Does Fuel Shark Really Work?

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Does Fuel Shark really workFuel Shark is definitely an attention getter in this economy. It seems each summer gas prices are expected to hit new highs. They’re already at ridiculous levels compared to three years ago. So when something comes along that promises better gas mileage by just plugging it into your car, it’s going to turn some heads. But is Fuel Shark all it’s cracked up to be, or is this something you can take a pass on and never look back?

Cars are a mystery to most people, and car repairs cause a panic because we don’t want to get taken advantage of by a mechanic. That’s why when a product like this comes along, most people will be interested in it because it allows them to help their car without actually getting under the hood. In this technology-riddled age it also seems plausible that you could plug something into your a dashboard that makes your car run better.

The Claim
By stabilizing the voltage in your car, its electrical system will be able to operate more efficiently, thereby saving you on gas. They also claim that this is a green product that is helping protect the Earth by lowering emissions and helping use less gas. They state that you’ll get better horsepower and your battery will last longer. They say it starts working the moment you use it, and you don’t need a mechanic to help you install it.

They make all of these claims knowing full well that the average user will not be able to check to see if it’s actually doing what it says or not.

The Hype
The hype comes from the idea of being able to improve your car’s performance by plugging something into the cigarette lighter. That port is not a communication device with your car’s electrical system. Your batter just sends voltage to it so you can charge things like cell phones and iPods. It’s not a transmitter and receiver, and it’s not waiting for a response from the thing you plug into it. It has only one function, light cigarettes and charge things.

The Cost
The Fuel Shark is set at a price that makes people want to give it a shot. They figure if they can really save up to 3 miles per gallon they will quickly be able to recoup the cost of the Fuel Shark, and then everything else is pure savings. It costs $30 plus shipping and handling. It comes with a guarantee, but the product is likely manufactured so cheaply that they still make a profit on the shipping charge alone.

The Commitment
This is where they attract the most customers, because there isn’t any commitment involved at all. Just plugging the device into a cigarette lighter is something that anyone can do, even those that don’t know anything about car maintenance and repair. This makes it the perfect product to prey on those that want to save money, improve their car’s performance, and not have to get their hands dirty.

There is no possible way that the Fuel Shark can do the things they claim to do with the product they are providing. While some of what they say is true about how your car works, almost none of what they claim the Fuel Shark can do is legitimate.

The electrical system does play a part in your car’s mile per gallon performance, and it’s a good idea to keep your fuses and your spark plugs well-tuned. Most people won’t have these checked on a regular basis, so you can get the benefits they claim by just having your fuses and spark plugs checked at your next oil change. This will run you about the same price as a Fuel Shark and actually provide some benefits.

What People Are Saying
The general consensus for Fuel Shark is that it’s a $30 light up toy for your car. Those that have tried it have stated emphatically that it did absolutely nothing, and just provided an electrical drain for their car by using electricity to power the LED light.

Final Fuel Shark Review

Fuel Shark definitely goes into the Hall of Shame. With the claims they make, and the type of customer they target, they should be ashamed of themselves. There really needs to be a governing body that keeps products like these off the market. The FTC should really crack down on companies that make unsubstantiated claims and sell products that have no proof associated with them.

Our Recommendation
You can safely avoid the Fuel Shark and save your money. Buy an extra tank of gas with the money you save and don’t give it another thought. This is one of those products that make other As Seen on TV products look bad.

If you want to save money on gas, check out Tree Huggers 66 Ways to Save Money on Gasoline

What do you think? Does Fuel Shark work or not?

