Does the Pedi Spin Actually Work?

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Does the Pedi Spin work?The Pedi Spin is proof that when one product works there will be other ones that come along to share in its glory. The Ped Egg is one of the most successful products ever developed for foot care, and there has been a slew of imitators to try to capitalize on its popularity. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with the idea to motorize the Ped Egg, and that’s basically what we have here. But does it actually work at removing calluses and dead skin from your feet?

One complaint people have about the Ped Egg is that while yes it works, it can be a little bit tiring to grate your feet for so long. It definitely would be nice to add some power to the situation, as this would allow you to get the benefits without having to put any elbow grease into it. So the idea is solid, but in the case of the Pedi Spin, they got the follow through all wrong.

The Claim
The Pedi Spin claims that it is an easy and painless way to get smooth and soft feet. They also say that it’s like getting the ultimate foot massage when you use the buffering pad. They claim you can use this any time and anywhere, and that you can use it on your heels, souls, and your toes.

They say that it is guaranteed to be safe and gentle on your skin, so even though it’s motorized it won’t grind into your good skin. They also say that it won’t make a mess, because your shavings will end up inside the head of the unit. All that’s required is to open it up and empty it out when you’re ready.

The Hype
The hype is that this is trying to ride the coattails of successful products in the foot care market, namely the Ped Egg. The infomercial makes it look absolutely incredible, with chunks of calloused skin clumping off of the model’s feet in the video. It’s also highly believable that a motorized pedicure tool would work wonders on your feet.

The Cost
You can get a Pedi Spin for $29 which includes shipping as well as some “free” bonuses. When you compare this to the cost of getting a pedicure in a salon, this would be a one-off purchase rather than a continual charge. In fact, that’s what many people are after when they get products like these, trying to avoid going to the salon and paying high prices to have someone chisel their calluses down.

The Commitment
The whole point of buying this would be to reduce the amount of time it takes you to take care of your feet. If you’re tired of the tedious nature of filing down your rough skin, you would be able to benefit from a tool like this, as it would shorten the amount of time as well as the amount of effort you’d have to put into the task. If it actually worked, that is.

The Pedi Spin is a tremendous letdown. It’s powered by ordinary batteries, and this is their real problem. Rather than equipping it with a lithium ion battery that would provide enough power to work, they’ve made it so that the slightest bit of pressure causes the motor to stop running. Many of these cordless products that use ordinary batteries end up flopping. It’s the cheap way out for the manufacturer, but it usually ends up costing them more in the long run due to fewer sales, higher return rates, and people calling it a scam.

The overall consensus is that this is a piece of junk, and a waste of money. Users have also commented on some of the trickery used in the infomercial, saying that the skin being sloughed off of the feet looks a little suspicious. They must’ve used some sort of special effects in order to make the product look believable on camera, because there hasn’t been a single person out there that has been able to replicate that performance in a real world setting.

\It’s also not very easy to use as far as switching out the heads in order to use the buffering pads. In fact, our tester couldn’t figure out how to get the pads onto the head, and there were no instructions included to shed any light on the subject. After trying several different methods, she eventually gave up for fear of breaking the unit.

Final Pedi Spin Review

Although we’d love it if the Pedi Spin worked, we’re sorry to say that it doesn’t. Hopefully another product will come around with the same sort of concept, only with better execution. Even if they had to make a corded unit in order to supply enough power, it would be worth it. The concept is sound, but they opted for a cheaply manufactured piece of plastic, instead of spending a little more on production and seeing a smaller profit margin.

Our Recommendation
Take a pass on this one and stick with your Ped Egg. While it may be tedious and a little tiresome to use, the results you get with it are worth the time and effort. Perhaps one day the Ped Egg company will produce a better powered version, but until then you’ll just have to stick to powering it yourself.

What do you think? Does Pedi Spin work or not?

42 Customer Reviews on “Does the Pedi Spin Actually Work?

  1. I have a very intense pain filled corn. Podiatrist had been trimming it every other seven weeks. With this covid19, the doc would not allow the van to drop me off. I started trimming my foot daily. it has relieved the pain.

    The calluses on bottom of foot are in a position I can not manage.

  2. This afternoon, I received the PediSpin two pieces although I ordered one and paid Peso 1,000 one thousand. Whole my family were laughing at me, one of the two does not work at all and the other it work but does not clean anything, and when you put a little pressure, it stops spinning, the battery cover keeps falling and so its a scam and fraud. Can any one advise how to claim our money. We paid for a plastic toy for adults.

  3. Thats exactly what happens IT STOPS! A the battery cover doesn’t stay on! Poorly made meaning cheaply made! I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THE ADDRESS TO SEND IT BACK AND ITS NOT ON PACKAGE IT CAME IN AND THERE WAS NO PAPER WORK THAT CAME WITH IT! If anyone has this info. please send it to my email. Thanks

  4. I found that the Pedi Spin does not work it is a waste of money and I will never purchase anything from this company. I don’t have the package so I probably can’t return it its junk.

