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Does Tommie Copper work?Tommie Copper is a line of compression gear that you might have seen being peddled by Montel Williams on an infomercial. It’s an interview style ad where he asks different people about their experiences wearing the different sleeves, and of course everyone on the show sings its praises. But how about real reviews from actual users, what are people really saying?

Montel built up his credibility for years with his talk show, clocking thousands of episodes and covering a broad range of topics. These days though it seems like he’ll endorse just about anything, even going so far as to slap his seal of approval to a payday lender. But regardless of whether or not he’s a credible spokesperson for a product, the real question remains did he pick the right thing to stick his name on. With many people getting more and more aches and pains, these sort of solutions will get more attention.

The Claim
The makers of Tommie Copper claim that they’ve really put the focus on comfort, and that their products contain copper, which they say helps the body to heal. They make the statement that if you’re not wearing your compression gear, it doesn’t have the ability to work and that by making their sleeves, shorts, and shirts extra comfy it increases the likelihood that you’ll wear it, thereby being a better choice than other, less comfortable compression products. They don’t really go overboard on their direct claims, relying more on testimonials to do the talking for them.

The Hype
These are pretty heavily advertised on TV, and they’ve got Montel Williams on board. When it comes to celebrity endorsements, a lot of the times it doesn’t really matter who that celebrity is, but in this case we’re talking about a former Navy Seal and someone that is known for endorsing health products, so he can speak knowledgeably about this. The celebrity factor can’t be overlooked, nor can the fact that it is repeated so much on so many different channels. This one-two punch can get a lot of people interested in it and ready to try it out.

The Cost
The prices vary depending on which item you get. They have compression shirts that are in the $40 range, or just calf sleeves that are in the $20 range. Overall though they’re pretty much on par with other compression garments that are made for athletes and non-athletes alike. If you comparison shop you’ll quickly see that these are right around the price you’d expect for this industry. They’ve got a 30 day guarantee on all their items, and they say that there aren’t any restrictions, so you’re free to try it out and actually wear it and not worry about them saying it’s too used to be returned.

The Commitment
All that you really need to do as the user is put the sleeves, shirts, or shorts on. Then it’s just a matter of deciding when you want to take it off. They say that you can leave them on 24 hours a day, even while you’re asleep, so as long as they’re feeling good you can leave them on and let them do their thing. When you size this up to other treatment options, like using a cream or other topical treatment on joints and muscles, it seems to be easier. Of course you could always just let your body rest, and that wouldn’t require any action on your part at all. Sometimes inaction can be effective.

It’s interesting to note that many of the reviews you find out there are from those that were given free gear from the Tommie Copper corporation. Whether or not a reviewer is able to give their honest opinion on a product when they received it for free is up to you to decide. What’s a better litmus test, as far as we’re concerned, is what real buyers say since they’ve parted with their hard earned cash to try it out.

The overall reviews from users are pretty unanimous: that these work well if you know that you respond to compression therapy. If you have tried other compression pieces in the past with moderate success, you should get to that level and a bit better since these are able to be warn for longer periods of time without becoming uncomfortable. Be sure to spend some extra time following the instructions on how to get the sizing right. Most users that get the size right end up liking the experience, and it can make all the difference.

Final Tommie Copper Review

If you’ve never tried compression sleeves before, Tommie Copper might be a good place to start. It’s basically a shot in the dark as to whether you’ll respond well to it or not. But if you know that this is an effective way to treat your different ailments, then you can buy with confidence knowing that you’ll get a quality product here. When you’re looking at the competition, there’s really not a lot out there that’s making such claims on comfort, at this price point.

Our Recommendation
Not all injuries and conditions benefit from putting on a compression sleeve, so be sure to ask your doctor whether you think something like this is right for you. It’s much better to ask first and get their opinion than use these and aggravate your condition further. They also say to stop using their products if you have a reaction to the copper, which they say is pretty rare, but can happen.

What do you think? Does Tommie Copper work or not?

215 Customer Reviews on “Does Tommie Copper Really Work?

  1. HORRIBLE QUALITY!!!! Company was sued in a class action lawsuit and ordered to reimburse purchasers of it’s products. Haven’t seen a dime. Scumbags! Items fall apart after first cold water wash.

  2. Don’t waste your money. I don’t know if these copper infused products will help my banged up knees. Why? Because within a week, the knee braces had lost much of their gripping power. Within two weeks, they wouldn’t stay on my knee without constant tugging and pulling. Within three weeks, they were in the trash. After reading about the settlement with the FTC, I just threw them in the trash.

  3. Tommie Copper was given to me by a friend to try. It gave me a big rash around the garters. I don’t know if they are good or not because someone told me copper is poison.

  4. bullshit cannabis might be good for cancer patient and glaucoma maybe I tried it nd I felt more pain having arthritis and severe stenosis help was zero made recognize the pain even m recognize the pain more

  5. I served 6 years in the Marine Corps, 4 in the Army, and was a bounty hunter for a few years following. I’m now in my 40’s and work in IT and feel the pains of my life on a regular basis.

    A couple of years ago, I got back into martial arts. In a period of about 3-4 months, I tore a ham string, a calf muscle, a groin muscle, and sprained my knee pretty bad. There’s a torn ACL but they could not tell if it was a new or old injury. The idea of sitting out for 4-8 weeks for each injury did not rest well with me and neither did the PT that accompanied it so I looked into alternative treatment. The copper infused compression garments and Epsom salt is what I took away for my own treatment.

    Very reluctantly, I purchased both TommieCopper and CopperJoint pieces. I have been extremely pleased. To get to my point, I wear, share, and actively promote the use of either of those brands. I wear the pants, shorts, and calf sleeves EVERY time I train and outside of training to comfort the pains of my life. Not only did they assist with getting my recovery time down to about 3 weeks, they’ve also helped prevent new injury. I’ve shared my experience with copper infused compression sleeves with other athletes and old timers like myself that just ache from a lifetime of…living. They all have been just as pleased in their experience.

    Will they work for everyone? Apparently not. Especially if you are dependent on narcotics for your pain and not interested in other remedies. Is it more a psychological pacifier? Maybe. There is science behind it though. I’ll leave you with this. Look at where you invest your money. Why not invest a small fraction of that into your personal health and comfort? If it doesn’t work for you, give them to someone else that may need them.

