Does NightSkin Really Work?

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Does NightSkin work?NightSkin promises to help you fight the clock and keep your looks, all while you’re asleep. This is a nighttime treatment that involves just one product, and allows you to easily get the upper hand on your dark spots, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. We’ve seen countless products say the same thing, so we delved in further to see how well it really works.

There’s only so much you can do really to help keep your skin from feeling the effects of time. Taking action is definitely preferable to sitting idly by and watching things get worse. There are steps you can take to give your skin a fighting chance, but it’s important to realize that there aren’t any miracle products that can give you a 180 overnight. Just as it took hundreds if not thousands of days to start seeing these signs, it’s going to take diligence and perseverance if you want to turn the ship around.

The Claim
NightSkin claims that it can help you fight the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles on your face, fade out the brown spots that have appeared, help you produce more collagen, and smooth and moisturize your skin while you slumber. They say that it’s made with natural ingredients that are trusted for the results they give, including algae, lipids, and peptides. They say that this is like having seven products in one, and that it will make keeping yourself beautiful a lot more easy than whatever you’re currently doing.

The Hype
Anti-aging products like this one are in their Golden Age. They’ve always been in high demand, but recently things have kicked into high gear, and are expected to remain that way as the baby boomers keep getting on in years. Find lines, wrinkles, and age spots are going to be the target of plenty of products, and over the next decade you can expect to see more of them enter the market. The good ones will stay, the bad ones will be flushed out and forgotten, and new ones will emerge to take their place. People will go out of their way to keep their good looks, or get them back.

The Cost
This boils down to about $50 an ounce, which is pretty pricey no matter how you cut it. They will send you a truly free free trial, but you must supply your credit card information and call and cancel within that first month or they’ll start sending you a one month supply every 30 days at $50 plus $8 shipping. When it comes to a reliable anti-aging product, this is about what you’d expect to pay, as long as it works.

The Commitment
We always recommend taking advantage of a guarantee in full, and in this case they give you 30 days, so you should withhold judgement on it until just before then so that you have time to call in for a refund if you don’t like it. They say that the best results are seen when used over a number of months, but you should be able to see some signs of effectiveness in the first month, or they would provide a longer guarantee.

What We Like
This is a nice all-in-one serum that can make your nighttime beautification ritual a little easier. Since it is meant to help with an assortment of different skin problems you might be able to replace some of your current products with this one. It’s also nice that they understand that if this works well for you you’d want to use it for the long term, and they reduce the price when you order more than one at a time.

Natural ways to remove dark spots discussed:

What We Don’t Like
Like any product out there there’s a few drawbacks that you should consider. The first is that they don’t fully disclose what all of the ingredients are. Since some users have reported that it irritated their skin it would be nice to know everything that’s in it before trying it out. You’d also have to have something to use for the daytime, since this is specifically for nightly use. Aside from those peeves it does seem to do a good job, and it does get our recommendation.

Final NightSkin Review

We’re giving NightSkin our Thumbs Up review. There is plenty of positive user feedback to back this up, and with the 30 day guarantee in place it’s worth giving a try to in order to see how it works for you specifically. Yes, the price is a little high, but if it ends up providing the results you’re after, you’ll call it a bargain. It’s nice that they don’t charge you anything to get it into your hands, and they seem confident that if you try it, you’ll like it, and we haven’t seen too many products that show this level of confidence, with most requiring you to pay something up front to get it home.

Our Recommendation
Your next order of business will be finding a daytime product to supplement this with, one that moisturizes and protects your skin throughout the day. There are plenty of skin care products that are meant to be used throughout the day and would be a nice complement to NightSkin. Check out our skin care review page for a breakdown on each of them that we’ve reviewed, and choose the one that addresses most of the things you’re concerned about.

What do you think? Does NightSkin work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does NightSkin Really Work?

  1. Ten thousand dollars in one year for beauty care products? OMG you’re either loaded or you just love yourself too much. I do agree with one thing with you though, you just never know about a product until you try it firsthand.

  2. So it’s another 50 bucks out of my pocket in hopes to find the fountain of youth. I probably spent over ten thousand dollars in beauty products this year alone and I’ll be honest most of the money were wasted. But some have surprised me and surprised me a lot. If you can afford it then going through as many product as you can is worth the money and trouble to find the right product for you.

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