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Does Copper Fit Work? Anything that can help to relieve the aches and pains that most people suffer from time to time in a natural way, is something that should be considered. The Copper Fit is an item that is being promoted as being able to do this.

Many people have shown an interest in the Tommie Copper line, and of course when a product looks like it is going to be a success then its not long before it receives some competition. While the Tommie Copper products are more extensive meaning that there are several different items that can be purchased using the same copper technology, the Copper Fit is focusing on the marketing of compression sleeves.

The Claim
The Company claims the best use of this product is for the reduction of muscle stiffness and joint pain. They indicate it helps to reduce swelling. They are stating that the use of copper as part of their technology and copper is antimicrobial which helps to ward off damaging bacteria. They are also promoting that it could help to prevent injury.

The Hype
It doesn’t take much hype to convince people that if a product is capable of reducing pain and discomfort it is at least going to draw a fair amount of interest. Then the next approach in the marketing material has to be why the product works and how it can ward off some potential side effects. For example, when it comes to compression items a lot of people worry about the sweating that it can create and this leads to problem with the skin. The promoters of Copper Fit have quickly addressed this concern by indicating their wicking construction of the sleeves helps to take the sweat away from the body.

The Cost
For about $36. which includes all of the shipping you can take advantage of the Buy One Get One Free promotion that is currently being offered. It does come with a 30 day money back guarantee, minus the shipping and handling.

The Commitment
You are going to have to be ready to put the compression sleeve to good and consistent use as per directed. Don’t fall into the trap of being caught up with a new product and use it faithfully for a short period of time, then forget about it. You probably should also check with your health care provider about the use of compression for your particular type of problem.

There has been a lot of advertising and promotion in regards to the Tommie Hill line lately and we want to take a close look at how this and the Copper Fit compare. We did do a review on the Tommy Copper in the past. We have noticed on our review that it has received almost equal thumbs up or down feedback. Checking it out on the Amazon site the Tommy Hill Knee Sleeve averages about an overall 4.5 star rating. The Copper Fit is not possible to compare in regards to product feedback as yet as it is still in its new promotion stages.

Final Copper Fit Review

We have decided to give the Copper Fit a Try/Buy rating. Price wise it is comparable to similar products on the market and even less when you consider you are getting a second one free with the price of shipping included. Compression does work for some people, and in our opinion while copper is being mentioned for its potential benefits it is not the main component that is being highlighted. You will have to choose between the elbow or knee Copper Fit sleeves according to your specific needs. You will find this to be the same with any compression type product as they are structured for a specific area of the body.

Our Recommendation
You would think that with this product being named Copper Fit that the copper would be the star of the product and the marketing material would all revolve around this. Yet although copper is mentioned as part of the components that make up the knee and elbow sleeves being promoted, it is not being centered upon as the main focus. It almost seems that the benefits of compression is the highlight of this product. It appears to be the same with the Tommie Copper line as well. The Copper Fit is comprised of 82% polyester,14% Spandex,4% copper and other fibers. The Tommie Copper knee sleeve is comprised of 57% copper nylon, 29% nylon,14% spandex.

What do you think? Does Copper Fit work or not?

124 Customer Reviews on “Does Copper Fit Really Work?

  1. The Copper Fit compression knee sleeves caused both of my ankles to swell severely. Once I took the sleeves off my knees returned to normal. I don’t believe in this product.

  2. I concur with Jim. Thanks for the honest reviews. Unfortunately most writing them were scammed. However, you did help others. Saving who knows how many people from the grief you experienced. You all have still done well for others. Thank you again.

  3. Or go to eBay. I ordered one direct from China and it was a copper fit brand for $4.99 including shipping. Just took a couple weeks to get it but for that price it is worth the wait.