  6. I’ve only had my Tommie Copper knee sleeve for about 4 days. The pain in my knee is chronic, and except for Tylenol and Ibuprofen, I don’t do well with pain meds. My cousin told me it worked for his knee, so I thought I’d give it a try. Within about an hour of putting it on, there was almost no pain. It’s strange, cause I can still feel the grinding in the bones, but the pain is almost totally gone. So I had to try,, and took it off for a day, and it didn’t take long for the pain to start again. I’d have to say, just give it a try, and hopefully it will work for you too!

  7. message for GLEN

    i have the same problem from what i understand stem cell injections our not covered by medical insurance?

  8. I tried the Tommie Copper T-shirt. It did nothing for me. I left an honest review and they refused to post it. There response was “Our staff has read your review and unfortunately we cannot post your comments as they did not meet all of our regulatory requirements. Please resubmit your review by abiding by our writing guidelines.” My review was this…”I so badly wanted this to help me. I have numerous issues with my back (according to the guidelines I’m not allow to list. I’m guessing because if you have the same issues you won’t buy this product after reading my review). Unfortunately this didn’t help in the least little bit. However, it is very comfortable. The length is perfectly long so your not yanking at it all day. Also, the fit was as expected.” I was just being honest.

  9. Kratom! Yes! I can’t believe I saw this! So few people know about this product. It’s awesome! I hope she saw your reply and checked it out and is getting relief.

  10. Got more relief out of the study of Eastern medicine . Don’t waste your money on this TV con job.

  11. Yes I’m just about there the govt.decided to get involved in old people’s pain.mostly because there was no money in it for the now old people like me are suffering.u go us.what’s next take away our prosthetics.good for you.

  12. My son had this HORRIBLE Knee Ailment! Our FINE Doctor wanted him to keep exercising his knee but ‘THE PAIN WAS IMPOSSIBLE!’
    I did some research and found that years ago, they used to make the kids wear A FULL LEG BRACE! Apparently the PARENTS HATED THIS SOLUTION…USUALLY CONCURRING w/ SUMMER BASEBALL SEASONS…. So Eventually, OUR Current Doc’s Instructions became The Norm!

  13. Your lucky you don’t have so much wrong with you that it’s either take pain killers or blow your head off

  14. WTH?! Someone stole your medical compression gear? I shall curse them along with you. Sometimes I’m so disappointed in the human race. I hope you were able to get them replaced. I had a dear cousin who suffered from lupus. I’m so sorry that you are dealing with a terrible disease and a sick, sick person who would steal from you.

  15. I have been using tommy copper knee sleeves since December 2015. I think they work. I am on my third pair now as they stretch out and then ride on the top of my knee cap. They keep replacing them under warranty. The third pair are black in color since they were out of the flesh color. I do not think the black work nearly as well as the flesh colored ones. It may be my imagination but I really notice a difference. I have never used any other compression sleeves so it could be the compression that is really helping and not the copper.

  16. I too have dealt with and been through pain killer addiction. I raced motocross for a number of years, snowboarder, wake boarder, broken my back and just about you name it, twice. I am looking into this type of product to help my daily pain as I will never let another pain killer, prescription pain killer, touch my lips ever again. I just hope that they are worth the hassle. As my shoulders back and neck need annny relief they can be given… I agree however, just exactly how much better off I am without the prescription meds is gigantous times better !!

  17. We are all different types of people, like Chevy, Ford etc. not everything fits everyone the same. I am sorry you did not find success, but that is not necessarily TC company’s fault. They don’t sell small sizes and I am currently trying to find this size. I found some relief using TC, be kind enough NOT to call me a scammer. I have hurt for 23 years. Even a little pain control helps. I hate medications. Good luck, Barbara.

  18. Until someone entered my apt and STOLE my 5 pieces of TommyCopper, I was able to buy on sale, I loved them. I have lupus and all associated joint and muscle problems and am in pain a lot. The TC was easy to wear and very comfortable. The compression made my muscles feel secure and my joints didn’t rub together as hard because the compression kept them in place better because they act like tendons…I curse the person who stole this simple comfort from me…disability DOESN’T buy these.

  19. I bought a Tommie Copper Pro knee sleeve a few days ago and I have noticed a difference. I have a bad hip that will likely need to be replaced in the next couple of years and compensating for the hip seems to be negatively impacting my knees. I started wearing an old knee sleeve I had from years ago on one of my knees which helped a bit. I was in a mall this week and saw some Tommie Copper gear. I decided to give it a try. For me , so far anyway, I have noticed a positive improvement. I don’t have any pain in the knee with the Tommie Copper sleeve while I am wearing it. I still have the pain in my hip and a bit of pain in the knee with the generic sleeve but for me this is working so far. I don’t know if this will work for everyone but my 2 cents worth on this topic is TC is worth a try. Thanks.

  20. Ok. From my experience with compression wear – it helps keep heat in and provide some therapy in tiny amounts,… The pain relief is a result of the compression gear holding tightly the injury and not allowing it as much free motion.

    That being said,… I also deal with lifelong chronic pain due to a crushing injury in a machine and subsequent car accidents.

    That being said – I have spent many years working to handle pain management. This is what I know.
    Those opioids we take that are super strong,… They don’t really fix or alleviate the pain,.. They just numb you to it. Your body also will develop an ability to make those things nearly useless and this causes people to be addicted to them. These are to be used in small quantiles and you probably need to take a 48 hour brake (or longer ) after 3-4 days.

    I have also learned that pain management requires movement. On this note,… I have found that a pool will help you do wonders. The active mobility will help your body and the zero gravity on your joints – allows you much more mobility and exercise than you might imagine.

    We all have our aches and pains – some of us it is much more than others. Compression items will help you if you need structured support to decrease movement or excessive movement to joints,..tendons etc,… Not all I hurts so well do be compressed.

    I have found that my heating pad,… Steam and sauna,..and swimming helps a lot. And I don’t mean little walking in the pool. Swim some miles,… But built up to it.

