Does the Dead Sea Beauty Kit Really Work?

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Does the Dead Sea Beauty Kit work?Wondering if you should go ahead with the Dead Sea Beauty Kit free trial offer? This three step program says that it’s all you’ll need to take years off of your appearance and bring your skin back to it’s former glory days. Sounds intriguing enough, but it also seems like there’s always a catch with offers like these, so we did some digging to see if this is worth going through with.

You might have noticed that you’ve been inundated with ads for anti-aging and beauty products in recent years. They’re all the rage these days as baby boomers and Gen Xers alike try to hang on to their good looks. The skin on the face usually gets the most attention, as it shows the most signs of wear and tear, plus is the primary feature of the body. It’s also some of the hardest skin to treat, because in many cases it’s delicate and sensitive and requires special products designed just for the face.

The Claim
They claim that the three components work with each other to help smooth out your fine lines and wrinkles. They fist target the eye areas, which tend to take a beating with everyday use. They say their gel helps keep your skin’s elasticity and can make you look more youthful all by itself. They also say that by applying their moisturizing cream in the morning you will be helping your skin to reclaim its moisture and look its best all day long. The Dead Sea Beauty Kit also has a nourishing cream that is applied at night, absorbs into the skin and helps regenerate cells.

The Hype
No matter how well an anti-aging product works, there’s not really a way to stop time from ticking, so it’s important to set reasonable expectations when trying these out. Also realize that it’s likely not going to be an overnight improvement, and that you’ll have to stick with the product every day for the long term to get the best results. If you can keep these two tips in mind then you’ll be able to sidestep any hype that the product has generated.

The Cost
It’s $6 to have you Dead Sea Beauty Kit sent to your home, and you have 14 days to try it out. If you don’t like it, you need to send them an email within that time period to make sure that your card is not charged for them. If you do like it you have a choice to make. It’s $95 for the initial kit, and they’ll send you a new kit every 30 days for $80 if you don’t cancel your initial trial. They also let you adjust the time periods so that you can receive them less often if you don’t go through it as fast.

The Commitment
Three steps is about the max that people are willing to take in the name of beauty. There are many kits out there that have three separate components, and this makes it pretty easy to stick with it, and incorporate it into your morning and nightly routines. Since most of us already have pre-established regimens for waking up and before going to bed, this dovetails nicely into them, and can even replace some of the products you’re currently using for a seamless transition.

The Dead Sea Beauty Kit covers all of the bases as far as the key areas. By having an eye gel that specifically treats that part of the face they are knocking out about 70% of what people look at and gauge whether or not you look old. By adding moisturizers and nourishing creams, and letting the product work overnight while you’re sleeping, it’s counteracting some of the effects of the aging process, and giving the skin what it needs, rather than leaving it alone or using products that take away moisture or build up on the skin.

Aside from this trial offer they also have an entire site filled with beauty products for both men and women. You can even buy the products in the kit singly, but they’re more expensive this way. It seems they are trying their hardest to get you to try these products, and they seem pretty confident that once you get them you’ll want to stay on with them at a reduced price than what you would get if you purchased them individually.

Final Dead Sea Beauty Kit Review

We’re giving the Dead Sea Beauty Kit a Solid Try rating, as it has gotten good feedback from users, and is a pretty good deal as a package set. With the way the trial is set up you get two weeks to try it out. This might not be enough time to make up your mind completely, but you should see enough results in order to know whether you want to keep it or not. They do have an auto-ship service that you get signed up for, but when you’re talking about anti-aging products this isn’t a bad idea since you’ll want to stay on with it long term.

Our Recommendation
If you’re good about remembering to cancel things like this, why not give it a try? If you’re notorious at forgetting about them and then going through the hassle of having to fight with a company to have the charges reversed, then you might want to pass. This is a popular sales technique for getting the product into your hands because companies know there’s a high likelihood that you won’t return it, and might even end up liking it and keeping it.

What do you think? Does Dead Sea Beauty Kit work or not?

Customer Review on “Does the Dead Sea Beauty Kit Really Work?

  1. I wish the trial offer period was a little more generous, but no point in complaining about what I can’t control. Anyways I’m very impressed at all the positive reviews dead sea beauty gets and for that reason alone I was tempted to try it. I’m not a big fan of auto ship service, but if it works I know it’ll come in handy. I’m always apprehensive about trying new products and in my experience the success rate is always 50/50, but in the end you have to try if you want to know whether it works or not. Make me young again hahaha~

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