  5. My pedi spin does not spin at all from the time i got it, who do i contact to return it

  6. I don have money to spare so on my Birthday, my sister and my partner clubbed together to get me a Pedispin after I said I would like one following the advertisement on TV. I have tried and tried to get the most out of this product and can only conclude that it is the biggest waste of money I have ever spent and to say this was the only Birthday present I had cannot tell you how disappointed I have been. It is a disgrace that the makers of this should be making money out of ordinary people is despicable. I wish I could take it back.

  7. Useless, and as for those who say it works, I firmly believe they must be on the shareholders list.Yes it stops on slightest pressure, no it did not remove the tiniest fragment, using the sandpaper one smoothed but did not remove anything, which is pointless, so does applying creams. Definitely a waste of money, but more importantly our hopes! It’s pretty obvious, that after trying two other brands of this type of product, NONE will be successful-and the money I’ve spent thus far would have been better spent saving toward buying the expensive Scholl.

  8. maybe you need to soak your feet in a solution to soften your skin and make dry skin or calluses easy to remove?

  9. This product is absolutely useless. Don’t waste your money. My feet are actually not too bad an this had no effect on them. I have a manual hard skin file which is much better than this. It is also so loud.

  10. i ordered this product. It came from China and is a piece of Chinese plastic JUNK… Put 4 AA batteries in. It will not work. There is no phone number on the package.. No email address..No way to reach these people..NEVER AGAIN!!!

  11. Maria, October 23, 2014

    I am very disappointed. I try not to buy products that use batteries but there was a strong need
    for a product that would smooth out my feet so that I would not continuously snag my nylons. It smooths out the callouses on my toes but stops rotating when I use it on the soles of my feet and
    especially my dry heels. I always discourage my friends from buying this product – I am so disappointed!! Didn’t anyone in the company test this out before promoting and selling it??
    You must think we are idiots or fools – I guess we are.

  12. Yes, it is meant to stop with pressure or it could seriously hurt someone. I had a a big callus but after soaking for 20 minutes in warm bath salts, this works like a dream just be gentle.

  13. I just bought this and absolutely love it. It does better than anything else I have used. But the trick is to not apply any pressure. If you do, it will stop, which is to protect you from getting hurt! So just let the machine do the work for you. It takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, you will find that it works extremely well. My feet are now smooth and soft like they were when I was young and like they hadn’t been in a long long time. I’m truly delighted with this thing.

  14. I have had my PediSpin for quite a while and it has worked beautifully for me. The secret is don’t put a lot of pressure on it or it will stop…like it is suppose to! The battery compartment has never come open on me during use nor have I had any problem popping the attachments on and off. Is it going to shave off big pieces of calluses as the commercial states….No. Does it do as good a job as the Pedi Egg…..No. I don’t use the PediSpin as the main source of removing calluses, dead skin,etc. I use it between the use of the Pedi Egg. This keeps the calluses down so I don’t have to use the Pedi Egg as often.

  15. I Brought this product from Boots today. Just used it for the first time, it’s absolutely useless, as everybody say’s the slightest pressure and it stops. Wish i had of opened the packaging a bit more carefull, because it would have gone straight back to the shop. Looks like it’s back to the footfile.

  16. Well I must say I was negative after the first use. Had the good sense to tell my husband it wasn’t strong enough. My husband is a “fixer”. So he simply wired it up so I could plug it in and it works great! And I still have all my toes and everything! Lol.

  17. Rubbish!

    I bought mine from Asda as others have said it stops as soon as you apply the slightest pressure. As for the advertisement the company should be sued for false advertising. It’s so fake. when I opened the pedi spin there was not a scrap of dry skin in it.
    Have taken a closer look at the British ad and I’m convinced they have applied some kind of wax coating to the models foot for effect.
    If I hadn’t thrown away the packaging I would be back to Asda for my money back totally let down and duped by tv advertising…should have known better by now 🙁

  18. Bought one from asda and was very sad to find that it doesn’t work at all – the motor just stops as soon as I begin to try. Obviously you wouldn’t want a really powerful motor or you’d end up hurting yourself, but this one is so weak you couldn’t even scratch yourself if you tried all day. Also there is a sticky residue on the ‘blade’ head which was left by the plastic protective peel off cover – it’s horrid and just won’t come off and sticks to the skin on contact making the motor stop even quicker. Plus the blade head has a back part which is supposed to come back off so you can empty it but once it’s on, it’s on for good ! So – if the thing actually did collect the bits of dried skin as the advert suggests, you wouldn’t be able to empty it so it’s a good job it doesn’t collect them lol.