    My health issues got pretty bad – but – without prescription medications – through diet and exercise and SLEEP (get SLEEP) I have utterly eliminated all of the diabetes markers for in all of my blood work. I have lost over 100lbs and I am still going strong. Yes,.. My knees are shot and so is my back – so I have to really change what I can do,…. But it can be done. I did it,… Pain management is a bit of a game,… Trying to find what works for you without destroying your insides.

    Be safe, careful. Consult a dr and find a good nutritionist that has skill in reading and understanding full bloom work-ups. Good luck,… And yes,.. The “copper” isn’t so much a thing as the act of compression is.

    In my past I used a knee brace with strong magnets and a tight wrap to get through my walking. It won’t work now,… But back then it did. Good luck to all of you and happy health.

  21. Couple years ago fell cutting trees and hard on my elbow. Gradually this developed into constant soreness and pain with grinding and locking of joint while driving. Told my wife I need to do something and we found Tommie copper elbow wear in a mall. After an hour of driving all pain and locking of joint went away. I wore it for a week with no pain. I left it off for a few days for a test and pain and locking resumed. Since I wear it everyday except at night and am able to work and live without so much pain and especially the joint locking up.

  22. I bought the knee sleeve a year or so ago and for me it works. Have arthritis and some days pain is awful even when laying down. I am not getting paid to say this and when I read reviews want to hear a truthful response.

  23. Reviews are just a bitch Fest anymore, this is for just in general products all across the board. What a bunch of 6 year olds. Baha

  24. Chip, maan! Calm down. We all read Samantha’s post, and can’t see anywhere she attempted to make this racial. Seems to me YOU are trying to do so. Any one in HER or his right mind can see you’re both a racist and sexist. And, somehow in between, you manage to also be a bigot. My third grader was very quick to see Samantha made a typo, as is normal with anyone using mobile devices. That was really petty of you. And if you’re as true a Christian as you claim, then you should be able to comprehend that you owe Samantha an apology.

  25. I am an IBEW electriction(union) with 18 years. Having handled bare copper for years I can tell you there is no benift for clothing infused with copper. Period. Why do I have aches and pain in my body, because I’m getting older. Period. Compression wraps will help but you can buy or make them cheaper than name brand. Use your common sense, low doses of ibuprofen (200mg to 600mg) 3times daily(never more than 800mg—liver damage). You will still have pain, which is good, it’s your body’s way of letting you know to be cautious and not overdo the activity( work or play) that your doing. If you want to wear tommy copper for its “look” then go for it!

  26. I came to this site in hope of getting feedback on the product and feel that I took a left turn on kindergarten. It never ceases to amaze me that when people have an outlet for opinions and education, it becomes a venue for rudeness and immaturity.
    In life, we all deal with issues on many levels. While there are basic guidelines and principals, ultimately choices are personal. To be judged and belittled because of stepping outside the box is unacceptable.
    My heart went out to those with debilating pain searching for relief, hoping to improve the quality of life, only to be bullied and judged.
    So, please speak and share your thoughts, just remember to do so with kindness ,empathy and respect.
    My other advice, for its worth, is to live by these simple rules… Would you say the same things face to face… Would you sign your name to it…And ,most important, are you willing to live with this on your “PERMANENT RECORD” ???? (there are no erasers in cyberspace! “, so play nice)
    Peace,love, and good health to all. Now, I take my leave in hope of finding some vital information!

    does not meet your requirements

  27. I am considering buying a knee sleeve to help with my 0steo arthritis. Don’t really know if it will work but $40.00 isn’t too much to spend either way. I do believe in the benefits of copper. Copper is one element which the body doesn’t readily retain but has been believed for centuries to help joint health. I wear a copper bracelet from time to time and it does seem to help with arthritic pain. Also, some off the shelf arthritis remedies contain copper.
    I’ll give it a go and let you know!

  28. Well I just bought a sleeve for my elbow to see if it will work for tennis elbow. A friend on my team has it and swears by it. As for your knee pain Barbara I too used to suffer from HORRIBLE knee pain. It was so bad I thought I was going to have to get one of those old peoples lifts for our stairs. Some days it was so bad I wanted to cry. I HATE taking pain pills and would take them only as a last resort. I read a book called Wheat Belly and it changed my life. I was tested for Celiac after my Gastro doc said with my Scottish/Irish heritage I could be a poster child for it. The results were negative but he said that didn’t mean that I didn’t have an intolerance. I must say I was extremely skeptical that giving up wheat would help my knee pain but the book Wheat Belly did say it caused joint inflammation among other things. It also said to try it for 7 days and if I didn’t see a difference to go back to the wheat. I figured what the heck I could do 7 days. I’m here to say that by day 7 every bit of my knee pain was gone! It was like some kind of miracle. I have been GF for 3 years now and I don’t miss it one bit. I also lost 20 lbs without even trying and got off all medication (cholesterol, high blood pressure, Nexium). It also cured my acid reflux.

  29. I bought the product prior to reading the reviews. I’ve been experiencing knee pain only when I lay down. I bought and tried the product and pain subsided. I found this site while trying to research why it worked. So far, well worth the cost, at least for me. If something changes, I’ll post.

  30. Earlier today while searching your product line on my computer, I found a product that impressed me but can no locate it. This particular product had more of what I need. The product appeared to be designed to improve posture significantly while covering the body in compression mode from the shoulder line down to the waist. What I recall were the straps at the shoulders and the full material of the compression material. Can you tell me how to locate the item on my computer at your web site and tell me what the name of the product is?Thank you for your help.

  31. Thought this stuff would be a scam, but gave it a try anyhow First tried a wrist band a few months ago because typically when playing tennis my right wrist hurts. With the Tommie Copper wrist band I have zero pain.

    I’ve had a sore left shoulder for about 5 months. Have been to RMT massage and it’s helped a bit. However the pain was still there. Finally I went to a store locally that carries TC stuff and bought a t-shirt. Been wearing it for a few hours and the pain is about 95% gone.

    I don’t know how it works, but for me it does. I wouldn’t expect it to work for everyone.

