Is the Comfortisse Bra Really That Comfy?

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Does the Comfortisse Bra work?Comfortisse Bra is doing its best at fixing all of the different problems women experience with their bras. Whether you want the support of an underwire bra without the underwire, or you want something to help you with your back fat issues, or bulging around the armpit region, this might be something that has caught your eye. But can this really be the cure-all for the problem with brassieres?

Women have been complaining about their bras for decades now, and it pretty easy to see that it’s not the best solution for supporting the breasts, and being comfortable. Many products have come out that attempt to correct one or more of the issues that get brought up, but none so far have been able to cause a tipping point, and women still buy traditional bras by the boatloads.

The Claim
Comfortisse Bra claims that you will receive a perfect fit each time you put it on, without having it pinch you or poke you. All you have to do is use your T-shirt size to order it, so you don’t have to wonder if you’re getting the right size or not during the ordering process. They also claim that it is the most comfortable bra you’ll ever wear, and that you can wear it all day Long without it causing any trouble.

It actually says that it can give you the proper lift without using any underwires, so it will be a lot more comfortable. You have to worry about them digging in or poking or scratching you. They also say that it is machine washable, so you don’t have to give it any special attention when it comes time for laundry day. Because of the wide shoulder straps you’ll get added comfort and support so you won’t have your straps digging into your skin.

They say that it also smooths out your back fat, and won’t contribute to the underarm area issues that many women experience. They say it’s constructed so that it doesn’t use any seems, and that it has a way of stretching to support you, without constricting your movement, and looking smooth from all angles. They also say that this looks great with whatever you wear on top of it, so you can use it with your business attire, and also just to hang out around the house in.

The Hype
The hype is that there are several different products out there all making the same claims. It seems that sooner or later someone’s going to get it right, and you as the consumer need to use your best judgment to find out which ones deserve a try, and which ones should be left alone.

The Cost
The total cost of a Comfortisse Bra comes to about $10 per bra. That’s if you go with their nine bra set the total comes to $90, with your first payment being $60 and an additional $30 payment coming out 30 days later. They claim this is a $540 value, so they are saying that their bras are worth $60 each.

The Commitment
All that’s required on your part is to where this bra in lieu of your normal one. That’s another thing they claim, that it’s easy to put on because it doesn’t use any hooks, it’s just like putting on a shirt.

The Comfortisse Bra gets good reviews, and not just from people that are trying to sell it to you. One of the most-liked features is the sizing and ordering process. By coordinating it with your T-shirt size they’ve cut out all the ambiguity and guesswork so you can order with confidence. If you still end up getting it wrong, exchanging it out for the right size isn’t hard. Another feature that people like is that it doesn’t have any seams, which makes it different than most bras being sold in the mass market.

They have a 30 day guarantee on this and they state that if it’s not the “most comfortable bra you’ve ever worn” you can return them for a refund. For a bra that is supposedly so supportive that you can exercise in it, and so comfortable that you can wear it to bed, this is a pretty good way to try it out and see if they’re for real or not.

Final Comfortisse Bra Review

Comfortisse Bra is actually constructed pretty well and doesn’t include seams that can irritate the skin. It’s really doing a good job of correcting all of the things that are wrong with ordinary bras, and is definitely worth a try. When you think of all of the different bras you’ve purchased over the years, we’re betting that none of them really made as many claims as this one does. Sure, that means it has set the bar pretty high for itself, which is why we’re glad that it comes with the guarantee in place.

Our Recommendation
This is worth getting, at least for a trial run. When you compare it to the cost of some of the bras being sold at Victoria’s Secret that you know aren’t going to provide you with the same level of comfort, you really owe it to yourself to try it out. If it turns out that you like them, and they are as supportive and comfortable as they claims, this is the beginning of a long-term business relationship with the Comfortisse Bra corporation.

What do you think? Does Comfortisse Bra work or not?

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