Does the Cybersonic Toothbrush Really Work?

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Does the Cybersonic Toothbrush work?The Cybersonic toothbrush is one that has been around for well over a decade, and was one of the first electric toothbrushes on the market. It still bills itself as having the fastest strokes per minute at 45,000. No other toothbrush on the market is willing to state their revolutions per minute data, so this alone puts it in a class by itself. But let’s examine whether that results in a better product or not.

When choosing an electric toothbrush you have to consider all of your different options. The brush has to be powerful, cordless, have a well-designed brush head, and a good reputation and user feedback. We put the Cybersonic through all of these litmus tests, and it seems to come through on the most important features.

The Claim
They say that their newest model, the Cybersonic 3, is the most advanced electric toothbrush system ever created. They also claim to have set the standard with a combination of new technology and a simple design. Their claim of 45,000 strokes per minute is pretty unverifiable, it’s not like it’s something you can count. But there’s no real reason to doubt the claim, as it seems like something they could pull off.

What We Like
Since Cybersonic has been around so long, they’ve had time to fine tune it and make improvements year by year. This isn’t just a battery-powered toothbrush, but really a complete system that combines brushing, flossing, tongue scraping, and even tooth whitening. All of these different heads utilize the same sonic action and 45,000 revolutions per minute. If you thought you were scrubbing your tongue before, wait until you add some sonic power to it.

We also like that they developed an eco-friendly model. Their Eco Edition is a redesign that uses less electricity, and comes with less packaging involved, as well as other improvements that help you go green.

What We Don’t Like
Even though they say this toothbrush is safe on any dental work you’ve had done, it begs the question how fast is too fast? Isn’t it possible to have too many RPMs? How does it effect your tooth enamel. They do include a soft brush, which is what dentists recommend, so hopefully that is enough to make it safe for your teeth.

The Cost
The unit itself is $99.95 plus $11.95 shipping and handling. There are a bunch of add ons that you can get with this one, but the one that seems most useful is the recurring 3 month order of brush heads. It’s so hard to remember when to change out your toothbrush, and at $8 every three months for new brush heads, that’s more than reasonable.

The Commitment
You simply have to toss out your old toothbrush and start using the Cybersonic. It comes with a flosser head as well, so you should try that and see if you prefer it over conventional floss. Some users said they like it, while others say they are sticking with the old way.

One oddity is why a major oral care company like Crest or Colgate hasn’t bought the Cybersonic and released it on a larger scale. It still seems to be a small to medium sized product that hasn’t gone mainstream the way Sonicare or Oral-B electric toothbrushes have.

They also include a timing system that might take a little getting used to. The unit itself will make a little shift when it’s time to change quadrants of your mouth. Do upper right until it shifts, then switch to lower right, then upper left, then lower left, then the front.

It pretty much has everything you need, and nothing you don’t, so it remains simple yet effective. IT’s got the charging light so you know when it has finished charging. It’s got a charger that isn’t big and bulky, so it travels easier. It also comes with a travel case so you can store it easily when you’re on the go.

If you don’t currently scrape your tongue, it’s something dentists recommend for better breath and better overall oral health. Some toothbrushes include it on the back of the head, or you can buy a tongue scraper for that specific purpose. The Cybersonic comes with a tongue scraper head so once you juice it up with the 45,000 RPMs your tongue will never be the same.

Final Cybersonic Toothbrush Review

We’re giving the Cybersonic our Thumbs Up review, and cite the fact that the company has been producing basically the same toothbrush for a long time, and hasn’t stopped tinkering with it and making it better. We see the value in getting the replacement heads shipped every three months, because we’re always forgetting when the last time was that we changed our toothbrush. It’s pretty important to change it out, and this is a set and forget way to get reminded, and is not very costly at all.

Our Recommendation
The Cybersonic toothbrush deserves a try if you’re definitely going to get an electric toothbrush. It definitely spins fast, who knows if it’s 45,000 times per minute, but who cares? You can tell the difference between a Cybersonic and any other electric in this price tier. Even if you don’t end up using the flosser or teeth whitening it comes with, you should get a lot of use out of the brush and tongue scraper attachments to justify the purchase.

What do you think? Does Cybersonic Toothbrush work or not?

7 Customer Reviews on “Does the Cybersonic Toothbrush Really Work?

  1. I had my mom buy me one for my birthday over 20 years ago… When Robert Urich was their spokesperson. At the time, the toothbrushes were $6.99 shipping and I could order as little as once a year. The shipping and the ordering has increased – and I still don’t know why the shipping is so expensive.
    You can change what toothbrushes you want with each shipment.
    It’s a really nice result. My teeth feel very smooth and seem whiter, every time I use the original brush. I like the small round ones for the back teeth.
    The problem I really have is that the battery only lasts 3 days and I have had to replace the base about 4 times.
    Only one charging base has failed. Luckily, it was during a “sale” where I bought the entire package for 1/3 the usual price.
    I recommend the unit, but with full info. known.
    The term “impressive” is what your perspective is on the moment.
    Great results, but problems ensue.

  2. I owned a Cybersonic until the battery died, about 20 years. And replaced it in 2009 with a Cybersonic 2 that I am still using. The rubber cover on the control button is starting to break down though so I’m thinking of going for a Cybersonic 3. The round brush head will work a little better because you can attack from any angle. The thing about is they it uses a high speed vibration system to move the brush head. No spinning bristles or other stuff. This is the way professional cleaning systems work. It’s been great on my teeth for a long time and even saved me when I couldn’t get my regular cleaning due to COVID.

  3. This is the best tooth brush I have owned, have had it for over 18 years, no break downs, feels like being at the dentist’s after every brush.

  4. The toothbrush is great until you need service and you can forget that. Their only answer is to buy another toothbrush. The on/off switch cover which is a piece of plastic the size of a dime just melted. They won’t replace it. Their answer is to buy another toothbrush for full price!!! I have purchased 8 of these (2 for myself & 6 for gifts) and their solution is that I should buy another toothbrush!!! Well, no more for me. I do appreciate good customer service.

  5. I do. It’s like walking out of the dentist office each time j use it. And is the best way to have a quick and painless dentist appointment. I also have had mine for 10 years and have replaced it once. I bought two more for my family. BUT I do like the old flosser that you string the floss your self especially if your teeth are tight. It makes flossing a breeze and you don’t have to rip your head in half or strangle your fingers. Great system. Light weight and small heads are great for angling to clean the rear of the teeth better.

    Why do they not do more advertising?? Or expand over the other two out there.

    Could make a larger head and or one that has a “check scrubber on the back”

  6. Okay, so i quite like the look of all the attachments that come with this one. The flosser in particular. As a guy, I also can’t help but be enticed by the name of this thing. The ‘Cybersonic’ toothbrush. Brilliant. It makes it sound like it might actually be something other than it claims to be. You see, a name like that makes me think of sic-fi weapons and excitement. Then I remember its a toothbrush. Then I also remember that the toothbrush I use right now cost me $2. And the floss I use cost me $1.50. This toothbrush costs $99 and you have to buy replacement heads. Who buys these things?

  7. The cybersonic toothbrush is great. I had my original one 8 years before it needed replacing. The new one is even better….cleans better and is quieter too! Great toothbrush!

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