  4. i bought one of these at altmeyers…..9.99….figured cheap price to pay if it only partially worked….i get tired anymore of these places taking advantage of people with pain….almost as bad as the diet websites……if your weight loss is too dramatic only take one….yeah right…..ok enough on that….i can’t say how much copper is in it but it does make my elbow feel better….it rubs some times in the summer when it is hot but all in all it is comfortable enough to wear….for what it does and for 9 bucks i’d buy another one
    one last side note…my orthopedic told me my elbow was loaded with arthritis and it wouldn’t improve and maybe one day would need replaced…..he also said they sold elbow sleeves for 39.99…..i said oh, like a tommie copper, and he said no they were junk……while i was out looking at them the guy that was going to size me up, i said what exactly is this….he said its like a tommie copper…needless to say i didn’t buy and saved 30 bucks…its a damn shame any more that you can’t trust the websites and reviews that you see online any more also…most owned by the companies selling the stuff

  5. I called Copper Fit number online to order a Copper Fit elbow sleeve. I spoke to a MS Quisha who said she would take my order, advising me that since I called from the number listed online, I could buy one item and get one item free. I said that sounds good, you can give me the Copper Fit back support as the free item, my concern is the elbow sleeve. So I questioned MS Quisha again on the order. Ms Quisha stated I could pay an additional fee of $10.00 or $15.00 and get the deluxe copper fit, adding it has 35% more support. MS Quisha reconfirmed my order by telling me I would be receiving my order of the Medium Elbow Sleeve and Back Support within 2-6 weeks. As I said, I ordered these items in question on July 21st 2016. I received the Back support deluxe on July 30th. with no Elbow sleeve in the package. I called Copper Fit customer service Monday, August 1st 2016 and spoke to Rep. Mr. Ross who advised me I had only ordered the Back Support item. I said that’s not true! I said check your phone recording of my order call. His reply he doesn’t have access to the recorded calls and said I could send back my Back Support and he would remove my charge from my credit card. I said no! Mr. Ross said I can I do anything else for you. I no, I got no help from you and I will not order anything else from Copper Fit again adding I am very upset with Copper Fit and the employee’s who to my calls and order. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The copper in the Copper Fit is mostly just an antimicrobial/antibacterial, which is how they stay odorless after wearing them for so long. It helps to not only keep it clean, but to pull sweat AWAY from 4th body. When the sweat sticks to the copper, because of the ionic attraction between the elements in sweat and copper, it evaporates from the copper, since it can’t soak into fibers like it can with cotton. There’s your explanation on what the copper is for.

  7. I just bought mine (Copper Fit large knee sleeves) at Walmart about a half hour ago, after a long night of being on my feet at work. I’m there for 7 hours, and on my feet for every single one of them, lifting, running, stretching… I have knock knee, and to be honest, my knees don’t have the same kind of ability most knees do, because of the shape of the knee. Now, my knees ache ALL THE TIME at work, because of the workloads I bear. So, after having bought two large knee sleeves for $9.98 USD, coming home, and putting them on… I noticed after only 10 minutes of wearing these how much pain and aches they take away! Now, I admit, I was skeptical, but these have really proven to work for me. However, just as the review above says… it won’t work for everyone. Everyone’s body is different. Our aches and pains are caused by different things, happening to different bodies with different muscular make-ups. I DO however recommend buying this product. For 2 knee sleeves from, it might run about $25 with shipping and handling. Not a lot of money for most people. And, if you don’t find them useful, you can always return them. Still, give it a try. If a product as cheap as this might work for aches and pain in the long run… you’ll definitely stop spending so much money on pain pills. 🙂 overall, I would say that Copper Fit works… for me.

  8. I wore my copper fit knee brace to work by the time the day was over my calf of my leg was all broke our. I need to know it this product has latex in it.