  32. Short and sweet no B.S. works for me, didnt take the pain away totally but much better than before.

  33. I tried it out for 5 days my knee was just hurt just like it was before I even tried itdon’t really recommend it to anybody TV commercial shows if they just put it on and instant pain reliefnever believe TV commercials

  34. The only real thing about these is compression wear. For some things, compression on the joints and tendons provides support. The copper part is just advertising propaganda. For some people and some afflictions compression is helpful to comfort. Just look for something with a comfortable fit and buy it at an affordable price. Don’t get pulled in to miraculous claims on a higher priced product because you’ll be disappointed.

  35. Tommy Rip Off is more like it.

    Shipping is by “slow boat from China” and same can be said for the product

    Don’t waste your time or money. Total scam.

  36. Did you have a typing error or did you mean to type Goddess bless Samantha ??? If that was intentional and you think that our Father is a Goddess then you have lost all credibility with me as you are a lost soul !! You tried to turn this into a racial thing with the writer of this article so I assume you are a black woman who thinks God is a woman ?? I have been a chronic pain patient for 28 tears and I am now 54 years old !! So there are very few people who can tell me anything that I don’t already know or have been through in pain management !! You showed your ignorance when you claimed that you had no knowledge of withdrawals when cutting back or stopping your pain meds !!! You did a great job of putting Montel on a pedestal but I hope people reading your review pick up on the racism and your lack of Christianity !!! You must live a miserable life !!! I just received my Tommie Copper products and I am sure that I am on more narcotic meds than you are but I rely on our Father to also help comfort me with my pain !!!! You need to get to know our Father seeing that you do not know him by your comments and He will help you too !! It’s way too early for me to comment on the TC products but I pray that they help some !!! God bless each of you suffering chronic pain !!!!

  37. The best way to know if something really works is to just stop using it!
    I figured since I was wearing my “Tommy Copper”; playing tennis going for walks etc. that everything was okay. Boy was I wrong. I stopped wearing everything. within one week I was unable to swim, play tennis go to the pool walk. I laid in bed for days! I thought it was my medicine and made the mistake of increasing my meds. I just got more ill. So I decided to go back to ‘exactly’ what I was doing a month ago! Already I am seeing progress. I stopped the oxycontin only take Tylenol 3 wear my Tommie Copper and eat properly. I cannot believe the difference!
    That pain was not in my head. I was virtually screaming on the floor. Going back to “Tommie Copper” ordering 200.00 more worth of product. Getting my life back! If you have truly been in as much pain as you say you have; how can it hurt possibly hurt to try one more thing. So you can sit on your couch and say Tommie Copper is a scam and wriggle in pain at night or try it and hope like most of us that it works!

  38. 2015 Hello,
    I was suffering for two weeks with a knee that seems to act up every now and then.
    I purchased a Copper/Wear Knee Sleeve on a Saturday evening. Put it on when arriving home
    and was surprised how comfortable it was. Did not wear it to bed but could tell the difference
    when getting up during the night after the first use.
    Next day went to a baseball game and wore it all day long. Had to climb steps at the ballgame and set in those squished seats for a few hours. Then back down the steps and out into the uneven
    ground in the parking lot. Stopped to do some grocery shopping and arrived home nine hours later of wearing the Copper Knee Sleeve. Took it off to watch some tv and got up several times for different reason and WOW! I was so comfortable without it and no real pain, that I have had for a couple weeks. Today I got up pain free and did the laundry. I decided to put it on the other knee since it started bothering me along with the other one. Not as painful but after sitting and getting up and down it too, was not happy. I have it on now so I am sure I will get even faster results.
    I was quite amazed to the point I want to purchase another one and two for my husband if they are not sold out. Paid $10 and feel it was worth trying. I am glad I did.

  39. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, my husband had seen the ad on TV and said I should try it as my ankle was bothering me, I tried others not so comfortable, so I ordered one it was great, made a huge difference. I have since ordered them for my knees, as from time to time they will ache and can’t sleep, again a great result. My husbands knees have been bothering him, heavy weight lifter for years, he now wears them and has found relief. Very light weight and easy to wear, comfortable, not sure whether it’s the cooper or just that its light weight or the combination, but they work!

  40. Not medically possible? Doctors are the THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH in the U.S.A., killing more than a quarter million souls annually according to JAMA. Look it up! That fact immediately disqualifies any medical opinion from anyone related to “modern medicine”. I’m wearing a copper knee brace as I type, and it works like a miracle. I found this discussion by trying to Google the reason why they work. I haven’t found out yet, but I certainly didn’t get healed by a fist full of anti imflamitory drugs that shred liver tissue that a typical MD would have tried to kill me with. Don’t be a lemming. “Modern Medicine” is barbaric.

  41. the worst customer service i have ever experienced, i will never buy their product again, it doesnt even work what a scam.. Please dont waste your money.

  42. It seems as though you were reading my thoughts. I had a spinal cord injury 25 years ago and after four largely unsuccessful surgeries, my pain only continues to get worse. I refuse to increase my pain medication dosage, as I continue to do my best to tolerate the ever constant pain. It is literally hour by hour. Here in Florida, there’s come to be such a negative stigma due to the “pill mill” epidemic. Those of us in this predicament, are made to feel like addicts each month when we go to the pharmacy. I don’t know what the solution is but as wild Bill Clinton once said ” I feel your pain”.

  43. I had major disc problems in my lower back, and had 4 of them injected with stem cells and have very good results. They want to cut out part of my spine, so I tried this first… ☺

  44. Don’t know how the product works but the company has the worst customer service when it comes to returns that I have EVER encountered. I placed a first order using their sizing guidelines and received 15% off. Received the item and it was too big. Wanted to exchange for a smaller size and was told I had to return my item and place another order but I would not get the 15% off because I had already used it. Today I received my refund and was still charged the $4.95 shipping. So I paid a total of $7.27 shipping (yeah cost me $2.32 with tracking for what they charge $4.95) at my expense for an item I was unable to use using their guidelines. Won’t be ordering anything else from them.

  45. First of all, I am a paying customer; no one gave them to me to try. I am a 62 year old truck driver who delivers my freight by handtruck. I have arthritis in both knees and suffered a meniscus tear in my left knee that was repaired last year. As for me, these things are a lifesaver. I can tell the difference when I don’t have them on. They are comfortable and allow me to complete my 10-12 hour days with a minimum of pain. Since buying them, I have come off hydrocodone and now take only ibuprofen. If these ever wear out, I will gladly buy another pair. Five stars!!!