44 Customer Reviews on “Does Fuel Shark Really Work?

  1. With some hesitation, I purchased the Fuel Shark to try it due to its low cost. “What do I have to lose?” My two vehicles are older, well maintained, computer-less vehicles: ’93 Mercedes 190E 2.6 auto, 73K miles in excellent condition, premium gas; ’94 Jeep Cherokee Sport, inline six, 5-speed manual, 112K miles in good condition, regular gas. Conditions of testing were with full tanks, lip to lip fill ups at a time, just city and just highway with each tankful; AC off. Both vehicles idled smoother and accelerated more responsively, without intentionally driving in such a sporting manner. MPG rounded to nearest whole number. Summary: MB went from 18 to 22 mpg city and from 23 to just over 29 mpg highway using cruise control at 62 – 72 mph. Jeep went from 14 to 18 mpg city and from 20 to 25 mpg highway using cruise control at 60 – 70 mph. I did wonder about what electrical components were inside but my curiosity didn’t prejudice (neither poopoo’d nor heightened) my opinion of this product. I now use it regularly in both vehicles and still notice economy improvements by how the fuel gauge needles move compared with prior to Fuel Shark. I now drive more carefree and not consciously trying to drive economically while seeing improved overall mileage data. I will guess newer cars wouldn’t fair as well from this passive device due to OBD2 and constant onboard computer activity possibly neutralizing its effect. I don’t claim to know how or why it should work, but judging it simply by my testing it as I’ve stated above. I look forward to experiencing additional benefits such as extended component life as mentioned elsewhere in reviews.

  2. I put this device in a 2013 Chevy Silverado V8. My mileage went from 16 miles to the gallon to 10 miles to the gallon. I removed the device and my mileage has returned to 16 miles to the gallon. May be a good idea for some but it didn’t work for me.

  3. I just used my fuelsharkl for the 1st time. I drove from Newport News, VA, to Baltimore, MD. I’ve made this trip for the last 30 yrs, recently in my New 2021 GMC Arcadia. I drove a New Route, which made my millage 251 miles. My gas gage NEVER MOVED, even after arriving in Baltimore. When I went to gas up, I let the tank overflow just to make sure it was as FULL AS WHEN I LFET VA. IT TOOK 6.8 gals. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. I have the gas recite. UNBLIEVEABLE. I am a former Sgt in the US Marines (Vietnam) & RETIRED Law Enforcement (36 yrs) Municipal & Federal. THIS IS NOT BS. THANK YOU FUELSHARK

  4. I received My Fuelshark in the mail to my surprise it seemed very inexpensively made, never the less I plugged it in and wow, nice my gas kilometers went up by 37more than what I started with and there was a bit more pep to the drive as well. I am looking to purchase 10 more to give out for Christmas presents to family members! ( No one is paying me to say any of this) I am excited about it!

  5. I bought it for entertainment , I do this quite a bit. My car is a 2011 Ford Focus 2000 cc engine. 300,000 km on odometer, I regularily check my mileage at fill-ups. Fuel use at these interval’s is usually from 34 MPG on IMP GAL up to 36 mpg. I have in 11 years never seen more than 36 mpg even with mostly hwy travel. This car has always had an issue that no one can diagnose that being if it idles rough mileage drops for no reason. Lots of parts have been changed. So back to Fuel Shark, First trip i did fill up and traveled 575 KM and filled up again this time mileage showed just a tad under 40 MPG. Also engine for some reason idled quite smooth but not perfect but better. The only explanation is that the capacitors smooth out any voltage spikes similar to capacitor home devices to prevent meter from reading spikes that you are billed for. I will be checking more BUT i must add the acceleration is much improved and I will also add that I absolutely hate the computer controlled throttle, damn piece of crap.

  6. I’ve tested alot this device, and now my car consumes a lot less, i won the lottery and my wife turned in a 25 years old russian model !
    Thank you fuel shark !

  7. I removed the fuel shark and I saw my gas gauge going down faster that’s all the proof I need

  8. Yeaah man I know what you mean. Once I put one of these fuel sharks in my car and wow what an improvement. I got pulled over because of all the gas spilling out of my gas tank. My only complaint is that the gas needle is stuck on past Full and that I have to stop every 45 miles to remove the excess gas from my tank.
    Man you guys are the best and really make an awesome product. Now can you come up with a device that can help keep my gas tank from overfilling? Maybe somethign that I can plug into my ODB2 socket and give me a green light?

