Does Fuel Shark Really Work?

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Does Fuel Shark really workFuel Shark is definitely an attention getter in this economy. It seems each summer gas prices are expected to hit new highs. They’re already at ridiculous levels compared to three years ago. So when something comes along that promises better gas mileage by just plugging it into your car, it’s going to turn some heads. But is Fuel Shark all it’s cracked up to be, or is this something you can take a pass on and never look back?

Cars are a mystery to most people, and car repairs cause a panic because we don’t want to get taken advantage of by a mechanic. That’s why when a product like this comes along, most people will be interested in it because it allows them to help their car without actually getting under the hood. In this technology-riddled age it also seems plausible that you could plug something into your a dashboard that makes your car run better.

The Claim
By stabilizing the voltage in your car, its electrical system will be able to operate more efficiently, thereby saving you on gas. They also claim that this is a green product that is helping protect the Earth by lowering emissions and helping use less gas. They state that you’ll get better horsepower and your battery will last longer. They say it starts working the moment you use it, and you don’t need a mechanic to help you install it.

They make all of these claims knowing full well that the average user will not be able to check to see if it’s actually doing what it says or not.

The Hype
The hype comes from the idea of being able to improve your car’s performance by plugging something into the cigarette lighter. That port is not a communication device with your car’s electrical system. Your batter just sends voltage to it so you can charge things like cell phones and iPods. It’s not a transmitter and receiver, and it’s not waiting for a response from the thing you plug into it. It has only one function, light cigarettes and charge things.

The Cost
The Fuel Shark is set at a price that makes people want to give it a shot. They figure if they can really save up to 3 miles per gallon they will quickly be able to recoup the cost of the Fuel Shark, and then everything else is pure savings. It costs $30 plus shipping and handling. It comes with a guarantee, but the product is likely manufactured so cheaply that they still make a profit on the shipping charge alone.

The Commitment
This is where they attract the most customers, because there isn’t any commitment involved at all. Just plugging the device into a cigarette lighter is something that anyone can do, even those that don’t know anything about car maintenance and repair. This makes it the perfect product to prey on those that want to save money, improve their car’s performance, and not have to get their hands dirty.

There is no possible way that the Fuel Shark can do the things they claim to do with the product they are providing. While some of what they say is true about how your car works, almost none of what they claim the Fuel Shark can do is legitimate.

The electrical system does play a part in your car’s mile per gallon performance, and it’s a good idea to keep your fuses and your spark plugs well-tuned. Most people won’t have these checked on a regular basis, so you can get the benefits they claim by just having your fuses and spark plugs checked at your next oil change. This will run you about the same price as a Fuel Shark and actually provide some benefits.

What People Are Saying
The general consensus for Fuel Shark is that it’s a $30 light up toy for your car. Those that have tried it have stated emphatically that it did absolutely nothing, and just provided an electrical drain for their car by using electricity to power the LED light.

Claims made by Fuel Shark:

Final Fuel Shark Review

Fuel Shark definitely goes into the Hall of Shame. With the claims they make, and the type of customer they target, they should be ashamed of themselves. There really needs to be a governing body that keeps products like these off the market. The FTC should really crack down on companies that make unsubstantiated claims and sell products that have no proof associated with them.

Our Recommendation
You can safely avoid the Fuel Shark and save your money. Buy an extra tank of gas with the money you save and don’t give it another thought. This is one of those products that make other As Seen on TV products look bad.

If you want to save money on gas, check out Tree Huggers 66 Ways to Save Money on Gasoline

What do you think? Does Fuel Shark work or not?

38 Customer Reviews on “Does Fuel Shark Really Work?

  1. I’ve tested alot this device, and now my car consumes a lot less, i won the lottery and my wife turned in a 25 years old russian model !
    Thank you fuel shark !

  2. I removed the fuel shark and I saw my gas gauge going down faster that’s all the proof I need

  3. Yeaah man I know what you mean. Once I put one of these fuel sharks in my car and wow what an improvement. I got pulled over because of all the gas spilling out of my gas tank. My only complaint is that the gas needle is stuck on past Full and that I have to stop every 45 miles to remove the excess gas from my tank.
    Man you guys are the best and really make an awesome product. Now can you come up with a device that can help keep my gas tank from overfilling? Maybe somethign that I can plug into my ODB2 socket and give me a green light?

  4. I bought 12 of these and now I have to stop every 50 miles to remove gas from my tank to keep it from oveflowing. I’m thinking if I drop to 9, I will never have to put gar in my ca again.

  5. Only experience and testing can prove/disprove something, right?

    My experience:
    Chevrolet Spark 1.0, 8 years old:
    sparing 3,5% (in the city drive)

    Ford Focus 1.4, 9 years old:
    sparing 11% (city) – before: 8,7 liter of gasoline on 100 kilometers, with FuelShark: 7,8 L / 100 km
    sparing 0% (intercity drive)

    Greetings from Croatia 🙂

  6. those who say this thing doesn’t work..dare to strike a suit on this company and spare those poor souls out there?

  7. Some nerve, commenting before you try. And then to try to sell me a bridge. What is the benefit of the bridge for me? “Centrally located in downtown manhattan” thats like Broadway & Wall Street. There is no bridge there. Bridges wouldnt be “centrally” located because they are at the “edge” of one borough and connect you to the edge of another. Talk about ignorant.

  8. Presently i am totally confused whether to get this stuff or not. Are those posting positive comments being paid by the company? Is it that some folks are simply jealous and try to damage the company product. If reputable car manufacturers have tested it and confirmed, are they also being paid? If its a false advert. the gov should have close them down. What do you think people? I base in Nigeria.

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