  9. I will tell u this, I golf 1-2 times a week, and run my own business. My elbo (inside) has been a tooth ache on my arm, even finding it hard at times to scratch my head… Tried all kinds of wraps, pain patches, Ice/heat, u name it I tried it.. My 20 yr old daughter came home with a sleeve. Had to try it did t want to hurt her feelings….WITHIN 40 MINUTES MY FREEKIN ARM WAS FEELING BETTER!!!! I WOULD HAVE NEVER TRIED THIS MYSELF AND WOULD NEVER WRITE A REVIEW… I HAD TO! AND IF U HAVE GOLFERS ELBO… I CANT EXPLAIN TO U.. IT WORKS! AND I THINK IM CRAZY FOR THIS WORKING BUT IT DOES!

  10. As a chemist, I would assume you are educated. Being educated, I would also assume you could spell check your comments before submitting. Stop trying to sound superior than everyone else. Especially if you have trouble spelling.
    Re: it’s THROUGH, j

  11. Just wanted to share what works for me. Bought a large for my knee,” it rolled” so went to hardware, bought 8 inches of copper tubing had them cut it in half took it home hammered it flat. Got some elastic sewed it to the elastic, cut it long enough to tie. Put on the copper fit then then home made thing, on top and bottom of knee roll it to be comfortable, and it works for me. Hope it will work for some of you.

  12. Garbage. Fell for the hype, since I have ongoing back problems due to an old spinal compression fracture. This is nothing but a piece of junk. Can’t even remotely pull it snug enough to even remotely provide any type of support.

    If you really need back support, try one from “Professionals Choice”. Yes, about 3 times the price, but THEY DO WHAT THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO DO & AREN’T CHEAP “AS SOLD ON TV” CRAP.

  13. People–Do your research. If one has physical concerns/issues seek professional medical advice, research your own condition, etc. This “Copper Fit” needs to be audited… Due diligence is required~ on all things. I always say “trust BUT verify”. Good Luck

  14. I have been suffering with a torn miniscus of the right knee and have tried everything. I really needed to get an operation, but due to work I could not. I’ve tried many things to take away the pain. My sister in law told me about the product, my wife picked it up and it works wonderfully. I can actually walk very fast on the thread mill with almost a complete absence of pain. I don’t mind paying a little more if it works and this product works!

  15. People are so gullible. What a joke. It’s called the placebo effect, and monkey see monkey do. As a chemist, I can tell you beyond doubt that copper is absorbed threw the skin and is a poison even in small amounts. Ever notice how your skin turns green under copper? Do you think that is good for you? Why are copper pots and pans coated with another metal? Because eating food cooked on copper will damage your liver, kidneys, and brains, just to begin with.

  16. I too was ripped off by this website. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as AARP. They should know and let seniors know that they are being ripped off. If you have been deceived by this website please also contact the BBB and AARP. The more complaints they have the sooner they will do something about this.

  17. Go to actual stores that sell these items..Bed Bath and Beyond has them..use 20% off coupons they send out or sign up for mobile texts and they give you can use a coupon for each item you purchase, so saves a couple dollars to a few dollars depending on which one you want. A friend and I have tried the knee one & it made our knee/leg areas feel better , more energized. Make sure not to get size to big or else obviously compression won’t work.

  18. Yes everyone go to Bed Bath Beyond…knee ones are $9.99 , back $12.99
    But use their 20%off and it saves you a couple dollars or more..also make sure to get the right size or they will be to big & not provide compression support.
    The knee one helps and legs feel energized from my & a friend’s experience.

  19. I bought the back brace from copper fit. Got it in 3 days. Trying to stave off surgery, I’m trying about everything. It WORKS!!! I just have to reset the tightness several times per day. I will buy again.