  9. I bought 12 of these and now I have to stop every 50 miles to remove gas from my tank to keep it from oveflowing. I’m thinking if I drop to 9, I will never have to put gar in my ca again.

  10. Only experience and testing can prove/disprove something, right?

    My experience:
    Chevrolet Spark 1.0, 8 years old:
    sparing 3,5% (in the city drive)

    Ford Focus 1.4, 9 years old:
    sparing 11% (city) – before: 8,7 liter of gasoline on 100 kilometers, with FuelShark: 7,8 L / 100 km
    sparing 0% (intercity drive)

    Greetings from Croatia 🙂

  11. those who say this thing doesn’t work..dare to strike a suit on this company and spare those poor souls out there?

  12. Some nerve, commenting before you try. And then to try to sell me a bridge. What is the benefit of the bridge for me? “Centrally located in downtown manhattan” thats like Broadway & Wall Street. There is no bridge there. Bridges wouldnt be “centrally” located because they are at the “edge” of one borough and connect you to the edge of another. Talk about ignorant.

  13. Presently i am totally confused whether to get this stuff or not. Are those posting positive comments being paid by the company? Is it that some folks are simply jealous and try to damage the company product. If reputable car manufacturers have tested it and confirmed, are they also being paid? If its a false advert. the gov should have close them down. What do you think people? I base in Nigeria.

  14. Being aware that you could be getting better mileage will change driving habits.

    If you change your driving habits you can improve your mileage, substantially!

    automotive placebo effect?

    As an electrical engineer, I can tell you that your car already has a system to regulate the voltage. When the voltage regulator fails, you battery stops charging, or is over charged, and next thing you know, the vehicle won’t start and the battery is dead or even sometimes ruined.

    Adding a small capacitor to the system is unlikely to improve voltage regulation much if at all (perhaps just measurable), and the value of this capacitance is tiny compared to the current normally flowing in your electrical system. Additionally, most automotive components are designed to work over a wide range of voltages, and those systems that need a tightly regulated voltage (like sensors) are always provide a regulated and filtered voltage by the engine control circuitry; otherwise, the sensitive electronics would not work correctly.

    I firmly believe that anyone who reports an increase in mileage after installing such a device, must have changed their driving habits enough to make a noticeable difference (it is actually very easy to get better gas mileage by changing your driving habits). Weather will also affect gas mileage.

    It also appears to me that most of the positive reviewers are being paid by the promoter of this scam product.

    Capacitors in parallel do decrease high frequency noise, but the electrical system in the car is already designed to deal with electrical noise which is normally present (voltage regulation has to be included in the designed in order for the system to work as intended, and the car battery itself acts as a capacitor). Adding distributed capacitance (look it up if you don’t understand) is very unlikely to change anything but for one except… you might get slightly better AM/FM reception if you radio was cheap, or if the vehicle’s ignition system (very noisy from an electrical and RF perspective) is not working correctly…

    research: resistor plugs, resistor wires, capacitance at distributor, or series inductors for conducted electrical ignition noise suppression if you want to learn something.

    Anyway, if you are in doubt, find an automotive or electrical engineer, and ask them if a adding small capacitor to an automotive electrical system would make any difference, anyone worth their salt will be very skeptical.

    People who install stereo amplifiers to cars often add huge capacitors (thousands of times bigger than the one in this device) right at the amplifier, on heavy wires, in order to give the audio system overhead (just look it up), and none of these millions of automotive audiophiles seem to notice a sudden increase in mileage.

    The mileage claims for this device is complete bunk, and the marketer preys on the 300 million U.S. citizens who do not have even a rudimentary understanding of basic physics, much less electronics. To bad you all took art appreciation, home economics or 4 years of gym instead of actually getting a high school education.

    You, the vast majority of my fellow citizens, are very ignorant to the ways of nature, and are scared silly of science and technology; however, you are smart enough to watch shark tank, celebrity apprentice, or “reality” shows. I am ashamed my country due to the undeniable ignorance of my fellow ‘mericans. Looks like the decent into Idiocracy is at hand. If only my morals underpinning would allow me to take advantage, I would get wealthy selling snake oil, or god, but alas, like many atheists I am just too damn ethical to take advantage of the ignorance of others.

