Does the Pink Ped Egg Really Work?

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Does the Pink Ped Egg work?The Pink Ped Egg is a follow up to the enormously popular Ped Egg. Dubbed Ped Egg Pinky and released as a way to generate funds for breast cancer research, it has the same features as the original, and is pinked out, but does it work as good as the first?

Getting a pedicure can be expensive and time consuming, but compared to doing it yourself it’s often the best choice. That’s because trying to buff your feet down can be tiresome and dangerous work. But the Ped Egg came along and tried to make the whole process easy, safe, and mess-free.

The Claim
The makers of the Pink Ped Egg say that it provides gentle relief from calloused feet, and that it’s easy to use. They say that it has stainless steel blades that effortlessly slough off the rough skin on the bottom of your feet, and stay sharp so you can use it again and again. They also say that it’s safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself the way that you might with a shaver that is supposed to shave off the skin. This works more like a grater and grates off the dead skin while not cutting the soft skin underneath.

The Hype
The hype comes from this supporting a charity. We’re in favor of supporting all worthwhile causes, but from a business standpoint it is a way to hype up your product and give yourself some good PR when you jump on board with a foundation that is doing great work. The $50,000 will be a good investment for the folks at the Ped Egg corporation, as they’ll likely sell tons of these products as a result of teaming up with breast cancer research and going pink.

The Cost
For $24 you get two Pink Ped Eggs, and that includes shipping. Actually it includes a lot of shipping, $14 to be exact. It would be nice to know how much of your order total goes to help the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They say that $50,000 will be donated, but that was most likely the licensing fee paid to the foundation, and once it is reached no more will be paid. That means if they sell just a few thousand of these they’ll have made the donation, and everything else will be profit, less the cost of making the Ped Eggs, which can’t be much.

The Commitment
The concept of the Ped Egg is that it will save you from having to go get a pedicure to have the rough spots on the bottom of your feet removed. So while it can save you the time and expense of a trip to the salon, it also means that you’re going to have to step in and do a bulk of the work. You’re going to need a bit of elbow grease to make sure that you buff your feet properly.

The Pink Ped Egg is an exact duplicate to the original Ped Egg, and no additional features have been added to it. If you have the original and it’s time for a replacement, this makes a good choice, but you shouldn’t think that you’re going to get a better product. It’s just been colored pink to help spread breast cancer awareness, and structurally it remains the same. Also consider that they now sell the Ped Egg on a stick, which might be a better choice if you don’t want to bend down so much.

It’s pretty remarkable how the Egg is able to blast through just what it needs to take off, and leave your skin unharmed once it gets to the smooth and supple new skin of your feet. You can really go to town on the rough stuff without worrying about hurting yourself. Once you get through the tough parts you’ll feel the difference and know when to stop applying so much pressure.

Final Pink Ped Egg Review

The Pink Ped Egg is getting our Solid Buy rating because it has already been proven to work, has withstood the test of time, and your purchase helps to support a worthy cause. If you’ve never bought a Ped Egg before, this is a good choice for your first one, and it also serves as a good replacement for one that has been lost, broken, or has gotten worn out with repeated use.

Our Recommendation
There’s no reason not to get a Ped Egg if you don’t have one already. It may not prevent you from getting a pedicure ever again, but it does work great for the times in between when your feet just need a touch up. This is especially true in the warmer months when you tend to wear sandals and open footwear more and the calluses seem to appear quickly.

What do you think? Does the Pink Ped Egg work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does the Pink Ped Egg Really Work?

  1. Works great. Buy it cheaper at Wal Mart. We’ve been using them for years now. End of story.

  2. I love my Ped Egg. I haven’t seen the Pink Ped Egg yet, but I would purchase one because it supports breast cancer. It would be good to give as Christmas gifts too. My Ped Egg gets all the dry dead skin off and your feet are nice and smooth. I have been using mine for several years and I’ve never had any problem with it. If you haven’t tried it, then now is the time to get one and getting the Pink Ped Egg will also be helping the research of breast cancer that is definitely needed.

  3. I am not surprised to see that this product works. My mother bought one for herself a couple of years ago and she still uses it regularly. I have been using standard foot scrubbers, such as those large foot files that they sell at drugstores, to get the job done but have been noticing that I may need to use a better, more long-lasting product, as I am tired of constantly have to replace my old scrubbers. This is a great way for me to get the smooth feet I want without having to spend money on an expensive pedicure too.

  4. I commented on the regular ped-egg review that I’m not a fan. I will say I AM a fan of any company that supports breast cancer research, and for that reason alone, I’d be willing to try this product again, even without any added or new features. I figure I could always give it as a gift if I decide not to use it myself. Knowing, though, how much of my money was going toward the charity would persuade me even further.

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