  20. If something seems “Too good to be true, it probably is”. Very few products work as advertised unfortunately. Somehow it seems we as Americans always have faith but are continually taken advantage of. I think we all need to really evaluate things before we jump. God Bless America. I found that the regular generic compression sleeves that I got for a lot less work just as better than Tommie Copper or Copper Fit. I have tried Tommie Copper (the most expensive copper product) and I was not impressed. Copper Fit is lower priced but remember there are no miracle cures except divine intervention. Remember these celebrities that endorse these products are paid a good amount to promote the products. I got my generic sleeves on Groupon and they really work and help my circulatory PAD problems in my legs. I am 70 years old and I now can do a lot of things now that I thought would never be possible again. Don’t get ripped off by all of these so called miracle workers.

  21. I bought these on closeout at walgreen’s and glad I did not pay full price. within two days I returned remaining un-opened packs, and had put the used socks at the bottom of my sock drawer for “out of clean socks” only use. Copper-fit may be one of the most over-hyped (including a Brett Favre endorsement) products I’ve ever fell prey to buying. There is absolutely nothing special about this product compared to other (usually less expensive) comparable products, nor IMO do these products provide any of the copper related benefits the manufacturer claims they provide. Save your money, and stay away form this over hyped – over priced product. I’m glad I only paid clearance for the items I actually used, and as a result kept.

  22. I have bought 2 knee sleeves no difference still have pain and cuts off circulation on my calf I bought an extra large. What a damn joke this product is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should be taken off the market….

  23. my sister has a real bad back. the back brace she was using looked and felt like the wwf wrestlers
    belt. I got her one of yours and she is having no pain she was walking with a cane but now she
    does not have to. thank you for such a good product

  24. I just bought two XL knee sleeves of COPPER FIT for $1.99/each at a resale store. I would never give my CC number to anybody. I hope it helps my knees after kicking in carpet for a living.

  25. I’m sorry so many had bad experiences with the product, or even ordering it. I choose to buy mine at Walgreen’s because currently the shopping for a pair is around $12. As soon as I put them on I felt an almost immediate reduction in knee pain, enough so that I went on my first nature hike in over 10 years. And my knees isn’t what bothered me after the hike for a change!

    I contribute it to the combination of the socks and the knee bands. Buy from Walgreen’s, or as others have s said said, Bed Bath & Beyond. Be sure you measure your mid thigh and buy the correct size. Buy the correct size socks for your shoe size, they are not one-size-fits-all.

  26. Just goes to show you, just because someone is a movie star, professional athlete etc. doesn’t mean they won’t sell you anything to make some money.

  27. This is the reason I research everything I choose to invest my hard earned money in. I could tell the website was a scam so I googled copper fit scam and here I am. Unfortunate for all of you to experience such poor customer service and losses from shipping scams. I now have zero interest in copper fit and I want to thank you all for a huge influence in my final decicision.

  28. I also had the same experience of the order being placed by trying to “review the order”. I immediately tried to cancel the order. I emailed them right after I received my confirmation email to cancel the order. The next day I received an email saying “We apologize as we are unable to cancel the order at this time, your order has processed for shipment”. I then received an email 4 days later that my order had been shipped. I immediately returned the order and included my email copies and pointed out the software problem with their “shopping cart” placing the order prematurely when you try to review your purchase.
    It cost almost $7 to return the items and they want to refund only $37.95 and the total purchase was $63.95 because of (P&H). It is appears that Copperfit has quite a program going if you attempt to review your purchase you will be placing the order – period. Then you get to pay the (P&H) to undo the purchase. I have to wonder how many people have had this happen?
    I can not comment yet about the product I purchased, although it really is lightweight and I am wondering what support it could have. I have other knee sleeves and they are much more substantial.
    My complaint is with the online purchase and website “booking the order” when I just wanted to review the Cart, and the totally outrageous (P&H) charge. Seriously.
    I agree with some of the other comments. Go find this product or something like it at a real store.

  29. While the product is good (we have purchased and liked the item), do NOT purchase it directly from Copper Fit.
    We ordered two sets ($19.99/set), the shipping and handling was $32.00. Yes, you read that correctly, $32.00!!
    Kicker was that it took almost two months to get the items in, when they finally arrived, they were too small, so I had to return them – on my dime. How much did it cost me to mail it back to them and get there in four days — $7!
    Two weeks later, only the cost of the items was credited back to my account.
    So, the product is fine, just DO NOT order directly from the company!