    Oh yeah, if you want better mileage; assuming you have plugged your vacuum leaks, and other normal tuneup items like replace old spark plugs, distributor, plug wires, so the vehicle is running correctly (you know like when the check engine light is off!), you must do the following:

    plan ahead for braking (change your driving habits )
    decrease your maximum sustained speed (change your driving habits)
    (wind resistance increases dramatically with speed… demonstrable with the hand out the window technique)
    inflate your tires to the maximum recommended pressure
    drive in the highest gear available (change your driving habits)
    roll up your windows when going fast (aerodynamics become quite important 50mph and over)
    plan ahead and leave early for your trip (part of change your driving habits)
    change to the lightest synthetic oil appropriate for your engine
    take the silly team flag off of the vehicle
    remove unused antennas
    remove the ski rack or other projections if possible
    turn the AC off if you don’t need it (and only use defrost setting when needed)
    don’t run electrical window heaters or seat heaters unless needed
    drive the car that already has a warm engine (heating an automotive engine to operating temperature uses a lot of energy, all or which is wasted when it cools off)
    avoid driving when ambient air is cold 90F
    use vent instead of AC

    the gulf clubs, dishes, bowling ball, bags of clothes,
    whatever junk is in you trunk, take it out and leave it at home


    take the car instead of the truck
    manual transmission instead of automatic (big difference)
    diesel engine as opposed to gasoline (big difference)
    trade the truck in for an old Saturn 5-speed manual (big big difference)

    So, your hard earned $ can be better invested by stopping at the 25 cent tire pump. If you don’t have a spark plug wrench I would suggest you find a friend who does, but air up your tires on the way to her house. and yes, I would change almost anyone’s plugs for a six pack locally brewed beer (maybe not an Astro van).



    Plan ahead not to use your brakes as hard or as often and you will get better mileage. This I absolutely guarantee. Additionally you can keep the money you save on gas as I don’t want it,

    But please quit wasting fuel and unnecessarily polluting the atmosphere, let’s leave a little something for the future.

    Using all the techniques I’ve documented above, I increased my vehicle’s mileage from 28-30MPG original to over 40MPG (OK, only 37MPG average in the dead of winter). So I know that few changes in your driving habits would get you part way there.

  15. Welllllll, all i can say or observe is that this mysterious device seems to work on some cars and doesn’t on some others probably due to different electrical systems.

    One of the reviews clearly states it made some electrical components to last longer than expected (like brake ligjht fuse, battery etc) but doesn’t save fuel. All in all, if you have money to spare, give it a trial and post your experience.

  16. As a matter of fact,av came across series of fuel saver but this Fuel shark really work,I used it in my Kia rio 2003 model and it work very fine,I lived in Nigeria and a lot of people have been begging me to get it for them,av also came across one friend or two that are using it it work.i will advice the manufacturer to please come to Africa most especially Nigeria.

  17. Fuel shark works for me and my Benz E350 2007 & Toyota Matrix 2008
    Since I got it, been buying fuel less times than I used to.
    Never understood why or how it works, but now after reading the review I can appreciate that with voltage regulation the car will perform better and thus save fuel.

  18. That technology has nothing to do with this type of scam product. The original poster is an idiot. He just put some random technology and is hoping that some non-technical person won’t understand what the I-Elopp is. This company is trying hard to combat negative reviews by posting some scam postings on how great this product is. Amazing!

  19. If you bought this product you should just send me your money and I will kick you in the balls. This would actually cost you more money with their philosophy because you alternator needs a higher output to feed the device, which either way doesn’t work. Don’t be an idiot and fall for it.