  46. Montel Williams was NOT a Navy SEAL. He was a stellar Marine and the only person that I’ve heard of that was accepted into the Naval Academy after enlisting first and in his early twenties. Our military academies accept only kids straight out of school with over a 3.5 GPA, tons of extracurricular classes and clubs, play at least one sport, letters of recommendation from damn near everyone in the town you great up in. Those are just the minimums, so for Montel to enlist and then somehow get accepted is an awesome feat in itself. That said, he was still no SEAL, an even more exclusive group. Usually enlisted men who become officers go to OCS.

    But not of that means Tommie Copper isn’t a joke. Go get some generic compression wear, it may help with swelling, but if you are very active and athletic you probably don’t have water retention issues. This is a scam, and if copper infusion helped a person “heal” I PROMISE you would have seen it used long ago in medicinal practice somewhere somehow, but it’s not used by doctors as a treatment at all! The whole copper infusion thing that sets them apart from the rest is a complete gimmick…otherwise I would be captain copper from head to toe!

    If you are on the fence about purchasing Tommy Copper and don’t believe me then Ace wrap a load pennies tight on your affected area.

  47. Bought the elbow sleeve,wore it 24-7.absolutely no relief at all. Wouldn’t even consider buying another one.

  48. “fragile as pantyhose”…??? I put my pants on, tugging and pulling, with my long fingernails… Not a tear. By the way, they are not magic.. They don’t miraculously eliminate all my pain, but using the pants for polyneuropathy and elbow sleeves for ulnar compression, my body just feels better. The pain isn’t gone but this product provides just enough support that it helps.. HELPS, doesn’t eliminate!!

  49. hi Micheal
    And whoever else that reads this. If u I are in discomfort. I may have a solution to your problem. This is not a scam and it is 100% natural. Just email me and we can go from there.

  50. i tried the compression sleeve on my elbow it has reduced the pain it is not magically gone i still have some pain but i can now sleep better at night. yes i would recommend trying this.

  51. I just started wearing a Tommie Copper elbow sleeve. Within 30 minutes of wearing the sleeve, I felt relief from nerve discomfort. I had ulnar nerve transposition surgery two years ago which took care of the worst symptoms, but I’ve never been 100% since. The constant nerve discomfort has been greatly relieved by the use of this product.

  52. My bowel was perforated during s simple surgery and as a result I’ve had 6 additional surgeries. My stomach muscle don’t do there job any more. I need core support. Was skeptical to try the core band but I’m happy to say it really helped. I’m going to order another one!

  53. I had the misfortune to injury by right knee (MCL / Meniscus / pulled ligaments etc. and a bakers cysts) I wore a soft rubber brace of months in order to get around. Then I hurt my left knee but not as bad as the right. I choose not to do the repair surgery since recovery in 60 year olds is long term and I have to work. So I choose physical therapy and pain meds. The combination of pain and anti inflammatory meds made me really sick and caused internal bleeding. So I ice my knees, use Arnica for the inflammation and pain, take anti inflammatory supplements. AND wear my Tommie copper knee compression braces on both knees. Some days my knees really feel good and some days they hurt. Not sure it is the copper but I am sure that the compression really helps my particular knee aliments. The only bad thing I have to say about the product is that the sizing runs a bit small. Purchased larger size…happy.

  54. My daughter gave me copper fit knee socks & knee band for Xmas. When you live with pain everyday you may grab for straws. Ive had back, leg & neck pain for years. Honestly I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be feeling, but the product is very comfortable. Lets just say the jury is still out.

  55. Not only did this not work, but I ended up being stuck with $200+ worth of useless clothing that can’t even be worn as such since it is as fragile as pantyhose! Granted, the reason I couldn’t send it back, was because I waited too long. Due to 2 deaths in my family within a 1 week period, I didn’t contact them until 32 days had passed & they didn’t care why it was too late or the fact that they got my order wrong & didn’t send me everything I paid for. I don’t recommend the product or the company!! For those of you that it honestly has worked for, I am truly glad. To anyone that is helping the company by fibbing, SHAME ON U!!

  56. Glad that 5 minute thing works for you, but it doesn’t for everyone. & maybe you didn’t mean it that way, but it sounded very judgy. Not all of us are addicts just wanting a fix. Some of us are folks with injuries on top of a spine condition that incompetent docs failed to see. I could go uder the knife with a 50/50 chance of never moving from the neck down again. I’m just trying to stay a productive human not draining the system. Without pain meds that only tae the edge off, I don’t walk. Even then I crawl down the hall 1/2 the time just to get to the bathroom.

    & yes, these things are a huge flushing of money!

  57. Life is not promise to us so why do we put trust in these products, just like any thing you try it my not work for you but it my work for me. We all take a gamble of something I’am just saying!!!!!!!

  58. Tomny Copper advertises 60 money back guarantee. Why haven’t those who haven’t been satisfied returned the products for refund? Not ask pain and joint problems need same ready.

  59. as the recipient of to artificial knees I can well sympathize with his difficulties. Like most people I waited longer than I should have and endured a great deal more pain than if I would have had the surgery earlier. But as for wearing a compression brace on the news that has the artificial joint, I was told by my knee surgeon and in this era P following that a compression brace would have a very bad long term effect on a knee implant. And that if he needed a brace of some kind post surgery then the type that has a band wrapped around your lower thigh and upper calf and has an outside of the joint on each side is the way to go. But I was told by several doctors and therapists that a compression wrap after a knee replacement therapy was a very bad idea. Over the years since then most of the people I ran into that also had any surgeries said they had been told the same thing, so it’s not just my doctor. But for sure at least check with your doctor pacifically about this idea. There’s too much at stake not too.

  60. I don’t think a one size fits all concept should be applied to virtually anything as a medical nature. In my own personal life I have been taking a fairly strong dose of hydrocodone for nearly a decade. Prior to that I was taking oxycotton. I quit taking the oxycontin and stepped back and started taking the hydrocodone because it actually gave me a better pain relief even though it was a much weaker medicine. My doctor said that different people are affected differently by the same medications. So I believe that with the extend logically to say that the various compression and copper infused garments will naturally work better for some than others. And maybe not at all for some. I believe there is room for latitude on this issue and to have so many people come down so hard on either side is naive.