  30. I had the very same experience as other customers, ordering online is a ripoff and their customer service “sucks”!!!!!!

  31. i wanna thank all these reviews for the information i was going to order but thanks for the warning to the scam

  32. Do not buy from these ppl. They have a very long shipping order time. I tryed to cancel my order and they said it had already shipped and it has not shipped. Buy tommie copper instead. Buch better than copper fit.

  33. PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Just go to Bed Bath and Beyond!!! Get the full line for $9.99EA!!!!!!!! as said by one of the original posters. geeze you peeps don’t want to read… you just want to bitch. stop bitchin and go to the BBaB site!

  34. Copper has been used as a pain reliever for 100’s of years. Just because you just heard of it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been used for a very long time. With advances in technology they are just now learning how to fuse/weave it into compression clothing.

  35. Bought the copper fit socks. Not impressed at all. I didn’t have any less soreness or pain as a matter of fact it was worse. No comfort and no support as the ad states. Would not recommend these to any one as it is a waste of money.

  36. I was about to buy the Copper Fit online, but when I saw the extra shipping charges, which double the price of the product, i decided against it. Instead, while walking around a Rite-Aid, I found the product for $9.99 each. I bought 2 elbow sleeves for about $21 instead of what would of cost me over $36 if I had bought it online. I suffer from calcium deposits in my elbow, and I think the compression of this product has helped me keep the swelling down and the pain. The box itself ways under 1 pound, which makes me very suspicious about there shipping methods.

    Hey Joe, I may be a sucker, but with very little pain now, it was worth the $21 i spent. However, saying that I would be a bigger sucker if I spent the extra charges to buy this at their website.

  37. What the heck is wrong with you people. Are you intent on proving PT Barnum right or what? If copper somehow had magical pain relieving properties don’t you think this knowledge would have been passed down through thousands of years, and funny enough I’m just starting to hear about it. SUCKERS. BORN. EVERY. SECOND.

  38. It sounds like to me that you, mason dixon haven’t paid attention to what the people who got ripped off experienced when trying to process their orders on the site. It is great that you have a job and pay taxes and that you were willing to get yourself these items for your knees. WOW, Why did you have to be so hostile towards people when all they were doing was expressing what they went thru when trying to buy these items ? It seems like maybe you feel you are smarter than others or whatever, but you were rude !!! Be safe angry patriot.

  39. I agree the website is a scam, watch out. The shipping is also a rip off. Charging over $7 dollars for each order when they shipped both my knee and elbow bands in one small sack. In a few days after my order online I got a phone call from Cooper Fit saying my order is being processed. They said they wanted to thank me for the purchase by providing me a $100 gas card. Watch out, because it’s another scam to get you in a monthly payment plan for $28 bucks for some crap you don’t need. I told the women I don’t need the $100 gas card just send me my stuff. I also told her the rip off on the high shipping and handling cost. She quickly got upset, her tone in her voice was nasty and she quickly wanted to hang up on me. To me the product is a cheap thin sock that may have cost them a $.75 to make in China. You may want to do your research before dishing out the cash. I like my old compression band better.

  40. I just bought one from wal greens…love it, my knee feels way better and it only been 2 hours….it does roll down a little but so what it’s only 10 bucks…

  41. I just bought a knee sleeve @ Walgreens also & they said I could return it within 30 days all for $9.99 & no shipping!!

  42. People that get ripped off are foolish can’t get ripped off using a credit card
    Prob a competitor
    Grow up this country is full of a bunch of whiners
    For 19.99 I’m going to take a chance for my knees to get better
    Oh course I have a job and pay taxes

  43. PS: No internet purchase, bought mine at Walgreens Drug Store for $9.99. Gimmick on buy one, get one free, is the shipping cost, not just with this product, but with others that offer this,” so called deal.” Always check out your shipping cost first, before you hit that “submit” button!!!! Unfortunately, learned from past experiences!!!!

