Does CloudBerry Backup Really Work?

Does CloudBerry work?CloudBerry Labs provides software that lets you upload your files and data into different cloud services so you can backup what’s most important to you, or your entire computer. But how well does it work, and does it stack up to other cloud backup options available?

Backing up important files is crucial, and it’s becoming easier and cheaper to do so thanks to the emergence of cheap cloud hosting options. There has been an emergence of companies in recent years that are offering ways to back up your computer “into the cloud” but they involve monthly fees and have set storage limits. Some of them have unlimited storage, but most users don’t need that much space. There are also big name providers like Google and Amazon that will allot you a bit of space for free in hopes you’ll get used to the idea and end up paying for more.

The Claim
CloudBerry says you can use their product to store your data on any cloud storage provider of your choice. They also claim that it will all be encrypted and secure, so your private files won’t be at risk. They also say that you can compress the data as it’s being uploaded, so it cuts down on the time it takes to store all of your files. Other than that they don’t make a lot of outlandish claims, because they don’t really need to. Their product simply provides a more user-friendly interface so that you can upload and download files more easily from different storage services.

The Different Storage Options
The main service they associate with this is Amazon S3, but it’s also compatible with services like Google Storage, Amazon Glacier, and Rackspace. You could use each of these for as much free storage as you can before having to pay for space. They’re also compatible with Amazon Glacier, a low cost way to archive data you have that you don’t need to touch very often. This can be purchased for one penny a gigabyte, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you have large amounts of data that you just want to keep archived.

The Cost
The cost of the CloudBerry software is $30, and is a one-time fee. You may or may not have to pay extra to use the different storage options out there, since many of the providers give you a certain amount of free space before they start charging. It has ways to limit how much data you back up, so you can set it up so it stops uploading before you start getting charged from free storage providers. They also provide a fully free tool called the CloudBerry Explorer that helps you make heads or tails out of the files you have stored on Amazon S3.

The Commitment
Once you buy this it’s easy enough to set up and use, and there are no long-term commitments to use it. You don’t have to pay monthly fees to keep using it, and you can change your storage provider at any time. They can even help you figure out which storage option will cost you the least based on how many files you have.

In order to use the CloudBerry trial you’ll have to give them an email address. Then you’re able to try it out and play with the different features. It does a relatively good job of walking you through the steps, and can even point you to the right links if you don’t yet have an account set up with Amazon S3. At no point did we feel it got too technical, and it helps to shed some light on the confusion of what exactly Amazon S3 is, and how you can use it to your benefit.

Everything about the software seems that it’s user-friendly, and is trying to help you cut down on costs, minimize charges, and strategically plan how much it’s going to cost you altogether. This seems like a great tool to have, and one that could help you back up your system at the lowest cost possible. It has a cost estimator that helps you determine how much you’d be paying at the different storage places, so you can know what you’re in for, rather than signing up first not knowing exactly how much you’ll end up paying. It can also help you figure out if you have enough data to justify going with one of the unlimited storage options and paying a bit more per month.

Final CloudBerry Review

It’s rare that you find a product that actually goes to bat for you in terms of trying to save you money. The upfront cost of $30 can easily be made up over the following months by paying less than you would with other cloud storage options. You can set this up so that it makes automatic backups, and backs things up as you add new files to your computer, just like other services out there that charge a monthly fee.

Our Recommendation
Overall we feel CloudBerry could end up saving you money, but they offer a free trial for you to download before you buy. This should give you a really good idea of what it is you’re buying, and whether or not it justifies a $30 price tag. After taking it for a test drive we feel that it is worth the price if you’ve been considering going with Amazon S3 or a different provider of free cloud storage.

What do you think? Does CloudBerry work or not?

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Manny February 16, 2013 at 3:21 am

I don’t fully understand exactly what cloudberry does, but I think what this review is saying is that it helps you choose the most cost effective cloud service. The software also allows you to upload in a shorter time by compressing your data, so you don’t have to do any extra work to get extra functionalities. It’s an interesting option to having a cloud service, but I don’t know that I’d buy it for $30. I guess I’ll give the free trial a go.


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