    All I can say is it’s the worst rubbish I have bought in a good long time – absolutely and totally useless in all respects. The advert is such a load – utter fabrication. Trust me – the pedispin does NOT do any of the things it claims. STAY AWAY !

  19. I absolutely LOVE the PediSpin!! Those who are negative about it want to approach the process in a very heavy handed way. In order to use it correctly, and I might add without the possibility of maiming yourself, just go at it gently. Once you have gotten the heaviest build up off (which takes some time, depending upon how bad you’ve allowed your feet to become), just keep hitting it as soon as you feel the need (I now do it about once every 2 weeks) and you’ll find that this is one of the best purchases you’ve ever made! No more trips to the podiatrist, the pedicurist, or feeling embarrassed about your feet.

  20. My husband and I saw commercials for the Pedi Spin, and, while he thought the commercials looked gross, I thought it might actually be a good investment. I have really calloused feet from standing all day, and it looked like something that I could use to finally not be embarrassed to show my feet. I’m really glad I looked at the reviews first. Although a few people say that it worked for them, the video looks pretty convincing. You’d have to have a pretty strong motor, and it looks like in the video the motor lacks the torque to even rub on a foot hard enough to remove skin. You might get better results from using a sanding pad on a variable-speed drill. I will try the Ped Egg instead.

  21. I disagree with most of the reviews here. I love my PediSpin. Works great, files my nasty rough feet wonderfully. Seriously, my big toes and heels are ridiculously rough, and I haven’t had any problems with it, it removes my callouses and smooths the skin exactly the way it promises. I apply foot lotion afterwards and my feet feel awesome. Like I said, LOVE my PediSpin!


  23. pedi spin is a waste of money … does not work …….don’t waste your money to buy this product

  24. Plain and simple….it does not work!!!!! Piece of junk and a waste of money! Talk about false advertising! Does not do any of the things their ads claim.

  25. PediSpin doesn’t work, DO NOT BUY IT or you will be robbed. You can’t use it to remove your dry skin because it doesn’t rotate fast enough, even in high speed and if you apply any pressure it will stop. The videos you see on TV or internet are tricky, this product doesn’t have enough power and it wouldn’t work like that.

  26. I saw the Pedispin I bought one I love it so it gets the job done and it’s worth every penny I’ve been telling everyone who wants to listen about it. Im thinking about making it a Christmas present or Mother day gift. One thing though I think it should come with a plug but other than that its wonderful and I would love to try any thing else yall make. Thanks so much for the Pedispin.

  27. Terrible, useless, falsely advertised and a waste of my money. As soon as you touch your feet with this product, it stops.

  28. This is a big waste of money. I was excited when I saw the ad on t.v. but it does not do as they suggest. I have very calloused feet and not one piece of dry skin came off. I would have been better to get my husbands belt sander and save the money of this disappointing product. Was not going to go through the hassle of return but now that I think about it if we all did that they would make lots of money for something very useless.

  29. I really want to order the Pedi Spin Callus remover, but I do not want the Heel Booties. Can I order only the Pedi Spin Callus remover?

  30. I just bought my pedispin, I love it! I have callouses on the ball of my feet and have never been able to get them this soft and smooth with little effort. I don’t why the girl in the video had so much trouble with the assembly. I thought it was easy to operate and performed just as advertised.

    Comment: If you had a more powerful motor that would not stall you would probably injure your foot from applying to much pressure.

  31. I saw the advertisements for the ped spin on tv and was excited to buy it. After I purchased it when I arrived home I decided on reading the reviews before I opened the package and to my dismay they were not good. I thought about returning it but decided I’d try it for myself first, so I did. I put the batteries in and soaked my feet for 10 min before I started using it. At first it did take some getting used to. I put it on a low speed and slowly began. It did stop when I pressed it against my feet but I soon learned that if I used it gently on my skin surface it would indeed work. It took me about 15 minutes and I would recommend either using it in the tub or placing something under your feet because the dead skin cells do not stay in the device at the manufacturer states. So a little prevention goes a long way. Finally I started with rough callouses and before long my feet were as soft as a babies butt. I love it! So in the end I’m glad I didn’t listen to the negative reviews. On a scale from 1 to 5 I give it a 4plus. I don’t know what these other reviewer expected for 15.00 but for me it’s worth a whole lot more.

  32. This does not work as advertised. With the slightest pressure it does stop and it does not, I repeat does not take of dry skin and calluses the way it says.

  33. Oh I agree with the girl in the video this product does suck. It took me forever but I finally figured out how to use the buffer top. Turns out when I used the filing top the magnet came out and was stuck to the motor part. Once I took that magnet off the buffer fit fine. I really wish this product had more power….

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