  44. Just purchased Copper Fit today(09-15-2014), in a short period of time, my knee started to feel better, I could actually put weight on my knee. I don’t know about the rolling or sweating yet!! All I can say is , so far, I am actually amazed. I am trying all alternate remedies, as opposed to knee surgery!! As long as it gives me relief, I will continue to use it, until it no longer helps my knee, then I will move on to, hopefully, something else.

  45. Just go to Walgreens or Walmart and get them. $9.99 no shipping. The copperfit is good the one thing that I dont like is they want to roll down. Once you start sweating the slide down. The band does not hold. I have tried the copper wear they stay in place dont roll down. They have more copper in them. Never even new I had them on. The copper fit does feel some better but can’t stand having to pull them up all the time

  46. Is it working for him? I was thinking of buying the copper fit knee compressions for my husband but after the reviews I might go with Tommie Copper instead.

  47. I saw the commercial advertising the buy one get one free offer. I thought it would be perfect to get one for my knee and one for my elbow. There wasn’t any indication that by entering in the information I was really ordering double what I wanted. I immediately emailed them and received a response that it was too late and they had already shipped it. I didn’t even receive them for over a week, so it was not shipped. I tried it out, was not impressed and sent them back. I was refunded the price for each product, but was still out over $30 in shipping. I would not waste my time or money on this again and have advised friends and family to avoid as well.

  48. Wow. What a rip off the website is. These are available at bed bath and beyond for $9.99. Only $7.99 with a 20% off coupon.

  49. I too was scammed by this place. I called my credit card company and disputed the charge. The customer service folks are very rude and ignorant. Stay away from this website. I will filling complaints with BBB.

  50. This is why I wait for these products to hit shelves . My boyfriend actually just came home with one so I figured I would so my reaserch on it .

  51. I too was scamed by this place, No way to cancel an order, change an order. they should be closed down. People in pain are a target for scammers. You will have a better chance to come out alive sliding down a 50 foot razor, than dealing with this company. I hope they have all the pain they can get
    10 fold , they deserve it a trully deceptive company

  52. I had a similar experience as well. The advertized price on tv is $19.99 and the shipping was almost $18 dollars and the elbow sleeves fit in a small envelope. The website does not give you a chance to review or finalize your order. There is no submit button, once you put your credit card in, that’s it. I exited out thinking that I did not order it and they charged me anyway.

  53. I placed an order with Copper Fit, and wanted to try one medium knee sleeve and one small, so I selected one of each. After I entered all of my information, I clicked submit, assuming that I would have a chance to review my order and select shipping options, which is customary with almost all other internet orders. Not so with Copper Fit! They ran the order right away, without so much as providing me with a total before doing so. If I had had the opportunity to review the order, I would have seen that selecting one of each actually meant selecting two of each, and I would have been able to see the exorbitant processing and handling charges. I emailed them IMMEDIATELY afterwards (within ten minutes), demanding that the order be cancelled before payment was processed, and I received an email back the next day stating that the order had already been “processed for shipping.”
    I received an automatic notification the next day that my order had shipped. Processing and handling totaled $31.96, while the products themselves totaled $39.98. It took eight days for the sleeves to arrive. I opened the package, tried on one of the sleeves, and was disgusted with it. If the foot portion of a tube sock was cut off and the tube portion was worn over the knee, it would provide more support than this product.
    I am sending the sleeves back today, fully aware that I am out the $31.96 as well as the return shipping costs. I am going to be contacting the Better Business Bureau with this story. I am partially to blame, because I didn’t read the fine print before providing my credit card information, but I am of the opinion that the practices of Copper Fit are intentionally deceptive.

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