delivers on what you’d expect from a electronic cigarette. Of course it’s not going to be able to duplicate what it’s like to smoke a real cigarette, but it can replicate it, and with enough use it should start to feel more natural and less awkward than the first time you tried it.

One nice feature that they have that we haven’t found at competing sites is the ability to buy disposable packs, which would give you the convenience of regular cigarettes, but the healthier e-cig benefits as well. This is good for those times when you don’t want to be bothered having to charge it up, and don’t want to have to lug a kit around with you if you’re traveling.

Final V2 Cigs Review

Overall V2 Cigs get the Thumbs Up rating from us, as we’ve been able to look at the competition and determine that you’re getting a good smoking experience at a fair price, with more options and a better guarantee than you’ll find elsewhere. Even though the best e-cigarette manufactures out there give money back guarantees, you want to avoid the hassle of picking the wrong one and having to send it back and wait for your refund. That’s why it’s important to pick the right one the first time so you can avoid that mess.

Our Recommendation
Electronic cigarettes may seem like a novelty at first, but if you stick with them long enough you may be able to get into the habit of using them instead of using traditional tobacco cigarettes. IF you find that you end up switching over entirely, or just using them to supplement your current habit, the health and cost savings can really add up, and it could be a gateway towards kicking the habit, or cutting down on it by a large degree.

What do you think? Do V2 Cigs work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Do V2 Cigs Really Work?

  1. I actually think the strength difference is probably due to the different tastes. It isn’t as if you’re getting real smoke out of the ecigs, so you won’t get that sensation of breathing in something that almost feels coarse like cigarette smoke. Depending on the taste though it can sort of mimic that feeling and for us smokers that can feel very satisfying.

  2. I’ve found that most ecigs nowadays all taste okay, but the difference among brands is usually the strength of the taste. I don’t care about the flavor, I just need to feel like I’m smoking for real and that can only be achieved with quality brands. Some help you curv the craving, but some actually makes you feel like you are smoking the real thing.

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