Do Command Strips Really Work?

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Do Command Strips work?Command Strips are designed to allow you to hang up pictures, posters and other flat items without damaging the walls, and without having your things fall off of the walls. It is a replacement for nails, tacks, and other hanging solutions that leave holes in your walls when you take them out. The promise here is that when you put them up, they won’t come undone like ordinary double sided tape. But do they really work as advertised?

Surprisingly, hanging things on walls is a pretty big industry. Since the traditional way of a hammer and nails leaves holes in the walls, and sometimes involves things falling off the wall, there was definitely a gap to be filled here. Not only are these strips supposedly effective, but they are easy to use as well, so if you’re not really good with a hammer you can use these without worrying about getting it wrong.

The Claim
Command Strips say that they are the damage-free way to decorate and organize your home. They also have a line of hooks, so they are trying to be the total solution of getting various items onto your walls. The part that makes them unique is that they can be removed easily when the time comes, and you won’t have to clean up bits of adhesive like you do with other sticky strips. These days they are pushing their clear line of hooks that employ the same stick strips in order to hang on the wall.

The Hype
The hype is that either through a clever advertising and marketing campaign, or a word-of-mouth buzz going around saying that these work, there is a perception that the Command line of products is effective. That’s why it’s interesting that so many people have voiced that it doesn’t work quite as well as you might think.

The Cost
The price of Command Strips varies depending on which size you get, and the quantity. Typical prices range from $5 to $10, with an average price being around six or seven dollars. Some people have said this is rather expensive for hanging strips, but we’re thinking that 3M is charging for the brand recognition, and the perceived reputation that it has in the market. Also, when you compare it to your other options, it makes sense to spend a little more for something that goes on and comes off without much fuss.

The Commitment
Compared to other ways of hanging your pictures and posters, this is either a reduction in commitment or at the very least the same amount. All that’s required is to apply these to a clean surface and then affix your desired item to it. After that, it should stay put and require no more thought on your part. When it’s time to take it down you just pull the adhesive until it yields. Easy cheesy!

The Clever Bit
The feature that put Command Strips on the map is that you can simply give them a tug when they’re ready to come down, and they should pop right off, leaving no marks and no holes, and basically no trace left behind. This is especially great if you are renting your home, condo, or apartment and you don’t want to deal with a cranky landlord pointing out holes in the wall and threatening your security deposit. It’s what separated them from double-sided adhesive strips in the first place.

Command Strips have created a lot of debate as to whether or not they work, with one side saying that they’ve been able to hang things up for years, and another side saying that they weren’t able to hang up anything without them without having them fall down. A common reason given for the negative feedback is that the directions weren’t followed. With a product like this, it’s tempting to just open it and stick it to the wall, but the directions clearly state that you should make sure you are applying it to a clean surface.

A lot of the examples that are given from people that said it doesn’t work make it seem like perhaps they did not follow the directions properly, and that’s why the strips are not working working the way they are supposed to. However, there are also plenty of people who said that they followed the directions to the letter, and it still did not work for them. It’s strange the product would have such varying opinions from users. Usually you’ll find some middle ground, some people saying that it works okay, but with these strips people either say it works fantastically, or not at all.

Final Command Strips Review

While it is possible that Command Strips won’t work for you, we think that for most people they work just fine. Be sure to check whether the surface you’re considering putting things onto is one of the surfaces that are listed as being okay. After that, you want to follow the directions exactly, and take the time to do the job right. The reason they need to be applied so specifically is because they are designed to come off later without much hassle.

Our Recommendation
Pick up a pack or two of these and give them a go. Chances are if you follow the directions accordingly, and use it on the right type of service, you’ll have a fantastic experience with these and your home will look better than you ever thought possible.

What do you think? Does Command Strips work or not?

48 Customer Reviews on “Do Command Strips Really Work?

  1. I followed the directions and out of 20 things I hung up only 1 didn’t fall of the wall. I’ve lost picture frames broken in the fall. Ceremic wall decorations broken. So many of my things broken because this product failed. Don’t waste your money

  2. I like command strips, they are handy and there is a wide variety of products for almost anything you can think of.

    However the claim that they come off cleanly is a bit of a stretch. It all depends. I have used them on the glass panels on my cubicle walls at work for my christmas decorations and recently needed to reposition some. They have been up for awhile and while they came off relatively easily (Watch out here, and hold on or you will whack your fingers when it pops off), the adhesive separated leaving old adhesive on the glass.

  3. DO clean surfaces ONLY with rubbing alcohol/Isopropyl as the instructions state, wipe gently allow to dry. If the Command product looks like a hook DO NOT use it to hang pictures, use the right product from the dedicated Picture & Frame Hanging range, note the product WEIGHT and SIZE limits. ALL Command adhesive strips needs ONE HOUR to bond, after an hour hang the item or picture. Do NOT use multiple hooks or hangers to hang an item, use only one to ensure central loading for sheer, downward weight held close to the wall. When removing adhesive strip, stretch the tab flat to the wall, the other hand gently holds the strip/hanger or hook (to stop it flying off or snapping fingers when the strip releases) until the strip stretches up to 30cm. DO NOT pull the strip upwards, forwards or at an angle, do not peel it off. Snapped the tab off? Use waxed dental floss to ‘saw’ between the strip and the wall to release. ALWAYS remember step 5 for Picture Hanging Strips which is to REMOVE the frame by peeling bottom up towards the ceiling, press all strips, leave for ONE HOUR before reattaching the frame to strips on the wall. Follow all pack instructions and the products will last indefinitely, remove cleanly without damage.

  4. I just removed one and took paint off with it so even though I took it off properly it took my paint off , I have pictures but can’t seem to find where I post them

  5. These things are not worth the money. Seven pounds from Tesco and four plastic hooks with “instructions” for it. Tried twice to put lightweight frames on after allowing to “stick” but they come away from the wall bringing plaster and tapestry with it. Would strongly advise anyone not to purchase.

    Should be in Poundland with a warning that they are unreliable and awkward to use. Manufacturers either a bunch of amateurs or with the business acumen of a toadstool. Con artists also to be more accurate.

  6. I hung a glass covered picture from Home Interiors on my bedroom wall. It worked really well for about 7 YEARS and then suddenly in the middle of night I the strip came off the wall and the picture crashed to the ground!

  7. I have used these strips for different applications and sadly they all have failed with time. The latest application was the shortest amount of time. It was a medium dry erase board and I used 4 sets of the strips and cleaned the surfaces with rubbing alcohol and placed the second set of strips 2/3 down as directed. With the 2 sets, it’s supposed to hold up to 8lbs and with 4 sets it’s 16lbs. The dry erase board was 6lbs; I used 4 sets bc at the time I wasn’t sure if the board was more than 8lbs and I figured since it would be written on that the extra strips wouldn’t hurt. I’m a direction follower so I know for certain it wasn’t user error. Anyway, the strips last 2 days before giving way and the board crashed to the floor, busting a corner. Didn’t even get a chance to use the board.

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