  61. I believe that your experience could have been as stated, but in the pain management program I am in (due to inoperable spinal damage), I would say the bulk of the people in our program have reported the opposite of your experience. Pain medications can be addictive (and after 7 years I probably am) and they do generally need to be increased as time goes on to maintain the same level of pain relief. However many of us have chose to live with an increasing level of pain rather than continually increasing our dosage. We take the most we can take and still be functional and deal with the rest through therapy and exercise. But I have not seen nor heard of any incidences where long term use of pain medication has increased the pain. The only increasing pain has been as a result of the natural degeneration of the origina medical complaint. There may come a day when I have to take increased dosages to not live in deep agony, but everybody I know in a program like this choose this path rather than live disabled due to medicine dosages.

  62. Unfortunate that people take pain killers at all – they just eat up your liver and really don’t help – your body builds up a resistance to those drugs so everyday you take those pain meds end up taking more an more after awhile they have an opposite effect on your system – they (pain meds) start giving you more pain – people should educate their self with alternative ways to deal with pain – mind over matter – i was addicted to pain meds for years – i quit taking pain meds and just deall with it – if you can think about something else for 5 minutes you can get thur any pain without being addicted to those meds – just my 2 cents

  63. Barbara, I invite you to look in into a natural form of pain reliever. Kratom has been a huge help for me. Do your research.

  64. It works……… I had five surgeries on my knee.
    I still have chronic pain! Bought the knee sleeve.
    It takes away almost all of the pain.
    I can even fast dance now! By the way Montel is a
    genuine person. I love his compassion because of his pain.,
    I also have had back surgery and two foot surgeries.
    Today I ordered the shirt and the socks. God bless Montel!

  65. Have you had your magnesium levels checked? Low magnesium can cause many ailments including heart attacks, muscle and joint pain, skin conditions and more.

  66. You won’t find relief from Tommy Copper. It’s a true SCAM. I take pain meds every day for chronic pain and the knee sleeves did not help me 1%. I do not understand how the other reviewers could say it helped.

    If you can figure it out, please give me the answer

  67. Don’t waste your money. read my review. They don’t do a thing. If it wasn’t for my pain killers, I would not be able to walk at all.

    Unfortunately, I will be pain killers forever.

  68. I did forget to mention, I wore them for a week and a 1/2 not a day!!!! I would like to ask the other reviewers how they can seriously say these think soft sok like things actually work for them. There is no way they alleviate pain. The Tommy lettering actually peels off after a week. How do you expect me to believe the copper in them is supposed to work?

    Is something wrong with my body? I doubt it, I believe that the mind can do a lot. If you want to believe so bad, you can actually start to believe it is helping the pain.


  69. I have 2 copper knee braces. I am 67 and have bad arthritis in both knees. Can barely walk the pain is so intense. I have had the Synvisc injections and they didn’t do a thing for me. I can’t have knee surgery because of a bad heart. I decided I will have to live with the knee pain (don’t know how) but it’s better than taking a chance of having a heart attack under surgery and the knee replacement is not guaranteed either.

    Well anyway, when I heard about these knee braces, I figured I would try them. They do DO NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, except cause a terrible skin reaction for which I had to see a doctor and get a prescription….So, not only are they expensive, I have a doctor bill and a prescription bill. The only thing I have good is say about them is if your looking for something that doesn’t show under your clothes, then get them. That is all they are good for!!!!! They don’t bulk under your pants.

    The other point is Tommy makes a huge point of great customer service in their reviews. I can tell you from experience, IT’S A LIE, LIE, LIE. I have e-mailed them 3x (NO ANSWER) and called them. They told me they would send a prepaid label to me to return the sleeves, but apparently that was just to shut me up because I never received any label to return them.

    So, my experience is they STINK !!!!!

  70. I was a little aprehensive about the sleeve until a friend of mine told me it worked for him.The sleeve for the elbow is fantastic. From the moment I put it on the pain went away I am able to work out in the gym again as if nothing was wrong I sleep with it . I don’t want to take it off.Thank you tommy copper.

  71. Okay, my full-arm sleeve arrived today.
    I’ve been wearing it for 7 hours now and still no magic….
    I WISH I had gotten it earlier because my doctor gave me a steroid shot in my elbow just 6 days ago and it massively reduced the pain from a 10+ to about a 3.
    I could have evaluated the sleeve better if I had started wearing it during the WORST pain, I’m sure everyone can understand that : )
    But I am going to continue to wear the sleeve to see if it can help this level 3-4 pain.
    I’ll keep ya’ll posted.

  72. Hello everyone and THANK YOU for all of your advice, personal testimonies, and thoughts on this product.
    I suffer from round-the-clock chronic pain from head to toe.
    I’ve been to every kind of doctor imaginable over the past 15 years and the final consensus if fibromyalgia and arthralgia. Physical therapy does not help because any physical activity increases my pain level. My boyfriend jokes that for every day of activity, I require 3 days in bed to recover. I am allergic to codeine so that is out, and I do NOT want to become addicted to pain medication because I have known too many addicts in my lifetime – and I DON’T LIKE THEM because no matter how pure their intentions were in the beginning, they become miserable people who will steal from their best friend to get a “fix”.
    Currently I am on a regime of REST – laid out like a dead person in a coffin, all joints straight – a Butrans pain patch, Tramadol every 4 hours, and Nucynta every 12 hours if the pain is intense. Contrary to what you might think, I am not a zombie and can function on all the medication but it is the PAIN I cannot function with. Every joint aches from the small toe and finger joints all the way up to my pelvis and hip joints and at times they just burn as if there were hot coals embedded in them.
    The connecting tissue and muscles also ache, like I have run a triathlon. Sleeping comes in 3-4 hour cat naps, when sleeping comes at all. Before you become overly empathetic, please let me say that my pain levels DO change from day to day, so I am NOT in Hell all day every day, but most days are in the 5-7 range (with 10 being the worst pain possible) and once or twice a week I hit an 11.
    I really, really want to try the Tommie Copper products. My 93 year old aunt and my 85 year old mother have worn copper bracelets for decades and contribute the copper with preventing arthritis in their hands and wrists. It may be an old wives tale, but many old wives tales have validity.
    I have to start small due to my income, but am hoping for the best. I promise I will come back and let you know MY results.
    I wish you ALL good health and less pain.

