Does Cosequin Really Work?

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Does Cosequin work?It can be hard watching your dog or cat suffer from joint pain, and Cosequin is specially formulated for them. They also make a version for horses, but cats and dogs are much more common pets, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on in this review. Our major questions are: is this safe for your pet, and does it actually work at providing relief from the pain and stiffness in the joints as they age?

Many pet owners worry about their pet’s well-being, especially because they can age so quickly, and experience things like arthritis at a much earlier age than us humans do. It can be hard to know what to do for them, aside from bringing them to the vet. If you’ve noticed a change in their behavior, it’s a good idea to take them in to get a professional verdict that it is indeed joint pain and stiffness that they’re experiencing. Once you’ve got things properly diagnosed, you can confidently treat them with the right medication and supplements.

The Claim
The claim of Cosequin is that it will relieve your dog or cat of the pain and inflexibility of the joints that comes with getting older. This should be able to give them a new lease on life, since it won’t hurt as much to move around the house, or play in the yard, or even go for a walk like they used to enjoy.

The Hype
The hype is that this is a supplement for your pet, and therefore emotions run high. There will be people that vehemently state that this works, while others will say that it doesn’t, and that it did harm to their animal. To cut past the hype we had to overlook any personal reviews that people gave, and looked at the overall statistics of the feedback that Cosequin receives.

The Cost
The cost is pretty reasonable, considering your other options like hip replacement surgery and other prescription medications you can get from your vet. We found a bottle of 250 tablets at Amazon for $65. That was specifically for dogs, but similar products could be found for cats at similar price levels.

The Commitment
All that’s required is giving your dog or cat the tablet, which may or may not be easy depending on whether they can take pills directly. You can mix it right in with their food and they shouldn’t even notice.

Arthritis in dogs and cats can come on slowly, so you might not even recognize the signs and symptoms until they are more pronounced. Cats especially are notorious for trying not to show any weakness, so they will try their best not to give you any sign that something is wrong. Plus cats are typically more calm and collected, so it is harder to notice that they’re not moving around as much. Dogs are more easier to spot, because a naturally playful dog will gradually become a homebody that just likes to sit. It’s not just from getting old an having less energy, it’s because it hurts to move.

Many vets will recommend some form of surgery if your dog is a breed that is known to have hip problems and other joint issues. But this usually only provides a temporary fix, and comes with its own host of problems. It’s best to consider all of your options before taking more drastic measures.

Why the Fuss About Glucosamine?
What most people seem worried about is that this is a glucosamine product, and there has been a lot of debate over whether or not glucosamine is something that you can give your pet. However, that debate is usually about whether you can give glucosamine products that are designed for human consumption to your pet. The Cosequin line of products is specifically formulated for pets, and includes the proper dosage instructions so that there shouldn’t be any harmful side effects from giving it to them.

Final Cosequin Review

The overwhelming number of positive reviews cannot be ignored. Cosequin works, not just for dogs, but for cats as well. Horse owners have also said that it works, and we haven’t seen any product have such one-sided feedback before. When considering your different options, remember that this is a natural remedy consisting mostly of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, so you aren’t flooding your pet’s system with pharmaceutical drugs that are known to have many side effects associated with them.

Our Recommendation
Definitely give Cosequin a try if you’ve been wondering how you can help your pet through this time in their life. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more effective, less expensive way to treat the condition of stiff joints. Maybe your pet won’t be able to voice the words thank you, but you will definitely notice that they’re feeling better when they start becoming more active than they previously were.

What do you think? Does Cosequin work or not?

11 Customer Reviews on “Does Cosequin Really Work?

  1. I’m just a user of the product who knows it works from real experience and decided to share here. We started giving Cosequin to our 14 yr old Cavalier who was having arthritic issues, joint stiffness, easily “pulling” muscles. Let me be clear that there was a MARKED difference in her ability to move in general but also jumping up onto the couch like she was 8. She stopped “pulling hammies” and her energy levels were MUCH improved. That was about 1.5 years ago and she is still happily going despite the worsened arthritis and liver cancer. Cosequin is not a miracle drug but it does help quite a bit for many dogs.

