Does Crank Chop Really Work?

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Does the Crank Chop Work?Being the one that is responsible for preparing the family meals really can be fun, or it can end up being a big hassle. If you have the right tools to work with while doing this task however, it makes it a whole lot easier. We thought for this reason you may be interested in the Crank Chop Review.

The people who brought you the Slap Chop and the Schticky are at it once again and have brought forward a new toy for those of us who love to cook! The all new chopper from the company is the Crank Chop. A hand held chopping device that slice and dices quickly and easily.

The Claim
The claim by the company is that the Crank Chop is the easiest and quickest way to chop a wide variety of vegetables and other items in the kitchen and can be done by pretty much any one.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the Crank Chop is realized most by the fact that is being sold by the makers of the Slap Chop and the Schticky. Experts at the direct marketing mission of the founder and head salesman the infomercials and the like are designed to get the maximum amount of exposure in the shortest time frame possible.

The Cost
The cost of the all new Crank Chop is only $19.95 . That price will also get you a bonus “Food Topper” which is essentially a large shaker that you can dispel food like Parmesan cheese with.

The Commitment
Very little in the way of commitment required for the Crank Chop. Toss it into a drawer when not in use and when dirty simply take it apart and throw in the dishwasher. Pretty simple indeed.

The all new Crank Chop is a pretty simple device. You unscrew the lid, toss in your ingredients, re-affix the lid and then grab the handle and pull! The stainless steel blades contained therein then spin and chop the food into manageable pieces for cooking. The claim is that the more you pull the smaller the pieces will become. The main reason that the Crank Chop is successful as opposed to just using the older Slap Chop is that the pull and chop system is a little bit easier on the hands than the Slap Chop and thus can be used more effectively by a wider range of people including the elderly and those with less hand strength needed for the Slap Chop.


Final Crank Chop Review

All in all the Crank Chop does do what it says it will do. It does chop food. How long it will last is another story. As with most “As Seen on T.V” products the quality of the unit is in question. Basically, you do get what you pay for. If you want a food chopper that will last a lifetime then pay the large sum for a Cuisinart or something similar, if you want a unit that you can use occasionally to chop your veggies and the like and do not want to pay a huge price then get a Crank Chop and take your chances. Still we are prepared to give this product a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
As we stated above, you get what you pay for. Quality aside, the unit DOES do what it says. How long it will function is the question you have to ask. You may want to check out Slap Chop which was promoted by the same Company.

What do you think? Does Crank Chop work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does Crank Chop Really Work?

  1. Broke after 3 uses. You can’t immerse lid in water, so cleaning is difficult and food gets stuck in the small openings, impossible to clean without immersing in water. The string does not retract after only 3 uses. I am very disappointed – I gave 3 of these as Christmas gifts, I’m too embarrassed to ask if all 3 broke like mine did.

  2. I recently purchased a Crank Chop. I was rather disappointed. After the first pull, the vegetables were chopped into different sizes. After the second pull, they were still various sizes, but some were very small. After the third pull, the vegetables ranged from mush to small, medium and large chunks.
    Not pleased, as it ended up costing $40.00. I’d sure like to know how Vince managed to get his vegetables chopped into chunks of the same size.
    I also found that the vegetables had to be chopped quite small before going into the unit.

  3. You better be right Dee or I will be really pissed off. Wal-Mart now has them for $14.99. I’m leaving now to get one. Again Dee, if it is a piece of shit you’ll be hearing from me.

  4. Crank Chop WORKS. No, the string doesn’t break. This is one of the BEST products I have ever purchased. I have now given 6 others to friends/family. I hate chopping for salads. With Crank Chop it takes about 2 pulls for perfect rough chop for salads. For bruschetta or fine chopped cooking…about 5 pulls. No more chopping onions or garlic. And even if you put 4 cloves of garlic in the Crank Chop, all by themselves, they chop perfectly depending on how many times you pull the handle. Most choppers won’t chop something that small by itself. Great product. Wouldn’t do without it.

  5. Have you guys heard that Vince Offer’s wife Claire something has launched a clothing line? Who would buy her shit I mean have you seen the way she dresses? She has no fashion sense and she looks like a ghost in the ad on-line. Vince is calling her the Shamwow girl; I mean fuck if she is the shamwow girl then it is definitely the end of the world!!!!!! Doom has come upon us all!!!!!!!

  6. I know man like what is up with that! The shamwow guy used to be so happy before that quack came along I know he was desperate with getting hookers and all but nobody ain’t that desperate to marry Claire. When I first saw them in the picture where she was wearing that pink coat I thought that was his niece cuz she looks like a little child and then I saw on Vince’s tweeter page he had upload those pics saying “Me and my star” and “My babe and me” and I was like oh shit take down those pics that is nothing to be proud of because stars are women like Sophia Loren, Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Hurley, Cindy Crawford etc.. But Claire Mandate is not a star that is someone’s boring shitty wife. As a man I think men shouldn’t get married until someone good comes along, they shouldn’t settle for any garbage cuz they will regret it later in life. That is the mistake I made with my first marriage I settled cuz I was lonely

  7. I have to agree, me and my husband John didn’t buy the crank chop cause we thought the commercial was distasteful with Melody whatever her name is appearing. We used to be a huge fan of Vince’s commercials back when he did the shamwow, slapchop, schticky and we bought everyone of his products and now we are confused because Vince Offer brings his newborn baby, his wife, and the infomercials have turned into a joke. We don’t buy his products anymore. Just because you marry someone doesn’t mean you can come and participate in their line of work with no talent. My husband is in the entertainment business as well but I don’t act like a fool and tag along in his work we know that there are boundaries, a time for work and a time for family. So I don’t know what this Claire girl is trying to prove, apparently Vince is trying to save money by not hiring other people.

  8. I think the Crank Chop is a nice product; I bought one and found it convenient however I find it extremely annoying that Vince Offer’s wife Melody Claire Mandate keeps appearing in the commercial. I think she appeared in his Quickie Grass commercial as well. Melody doesn’t have the kind of face that one likes to see on TV and she is not an actress. I think an infomercial loses its taste when the pitchman’s wife keeps appearing. I think Vince is an amazing talented pitchman; I truly admire him so I hope he comes to his senses and stops bringing her cuz it is really embarrassing. He should hire some professional commercial actresses instead.

  9. I haven’t even reveived my crankchop yet but I’m already disappointed. First of all it takes 4-6 weeks to reveive, however I paid 10.00 additional for faster shipping and when I went to track the shipement, it said it would be 4-6 weeks. WHAT A RIPOFF!!! I will never order this kind of crap online again!! by the time it gets to me, this product will be in every store in america!

  10. I’m really growing tired of the multitude of ads that say something extra I don’t want is “free” with an additional handling charge. I’m also tired of the cheap junk Made in China priced as though it was made here. I bought a Cuisinart Mini-Prep Processor refurbished for $19.95 which is about the same size.

  11. This thing looks like it would work but I’m afraid it would be like everything else after a while the string would probably break and I wouldn’t be able to get another one and you would disappear into the woodwork and just run away with my money.

  12. Hi, thank you for the review. The price is correct however they add $12.95 on as a service fee.
    This is not fair as the advertised fee is a rip off.
    There is not value when the actual price for this item is $30.00 Canadian…..

    I would love one as I broke my wrists but now I am sooooo disappointed.

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