  73. Oh, and also, I looked at other compression garments, and in many cases, the Tommie Copper garments were CHEAPER! So spend the money, either way… you’re not getting ripped off if you go to the original Tommie Copper site. Just thought I would add this. And get a PayPal account……. all you have to do is get an account there, then go to the real site, and if the stuff doesn’t work for you, just open up a discussion with paypal about an order, and say it doesn’t work, and you’ll eventually get your money back! It takes a couple of weeks. Unless you try to get your money back from the Tommie Copper site, they may be totally okay about refunds. I’m just saying it couldn’t possibly still be around if it didn’t work for anyone, it’s no more expensive than other compression garments, it has MORE compression garments than I’ve ever seen anywhere else, and from what I’ve read here, for the people that have used them, at least 75% say the garments work for them! lol… No, I don’t work for Tommie Copper. Again, I’ll let you know how they work for me!

  74. I have neuropathy, and very irritated nerves for so long, and have been on so many meds that don’t work… I bought the full body stuff… short sleeve, long sleeve, shorts, knee braces for when I wear the shorts, the long legged compression pants for when it’s colder. I definately WILL let you know how they work, as I am the “expert” on nerve pain (I know we all feel we are … lol )
    Anyway it was a lot of money, but I bought it through PayPal. If you tell them it doesn’t work like the advertising said it did, they get a refund from the site. So if it doesn’t work, I’m not out any money. If it does work, it’ll be worth all the money I spent! I have upper back pain, shoulder and upper arm pain, middle back pain, lower back pain, bad knee pain, and ankle pain. So I bought just about everything! And I’ll let ya’ll know how it worked for me!

  75. I am in the army and have a bad knee from jumping out of planes over the years and the amount of running we do in the miltary and I can tell you this sleeve works, Its not just mental, I feel a signifigant diffrence between when I wear it and I dont.

  76. My son has Odsgood Slaughter desease. His knee has put him in pain for the last several years. We are on a new med called Oscon that has help a lot. Still a litlle tender to the touch. Has anyone tried the sleeve for this condition.

  77. I purchased the knee sleeve this product gave little to none compression it did not reduce pain or swelling it’s a complete ripoff I returned it for refund don’t waste your money.

  78. Recently l purchase a Shorts from Tommie Copper for the pain in my back, its been three weeks and still no ease in the pain, as a matter of fact it seems to get worst, l have sleep less nights, after watching Montel l taught this was for real, but l dont think it was work the money, l guess l threw away my money thinking l would get some relief . .
    Lloyd Goulbourne

  79. Recently l purchase a Shorts from Tommie Copper for the pain in my back, its been three weeks and still no ease in the pain, as a matter of fact it seems to get worst, l have sleep less nights, after watching Montel l taught this was for real, but l dont think it was work the money, l guess l threw away my money thinking l would get to relief . .
    Lloyd Goulbourne

  80. These products are quality and comfortable and do help me! I use the calf leggings for long drived

  81. MY wife JUDYhas been in lower back pain for six years
    She cannot sit for a long period without the aid of ice packs-heat packs we have seen every kind of DR. NO results

  82. I purchased the compression socks because my legs would swell up if I stood up for long periods and they worked because the swelling went down and I don’t feel the pain in my legs anymore. My mom suffers from pain and she has tried a variety of products recommended by her doctor and nothing worked but when I suggested the Tommie Copper she said “No” until her church friends told her it’s worth trying because it really works. Taking a bunch of pills for pain is not fun thus I plan to buy more of their products.

  83. 8 weeks ago I had my left shoulder repaired from a 3-5 cm tear in the roto cuff and a tear in a couple tendents and a bone spit can this shirt help in getting my use by supporting the shoulder while taking physical therapy?

  84. I purchased the T-shirt, biker shorts and ankle brace for my son. I am wearing the t-shirt today for the first time. Not sure how long it will take to notice a difference but I hope it works. It gets old taking pills and being in pain, I will try anything but surgery.

  85. You most likely sprained your knee. If you couldn’t even put any weight on your leg without pain there’s no way a mere compression sleeve is going to do what pt, meds, and a leg brace couldn’t. It’s not medically possible. I’m not saying the whole Tommy Copper line of products is bunk, but I’m just reading some of these success stories and some of them are clearly overrated, or falsified in some way. Compression products aren’t some magic fountain of youth product that you put on and you’re magically impervious to pain. Ask your doctor… if he doesn’t recommend compression gear at all, save your money because it’s not gonna solve what you went there for in the first place.

  86. I wish I were “one of those who could be given one to try. I use the shoe orthotics advertised on tv, and I swear by them. I’d like the opportunity to swear by these, but if you send them back if you aren’t satisfied, by the time you send them back, the price is still the same by the time you pay s/h to get your money back. So they win either way.

  87. I bought the long sleeve shirt and the half finger gloves,I have worn them and I don’t see the difference in my pain level or my mobility. I was wondering what I have to do to get my money back?

  88. NO!! So far, I have not seen a difference in my joint discomfort. The only thing that is good about it is that it does not squeeze as tight was my other compression bands. Guess you have to try stuff to see. I have had it for 3 weeks now and no results.

  89. Tommie Copper is the bomb!! I injured my knee working in the yard. I was coming down from the riding lawnmower, hit the ground and heard a loud popping noise and the most intense pain you can think of. My husband took me to the hospital and they put me in an immobilizer brace. From there I went to the orthopedic surgeon where they did an MRI. They said nothing was wrong with the knee, but I couldn’t put any weight on it and it hurt like heck! I saw the infomercial with Montel. I don’t usually try these things but at that point I’d been through PT and meds and nothing was working, so I gave it a shot. Best $34 I ever spent. Now 2 years later, I have hardly any pain in the knee at all and when I do, I just wear the sleeve for a couple of days and it’s good. I would recommend them to anyone.