  2. Our dog, probably about 7 years old, was our foster, and now adopted by us.. She spent 10 months in shelters before we took her on as a foster. She came with lots of challenges including weak/sore back legs. We have had her for 2 1/2 years. I started giving her Cosequin about 1 year ago. The change is remarkable and this isn’t a paid promo for the product. This is a testament to how it changed her life. She couldn’t walk for more than 15 minutes and getting out of a lying position was painful to watch. After a year she is enthusiastically walking for 1-1 1/2 hours and could go on longer! She no longer struggles to get up. She LOOKS much more healthy and robust because she is no longer in pain and stiff. We’re very happy with the product. She’s on it for life.

  3. My Husky weighs 150 pounds, he’s a big built Husky anyway, 7 years old. Been trying to get him to lose weight, watching his diet, but he hurts to walk to far. Have been giving him 2 tablets 2 times a day for 2 1/2 weeks now, hoping to see some improvement, nothing yet. I’m sure it’s going to take time for him since he’s so big. I’m sure once the Coseqin DS starts working on him he’ll enjoy walking like he use to. I can’t wait to see him walking and playing again.

  4. We have a 15 year old, mixed breed dog. She weighs about 50 lbs. Last summer she was hardly able to stand up. She was so stiff with arthritis. She could hardly walk once she did get up. I started her on cosequin D5 tablets, 2 a day. Within a few days she felt better, within a week she could walk better, within two weeks she was acting like a puppy. I give her 1 pill every day. She will soon be 16 years old, and still likes to go for long walks. Cosequin saved her life.

  5. hello-dog lovers,all over,,,,,my huskie/sheapard////just started takeing the meds,as listed above,she is 7 years old,,,,severe pain started i week ago,,,,,,according too the doctor,she has hip,displasam,,,,, this came on fast//////im giving her vet pain pills,,,and the cosequin,,,,she feels 50 percent better,right now,,she stll wines,,,going up stairs,,i built her a wheel chair ramp,,,too go inside,,,it does help,,,,i really pray,,,,,,she improves,,,shes a inside,,,,,dog

  6. I wrote the manufacturer of cosequin commenting on use of pet for a person with a prosthetic. The person in the commercial states he places a lot of weight on the pet getting up. I complained about the use of a dog as a crutch. The wrote me and explained the pet was used as a stabilizer. The man clearly states a lot of weight is placed on the dog. I believe this use to sell a product is completely wrong.

  7. It doesn’t take a genius to look at this products reviews. Every site gives it a 5 star rating out of hundreds of reviews. I know nothing with “cure” arthritis but to find something that actually helps with the pain and gives some improvement is worth buying it. My dog hated the taste so it gets crushed up in his food. It also comes in chewable tablets which smells terrible…….like fish. I will stick to the tablets.

  8. My German shorthaired pointer was a rescue. He was dehydrated and malnourished so bad we almost lost him several times as a pup. So we were told through the years that he had calcium deficiency among other things and his bones didn’t grow correctly. He is now 8 but has the body of a 15 year old dog. We actually had the discussion in my house we would under no circumstance watch him suffer. That we would put him down. He has always been active but could no longer climb up 3 stairs to get inside the house. He whined at night from pain and wouldn’t even go out to urinate. I was devastated. My husband did some research and said lets try this product first and give it a chance. Within a week my dog was getting up and down again. I have never see anything like it. It gave us our Lucky back. We have had to increase to two pills a day but as long as our Lucky can go about his day without being in much pain we are happy. Thank you to the makers of cosequin. Thank you. You saved our Lucky

  9. My Brussels was born with knee and joint problems and she would stretch her back legs out straight while laying on her belly because of the discomfort and i could tell it was getting worse on some days so before going to surgery, I decided to try cosequin and after a few weeks, she stopped stretching her back legs all together and hasn’t done it since. It’s been two months now and she is definitely a different dog. I never thought she would ever stop stretching her legs like she was because of the discomfort. The proof for my dog is there and as long as it helps her, she will continue on it.

  10. What can be side affects, to other internal organs, when given for many months, for a healthy dog?

  11. Cosequin worked wonders for my 9 year old Golden Retriever who quit walking up stairs and cried out in pain while trying to climb out of a small ditch while on a walk. I took him to the vet who recommended Cosequin. The result was almost immediate and he has been his old self these past few months. I’ve started my cats now, too!

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