Does Silk’n Flash&Go Really Work?

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Does Silk'n Flash&Go work?The Silk’n Flash&Go is a hair removal system that looks a bit like a portable price scanner. Silk’n has a pretty good track record with handheld skin and beauty gadgets, so it’s not too surprising to see that this is getting good reviews and creating a buzz. We analyzed what people are saying and looked at some real world results to come up with the answer of whether it really works or not.

There are plenty of companies that are trying to win the war on unwanted body and facial hair. Each has their own way of going about it, but the ones that seem to be working best are the ones that bring professional caliber equipment into the realm of the home. By making it possible for users to treat themselves they are putting the power in their hands and freeing them from the need to leave the home or pay inflated prices for the same results.

The Claim
Silk’n, the makers of the Flash&Go system, claim that their device can permanently get rid of the face and body hair you don’t want. They say that it can work for sensitive skin in areas that usually require their own special treatment, like the bikini area or the mustache. They also claim that the treatment sessions don’t take very long and the device maintains its full charge because it’s not cordless. They go on to state that you’ll be able to achieve smooth skin without the problems that come with shaving and other methods, and that it’s relatively affordable for what it does.

The Hype
Removing unwanted body hair is big business and there are a host of products, techniques, and treatment options ranging from the very cheap, painful, and ineffective to very expensive, relatively pain-free, and very effective. Usually you end up sacrificing one of these three qualities for the others, choosing a procedure that is cheap and putting up with more pain, or settling for less effective results because it doesn’t hurt. Any time a product comes around claiming to be relatively inexpensive, painless, and works really good is cause for some hype and attention.

The Cost
You can buy the unit for $250 at Amazon, and it goes for $300 at the main website. At first glance it might seem like a lot, but when you consider that you’ll be able to use this for the long term rather than just once or twice, it begins to look more reasonable. You might pay $100 or more for one session at a laser treatment place, and then they’ll string you along for multiple sessions, putting your total cost well beyond this price.

The Commitment
With any hair removal process you’re going to have to commit for multiple treatments over time to see the results you want, and that’s also the case here. But unlike other treatment options you don’t have to commit to a lot of pain and suffering with this, and it’s not as if you have to use it frequently, with upgraded models reducing the time you need to spend with it to achieve good results more quickly.

The Silk’n Flash&Go has been cleared by the FDA, and can be used by both sexes to get smooth skin in areas where hair just doesn’t belong. The technology it uses is pretty advanced for an at-home unit, and years ago you wouldn’t be able to get this sort of treatment unless you went to an office or clinic. Once you jump on board with the idea of sticking with this over multiple treatments and start seeing results the cost will seem very reasonable and you’ll join the majority of others that are pleased with their purchase.

One interesting feature that it has is that it senses the tone of your skin and adjusts itself accordingly during the treatments. This means that it will be better able to keep an even tone to your skin and it knows not to go over the same spot twice in one session, making it more foolproof and easy to use at home and without the need to seek out a professional and pay extra for an office visit.

Final Silk’n Flash&Go Review

The Silk’n Flash&Go has passed the test of real world use and has been winning people over for some time now. Of course there are those that say they didn’t see results with it, but far too many say they have, and have even come back to post updates on how it works for the long term. With a product at this price point people often regret their purchase and will be more inclined to try it out a few times and say it doesn’t work, but for those that give it the time it requires the feedback speaks for itself.

Our Recommendation
If you’re tired of shaving and waxing or using depilatory creams this would be one way to go to get the smooth skin you’re wanting. It’s nice that it doesn’t require any extra peripheral purchases or ongoing costs so the one-off expense is easily justifiable when comparing it to methods that are just as effective. In fact, some professional hair removal treatments don’t get reviewed as highly, and people often regret spending thousands of dollars on them and not getting results. They’ve even changed the name to hair reduction treatments since so many people don’t see permanent removal.

Official Website: Silk’n Flash & Go

What do you think? Does Silk’n Flash&Go work or not?

12 Customer Reviews on “Does Silk’n Flash&Go Really Work?

  1. Great delivery. Great arguments. Keeep up the amazing spirit.

  2. The directions are very basic and leavie a bit of uncertainty. I had to search the Internet with questions 5-6 times and still am unsure about a few things. You state above that it may need to be used for a couple days before results are seen but I have read that the treatments must be spaced out by two weeks. My hair is thick and black and grows insanely fast I have to shave twice a day and sometimes a third time or I am stubbly. With the growth rate can I increase the frequency? It is very unclear from the reviews if the hair you are treating falls out AT or DURING the actual treatment leaving you hair free. Some reviews say you are hair free because you have shaved before the appointment. I also discovered that you need to be a really clean really close shave. The shorter the hair the better the results so for those who consider slight stubble shaved your results will improve with a clean close shave. I also learned that you need to press the device against your skin slightly this is also what makes the temporary markings you use as a guide for areas already treated. I would love to know whether it should be used for consecutive days and if an excelerated grow cycle means shortening the time between treatments. And if you should be hair free after the treatment from the hair that was treated falling out. Additionally people who shave get a better faster result than those who wax because the grow cycles are more pronounced. My mom plucks her facial hair or waxes and I shave I had significant reduction after one treatment while hers took a lot longer even though I had much more hair.

  3. I know that for years laser hair removal for light hair and pale skin was ineffective. Now there are some which claim to work with this combination. Does Silkn work for light, fine hair and really white skin?

  4. Thanks, Connie. Your review sounds honest and upfront. Please post back if you try the TRIA! I am also considering that, but looks like that could be hype, too.

  5. still using the Flash N Go, still have hair coming in, some much finer, others don’t seem to be phased by it at all, I’m on my 5th cartridge …so having had laser hair removal before, I would say that laser hair removal would be more permanent…The Flash N Go is more like a hair reducer. It’s not bad for an at home device but if you are REALLY hairy, I would invest in the TRIA laser or go to a reputable laser salon for more satisfying results.

  6. been using my Flash n Go for about 3 months, I’ve noticed some hair coming back in finer, some not at all, and some still growing back like nothing ever happened. I am on my 3 cartridge…yes, you get about 1,000 flashes per cartridge, but it seems to go by quickly when you’re trying to do all your spots!…it’s now May 18, 2013… I’ll report more results in a couple more months

  7. bought my Flash N Go at Bed Bath & Beyond, used my 20% off coupon too…they also have a good return policy if it don’t work…but I’m hoping it will work!

  8. I do know one thing…The NONO does NOT work…don’t waste your time or money. If you have fine hair, it might work, but I tried it on myself and my man…we both still have lots of hair growing after 8 weeks of use…some hair came back thicker and hairy’r than before!

  9. just got my Flash N Go…2/1/13..
    will let you know if it works or not, will take about 6 weeks to notice anything

  10. I think it depends on the hair type first of all, but generally it looks like you need to use it for a few days to start seeing good results. Some people have suggested that it worked for them on their first try, but I’m thinking it was probably because they have thinner hair than most people.

  11. My boyfriend calls me chewbacca so anyone who’s not a complete moron will understand how hairy I am. 300’s a lot for even someone as desperate as me, but it does have some great reviews on amazon. Does anyone know how long it takes to start seeing results?

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