  90. Have had some upper back and shoulder pain for a few years. Every night i would ask my husband for a back massage. Think he got tired of that so he ordered me the Tommie Copper shirt. Wore it for the first time today and I want love it.I am a believer af ter one day. Going to order one for my mom

  91. I am a guitar player and I’ve been trying to get the medium size
    Gloves with the cut half fingers, you never have them in stock
    Gonna try another product, to frustrating to keep trying to get them
    When there are other products out there.

  92. My husband has a knee replacement on his right knee and he has had arthroscopic surgery done on his left knee. I would like to know if the tommie copper knee sleeve would help his left knee that he had the arthroscopic done because his left knee still hurts. Also would the copper in the product affect the knee he has the knee replacement on

  93. Having knee surgery at age 17 (now 50) I just received my Tommy Copper knee sleeve and I can tell you it is the best most comfortable “Brace” I have ever tried. Time will tell but I have spent hundreds of dollars over the last 30 years on knee braces and I think I found the best. I also bought a calf sleeve for my other leg and it too is great.

  94. Ok I will give this a shot and hope it helps someone. About 2 years ago I had a low speed motorcycle fall. The brunt of the fall was on my left knee where i had a slight meniscus tear and slight egg shell type fracturing of the knee cap. Through delayed diagnosis i ended up having surgery. Due to scar tissue build up i have lost the ability to fully bend or completely extend the knee 100% without stiffness and some minor pain.

    For about a year after I limped some and the knee would ache after extended walking or being in the bent position. I was even hard to find a comfortable position to sleep and get comfortable without it having a radiating ache. I have had a couple of full braces and some soft ones on my own lastly a Mc David Multiaction knee strap. This did help some when I had walking to do or extended sitting but it was a little irritating and chaft after a while. I saw the same infomercial and figured I would give it a shot. So after about a day wearing it I did notice less of the ache and radiating pain. I slept in that night and found that it was easier to get into a comfortable position. I would slide it down periodically as sometimes I found the bands at each end would become a little irritating.

    Overall after having it for 5 months i can tell a difference when I wear it and find it does not ache nearly as much when I do. I am glad I got it and would buy it again.

  95. From what I have read here you seem to be criticizing Montel Williams involvement with the product and not the product itself. I am concerned with statements that say Montel Williams will emdprse just about everything. O think what you fail to see is that this product is something that this product is something that has worked well for his own chronic pain. Montel Williams has suffered with MS for many years and has found so much relief using this product that he has been able to return to activities that has not been able to participate in for many years. That makes it very personal for him. Instead of making your focus be on Montel Williams you should make your comments be on the product itself and not if he has chosen the right product to represent. You have said some positive things about the product and that is good.

    In my opinion Tommie Copper is more than just a shot in the dark. The infomercial I saw where a woman was given a glove to wear during the half hour was someone who was suffering from arthritis in her hands for some time. She was given the product to wear and asked periodically whether the product was helping. At the end they asked her if she would like to give it back. Her response was absolutely not.

    If using an ointment or a topical product or just letting your body rest is something that will help whatever pain you have than the Tommie Copper product is not for you. Compression products were made for people who have tried just about everything and usually end up taking endless rounds of medications usually of a narcotic nature. Out of everything I have read there is one sentence that I see where you give the product a fair shake. And that is the reviews from actual users are unanimous. The next thing you say I don’t believe is part of the reviews from actual users. That is the part where you say it will work well if you know you will respond to compression therapy.

    The only comments I found credible was the ones made by William Whittaker who uses Tommie Copper Compression Products. and the comments made by Gavin who wants desperately to try the same product. I wonder if you have gone to the web site to see what the product is all about and why it works and who it works for. Also read some of the comments made by real users of the product. In the end that is what really convinced me that I believe this product can be useful for my own Chronic pain. I realize that it takes commitment to use a product like this and I already have that. I feel it takes a much larger commitment to using the medication that I am on now. My doctor put me on all kinds of medication for my chronic pain three of them being narcotics. When I found out I had sleep apnea my doctor told me it is possible that one or more of the pain medications is causing this condition. Then almost as an afterthought she asked me if I would be willing to stop taking the medication that could be causing this. I found her statement to be sadistic and extremely sarcastic. She knew what the side affects to these drugs could be but she never told me. Since I had stopped taking medication at one time without withdrawal I did not think of it being a problem. Now I know how horrific withdrawal pains are. They call them withdrawal symptoms but for people who go through them they now they are much more than symptoms it is closer to pure hell. The only compassionate way to get off of narcotic drugs is only one way.and that is going through a compassionate detox program. When someone takes pain medication for chronic pain they do not take it for any kind of high. In all the time I have taken pain medication I have never gotten high, not once. I have asked my doctor on occasion about not taking the pain medication or not increasing the medication and she did not think it was a good idea. I am still in constant pain that at times causes me incredible amounts of distress. If I could find relief from Tommie Copper Compression products than Goddess bless Tommie Copper. I am ready to enter a detox center. I feel I would get my life back instead of being in constant pain that saps my strength and keeps me in depression. I don’t know if you have even been to the web site and I don’t know how qualified you are to have an opinion about the product. .

  96. i”ve been living with cronic pain and have been on many medications.while search and desperation for relief.i tried the ‘tommy copper’ compresion shirt.i”m not sure if the lyrica or the shirt has helped,maybe combination of both.i wear my shirt everyday[need another one-pain in the butt to keep washing]anyway,i believe it has helped me.
    i am buying another shirt and 1 for my elbow.dr.”s call it tennis elbow,but it hurts like crap.
    i am a believer and satisfied customer

  97. I don’t know if people wear this to make a fashion statement, but I really need it for purely therapeutic reasons. I got a bad knee from having dislocated it when I was in high school while playing basketball. Ever since the first dislocation, I’ve had it happen to me several more times and I have a persisting pain that won’t go away even with prescription strength pain killers. I think I’m slowly killing myself with medicines and I have to look for an alternative. I’m not really looking for any miracles. I’m just hoping this thing will alleviate say maybe 10 percent of my pain.

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