Does Comfy Kitty Really Work?

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Does Comfy Kitty work?The Comfy Kitty Magic Mat is a special mat for your cat that is supposed to serve the dual function of keeping them warm, and also attracting pet hair and dander so it doesn’t spread through the house. But will your cat actually use it, and can it help keep your home cat hair free?

It’s true that cats have their favorite spots where they like to sleep. Most times this is a comfy spot that they’ve located in the house, and many times it is a piece of furniture. They see us sitting on it, give it a try, and then discover that it is actually warm, padded, and comfortable. The only problem is they usually leave remnants behind after sitting on it in the form of cat hair and dander. It’s nearly impossible to keep them off of their favorite areas, so this may be a good compromise.

The Claim
The makers of Comfy Kitty say that all you need to do is put this mat where your cat spends the most time. It will help keep them warm due to the materials it’s made out of, and help attract their hair due to a slight static charge that they say magnetically attracts the hair to the mat. They say it is made with polyester fibers that are intended to help transfer warmth back to your cat, making it there new preferred place to sit and sleep.

The Hype
The hype is that cat hair is a big problem for most cat owners, and they’d do just about anything to try to keep it contained, and stop it from spreading around the house, and onto their clothing and other areas.

The Cost
The Comfy Kitty is sold on a buy one get one, just pay shipping setup. This means that while it has an original price of $10 there’s $8 shipping on each mat. So you end up with two mats for $26 delivered to your door. This is a reasonable price for two mats, but the rub is that these would actually have to work, and be accepted by your cat, which is kind of a gamble since you never really know if your cat will like something or not. There is a 30 day money back guarantee but you’ll only get $10 back and you’ll be out $16 from the shipping plus what it costs to ship it back.

The Commitment
All they say you really need to do is put this mat where your cat typically sits, and they’ll want to stay there because of the extra warmth it provides. This could save you from the hassle of collecting furballs all around the house and make it so your home is generally cleaner.

The Comfy Kitty is basically just a mat that is made with a material that keeps a static charge to it. That can go both ways, it can work and draw your cat’s hair to it, or it could act to repel your cat from sitting on it because they sense the static and it doesn’t feel good to them. So while it might be a benefit to you for grabbing their hair and dander, it only works if they actually sit on it. It would have been nice if they could have figured out a way for it to grab the hair without potentially warding off your cat.

A similar mat:

There are plenty of different mats out there that you can buy for your cat, and there is a high chance that they will like this one, especially if it makes things warmer for them. Consider also the Perfect Pet Mat because that one has the dual feature of being able to be used in the hot summer months as well as the cold winter months. It doesn’t attract pet hair and dander like this one is supposed to. Maybe the two companies should join forces and make one product that has all of the features.

Final Comfy Kitty Review

The Comfy Kitty is getting our Try rating, as with cats it’s really hit or miss as to whether they’ll like it or not. Most cats are pretty picky about where they sit, and they may end up preferring this mat, or they may not and prefer to sit on something else. By putting it in their favorite spot you are increasing the chances that they’ll go along with it, but introducing something new to your cat’s environment it always going to have a chance of flopping.

Our Recommendation
The reason this earned our Try rating is because for the price it’s not bad, $13 each and even if your cat doesn’t immediately take to it you’ll still have the mats which you can repurpose and still be able to use. That sets it up so that you

What do you think? Does Comfy Kitty work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Comfy Kitty Really Work?

  1. This is such an adorable product. I love pet care products that are meant to keep our pets feeling safe and secure, cozy, and loved. This is a great concept because it allows you to give your kitty the perfect little place to nap while protecting your furniture from all of his or her fur. I think that as long as it provides enough cushioning and it is really soft, cats will take to it right away, as they just love kneading away at objects like that.

  2. The Comfy Kitty Magic Mat is soft to the touch and my cat loves the mat. I have two cats and they both enjoy laying on the mat. I bought the mat thinking if they would lay in one spot in the house instead of on the furniture, then I would have one basic area with cat hair to clean. The cats do love the mat along with the back of the couch, beds, windows and anywhere they want to lay. It didn’t stop them from laying anywhere else, it was just another place they could choose to lay on. You know cats love options just like humans. I don’t mind the expense as they still use it.

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