Does the Side Sleeper Pro Really Work?

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Does Side Sleeper Pro work?Side Sleeper Pro is specifically designed for those of us that like to sleep on our sides, and find that an ordinary pillow just doesn’t cut it. If you’re one of the people out there that likes to use more than one pillow to prop themselves up and find the right position, this might be something worth looking into. They say that it helps correct your posture while you’re sleeping, so you should wake up feeling more refreshed. Let’s see how this pillow stacks up to others in its class.

Most pillows are designed for people that sleep on their back, but it’s a whole different ballgame for those that sleep on their sides. Trying to contort an ordinary pillow into the shape and position that you want can be really hard when sleeping on your side. Most people never consider the way they sleep when pillow shopping, and have tried all sorts of things like memory foam pillows, and pillows filled with foam beads and buckwheat hulls to no avail.

This is one of the few pillows out there that is specifically designed to accommodate a side sleeper, and it is interesting to consider that no one has invented something like this before. Since you spend eight hours or so of your day sleeping, it’s important to make sure that your body is comfortable during that time. The first 30 minutes of your day can really set the tone for how things go, so you want to be sure that you wake up feeling as good as you can.

The Claim
The Side Sleeper Pro features a wraparound extension that supports your back, and promotes good form while sleeping. It’s even got a special space cut into it so that you’re ear doesn’t get smushed. They say this will help improve your sleeping posture, resulting in a good nights sleep, with less stiffness the next day. They also claim that it was developed by a chiropractor, so depending on how you feel about the chiropractic industry this may or may not sway you to get it.

They say when you sleep on your side using an ordinary pillow your head tilts forward, which puts strain on your vertebrae. When you are using the Side Sleeper Pro, you are put into the proper alignment so that you eliminate the strain, and also have something cradling your back to prevent you from twisting out of alignment during the night.

The Hype
The hype is that this pillow is catering to a niche market of people that sleep on their sides. There must be a considerable number of people in order for them to create an entire product line around, and if you are a side sleeper you’re probably feeling pretty good that a company has devoted this much attention to you.

The Cost
Side Sleeper Pro is $40 but you get two of them including delivery. When you compare this cost to other specialty pillows, it’s pretty clear that this is one of the more economical choices can make, at just $20 a pillow. Usually we don’t like the buy one get one free – just pay shipping offers, but when you’re talking about a pillow it just makes sense to have two of them.

The Commitment
All that’s required on your part is to switch out your current pillow with this one. It will take a little bit of getting used to, since it’s different than any other pillow you’ve tried before. However, most users say they got used to it within the first week and never looked back.

The inventor of the pillow said that he designed it so that it could be easily adjusted to, so it shouldn’t take long for you to assimilate this into your sleeping style. It may seem a little constricting as far as allowing you to move about, but you should have less trouble falling asleep, which would mean less moving around the pillow in order to find the right spot.

The only drawback to Side Sleeper Pro is if you sleep in multiple positions during the night. Some people like to start off on their back, roll over to their side, and end up on her stomach. This pillow would only work if you are a dedicated side sleeper. If you try to use it while lying on your back you won’t get any benefit from the tail that it has, or the ear well.

Final Side Sleeper Pro Review

Users have given a positive review of the Side Sleeper Pro pillow, and especially the fact that they solve the problem of having a squished ear. Reports have come in saying that this pillow has helped with things like headaches, sleep apnea, and just getting a good night’s rest in general. It only make sense that if your head is supported properly while sleeping you wake up with less stiffness in your neck and upper back. But this goes a step further by cradling your spine, making sure that your whole back should feel better when you wake up.

Our Recommendation
If you always sleep on your side the Side Sleeper Pro is a great addition to your bed. If you sleep in many different positions throughout the night, you still might want to have this on hand for the times that you do sleep on your side, and you might want to make it a point to sleep on your side more often. As long as you have this pillow, sleeping on your side is probably one of the more healthier ways to sleep.

What do you think? Does Side Sleeper Pro work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does the Side Sleeper Pro Really Work?

  1. Love it, but I want to buy a new one. Had it for many years. Where and how do I do?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Everyone is saying they should make a memory foam version of this pillow but I don’t think it would be the same if they did. The material they use now is what makes it so great. They just need to figure out how to make the material more long lasting somehow if that’s even possible and then it’d be pretty much the perfect pillow.

  3. I loved my pillow but my beads have fallen out now it is flat. I need more beads there is a hole somewhere but I can’t open the pillowcase.

  4. Hey, now this is a really good idea. Reading some of the other reviews, however I’m caution about buying. The best pillows, for my purposes are hard, and I agree that a memory foam version would be a great idea. That being said, I’m really tempted by this, as I definitely sleep on my side. If this could go some way to preventing the pain I get from crushing my own arms as I sleep. This happens every day for me and everyday I wake up with dead arms. I am very tempted to give this a go as I think it might really work.

  5. A memory foam version would make this the perfect pillow for me. But I know why they don’t make one. The material inside is cheap and compresses in 3-5 months until it is too thin. You have no choice but to switch to a new pillow if your headaches or other ailments return. So it’s a big waste. But these are the only pillows I’ve found in years that resolve my chronic headaches from accident-related nerve damage, so I’m sticking with them for now.

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