Does the Delta Water Leak Detector Really Work?

Does the Delta Water Leak Detector Really Work?
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Does the Delta Water Leak Detector Work?One of the most damaging things that can take place in a home or business is a water leak. These can appear in several different locations such as near your water heater or under your sink. They can go unnoticed and as a result of the pooling water it can cause damage that can be expensive to to repair. A new solution for detecting this is now becoming available which is the Delta Water Leak Detector.

The all new Delta Water Leak Detector is a wireless connected device that can instantly alert a homeowner if they experience a leak anywhere in the home that it is placed.

The Claim
The claim by the venerable kitchen and bathroom hardware manufacturer is that by sticking one of these Delta Water Leak Detector wherever you are worried about a potential leak will ensure that you are promptly notified if any unwanted water is leaked in the area that the detector is placed whether near a sump pump or a recently repaired faucet or anywhere else a leak may occur.

The Hype
The hype is mainly derived from the fact that unlike most sump pump alarms this Delta Water Leak Detector is fully portable and can be used for a variety of tasks like the ones outlined above and many other possible situations.

The Cost
The cost of the Delta Leak Detector is reasonable $79.99 and as a bonus if you pre-order through Delta they will knock off $10 and you will only pay $69.99

The Commitment
Other than changing the batteries at the appropriate intervals there is not much in the way of commitment required for the Delta Water Leak Detector. You will of course need to be able to respond if the alarm is triggered by a leak however but that is what you purchased it for in the first place so that should be no problem.

We think that this Delta Water Leak Detector is a tremendously innovative product that will definitely benefit homeowners in a wide variety of ways. The situations mentioned above are just a few potential uses of the leak detector. You could also place one in a basement area that may be prone to flooding in order to catch the water before it has the chance to cause any damage. Same goes for an attic or any other place that you may suspect water of entering your premises. The detector is simply wireless synced to your smart phone or tablet and if water is detected the alarm will instantly alert the owner with a notification sent to the device that has been synced. In addition the device itself will emit an audible alarm so that anyone in the area will also be notified of the presence of unwanted water. The unit is sensitive enough that it can detect even small drops of water.

Final Delta Water Leak Detector Review

Besides the scenarios we have already highlighted that would make practical use of this Delta Water Leak Detector there are others as well such as placing one near any hot water heater or appliance that you suspect may be leaking or fear will in the future. They are even great for the cottage or R.V when you cannot be around them as the alarm will be sent via the phone or tablet giving you enough time to get someone to go and check out the reason for the alarm. Although this is a brand new product without any feedback as yet, based on the innovative concept and the highly regarded reputation of Delta we are going to give it a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
Great idea from a very reputable and beloved manufacturer. Delta enjoys an excellent reputation that is well deserved and this Delta Water Leak Detector is just another great product with many useful applications for homeowners or landlords or anyone concerned about unwanted water entering their space. Don’t forget that once you find the source of the leak it will need repairing and perhaps a product like Flex Seal can help with that.

What do you think? Does the Delta Water Leak Detector work or not?


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