Do Blu Cigs Really Work?

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Do Blu Cigs work?Blu Cigs is one of the best-selling, best-reviewed electronic cigarettes out there, and even has a guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with it. With so many lousy electronic cigs on the market, it can be tough to find one that works the way it says it does, and provides an enjoyable smoking experience. Quality is the real measure here, and there are plenty of lousy products out there that don’t quite measure up, which is why many of us are skeptical about e-cigarettes and wonder how they really work when you get them home.

Perhaps one day they’ll perfect the virtual smoking experience to the point where you won’t need real cigarettes any more. Until then companies are trying to create an e-cigarette experience that rivals what you’re used to. These grew in popularity over the last few years, and many former smokers now get their fix with them and have either quit the habit, or drastically reduced how many cigarettes they smoke in a given day or week.

The Claim
Blu Cigs claims that their cigarettes beat out ordinary cigarettes as far as convenience goes because you won’t need to ash, you won’t stink up the place that you’re in, you’ll be able to smoke wherever you want, and it’s about half the price of buying regular smokes. They say that these are also more socially acceptable than regular cigarettes, so you don’t have to excuse yourself from the party to go have a smoke in the cold.

The Hype
They’ve enlisted Stephen Dorff as their celebrity endorser. You may remember him from such films as Blade and Immortals, or you might not if you didn’t watch those movies. One thing that a celebrity endorser shows is that a company has enough money to entice a celebrity endorser. This means they must have reached a level of success that other electronic cigarette companies haven’t. Most likely Mr. Dorff has tried this product, but it’s uncertain whether he’s truly made the switch of if he’s just getting paid to use his image.

The Cost
Their Premium Starter kit is $80 and includes everything you’ll need to get started. They even let you choose which flavor of cartridges you’d like, and at what strength. This is a feature that we haven’t seen at other competing sites, and the price is very competitive. You can also opt for the longer version, which gets you more puffs per cartridge, but runs an extra $10 for the starter kit, and has more expensive refill cartridges. It’s $12 for a 5 pack of normal cartridges in different flavors, and an extra dollar if you go with the longer version.

The Commitment
You can decide to use an electronic cigarette as often or infrequently as you’d like. Some people make the switch completely as a way to stop smoking regular cigarettes. Some use them only when they’re in a situation where they can’t smoke to hold them over until they’re in a place where they can. They’ve got a 30 day guarantee, so you should put it through its paces and try it out for a month to see if it fits into your lifestyle. It can really make a difference to your health, so it’s worth the effort if you don’t really like it at first.

These contain nicotine, which will help replicate the smoking experience more than brands that don’t. A lot of smokers mistakenly blame the nicotine for causing cancer, even though it has yet to be labeled as a carcinogen. Recent studies are showing that while it may not be the big cancer causer in a cigarette, it might play a role after all, so it’s something that you’d want to cut out of your life eventually. But the switch from tobacco cigarettes to an electronic cigarette with nicotine is still going to provide a world of benefits and is worth the effort.

If you just need an electronic cigarette to use while you’re at work or in a restaurant or bar, these should get the job done. The big complaint with other electronic cigarettes is that they don’t provide an authentic smoking experience because they don’t contain nicotine. A big part of having a smoke is getting the nicotine fix, and once you get it if there are enough similarities to the experience it really can hold you over until you can have your next real smoke.

Final Blu Cigs Review

We’re giving Blu Cigs our Thumbs Up rating, based on the reviews that have come in from actual users, and the fact that you can actually buy these in the real world. So many e-cigs are only available online, and this is a red flag because don’t really know what you’re getting until you order, and then have to wait until it arrives to inspect the quality. Regardless of whether or not you’ll be using these to help you quit smoking, or just as a supplement to your smoking, they should deliver on their promise, and with the 30 day guarantee in place there’s really not much holding you back from trying it out.

Our Recommendation
As far as electronic cigarettes go, these are definitely worth the try, and most users have said that they’re happy with the experience. Of course you’re not going to be able to replace all of the facets of a traditional cigarette, but there are enough enjoyable attributes to this that it just might become your cig of choice.

What do you think? Do Blu Cigs work or not?

Customer Review on “Do Blu Cigs Really Work?

  1. I purchased 3 electronic cigarettes so far and only one of them works as advertised. The other two I get nothing out of them and quite frankly they are pieces of you know what. On the other hand Blu Cigs has gotten very popular in the last few months, so even though I have one that works okay, I wouldn’t mind spending a little more for something that could give me a better experience.

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