  20. I got “cheated” by a friend saying this type of products saved him lots of fuel, in Kuala Lumpur, a big time jam up city. So i decided to give it a try, our group bought a few and put in the car. After 1 month everybody started cursing him for “cheating” us, that the sh*t does not save any fuel but a little light in the car.
    But to our surprise, after few months (since we’ve already bought it, might as well plug it in the car, damages are already done anyway), we found that the brake lights would not get fused so often (it is a Proton, low quality car manufacturer), and my car battery (Hyundai Sonata 2.4L) would not die so fast. My personal experience was that I changed my battery every 6 to 7 months prior to that. And now my battery is 17 months old, and still using…
    No matter what, my fuel consumption is still killing me…. about 400km for a full tank of around 55 to 60 liter…..

  21. This is total BS. There’s no way a tiny gadget that consumes a little bit of electrical power can *improve* fuel efficiency.

    Those who swear it does are in the same league as anti-vaxers and creationists. In other words, deluded idiots.

  22. all i can say it works on our v6 camry.. put one in my 4×4 ford courier 2.6L petrol.. so i’ll let you know if it works on that as well.. got mine from china around $2.68 including postage..

  23. bought one from china.
    it has exactly the same electric components(resistors, 2200uf capacitor)
    This thing ain’t worth shit.
    tested my car with and without it – and it does nothing but a little light!
    seemed like a hoax from the start but I had to give it a try
    what can a 2200uf capacitor do anyway? stabilize what, when it involves currents from several up to few dozens of AMPERES?

  24. I did buy the fuel shark , 4 months ago.It doesnt MAKE ANYTHING !

    I contacted seller but he dont give me any answer.
    I will go to police and courts, very soon.

    I invited all the people that did buy this stupid device and were cheated, to ask for money back or go to police.

  25. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM How about we notice how the Fuel Shark apologists talk in the same pattern! Guess who goes around sticking up for Fuel Shark under different names. This con artist group, that’s who. Feel good cheating people?

  26. Open it up. It’s just a cheap tiny capacitor and a blue light. It’s absolutely laughable. Specifically it’s a (no kidding) 5 cent part: a common 1000 microfarad capacitor, these will store up to 0.0072 joules of energy – about enough to power the blue light for a few seconds. By comparison one gallon of fuel represents 132,000,000 joules. It simply does NOTHING except waste a tiny amount of energy powering the blue light. Why bother with all the write up. Just open it. It should be obvious from its claims it’s [TOTALLY LAUGHABLE] scam nonsense. Kind of like those magnetic wrist bands, but worse. They must be sitting back counting their money laughing at people’s gullibility. You might as well stick an olive in your lighter socket.
    PS: I don’t feel the sense in saying this, because it should be obvious to any lay man, but for credibility, I am an electrical engineer and I work with electronic engines. This is the biggest con joke I have ever seen in my life. If you buy into this, I also have a mint condition air guitar and some really good snake oil. Seriously folks, use your head.

  27. TheSyn….most sensible comment I have seen so far. A friend asked me to look at this and my reply was CRAP! you can save a lot more gas by driving gently and sensibly. Put your food down and pay the price!!!

  28. Are you guys absolutely crazy? I have seen some “professional” comments, so I have to put my reaction as well as I cannot stand those idiots persuaded by the placebo of advertisement: You can find a 1000 micro farad capa inside, which cost is around 30 cents, and that is an absolute nonsense. Yes, the principle is working, for example, Mazda uses this, but uses a big fat 120 FARADS capacitor and can save the fuel by stablizing the electrical system, but hardware used in a “FuelShark” is literally not capable of doing such a business they claim. Never. And for those, who are wondering, if it works or not, buy one 1000 uF capa, 4700ohm resistor, one LED and a fuse – total cost is around $3. Connect it together and see the magical difference, assholes. You better get some fuel for 30 bucks, instead of throwing them outta window – thats the only sure and efficient way, how to save fuel with FuelShark. 😉

  29. I also was wondering if this product really works. My car is not burning much. I can acheive 45 MPG of city driving. I plugged the wonder product and what a miracle?!! The car began putting back gas to the gas tank!!!
    Yeah, right. This never happened.

  30. I have already received the Fuel Shark Saver and many thanks.It works perfect but I have a small problem.The nose of the SAVER is longer and is not possible to stay in the lighter hole.My car is NISSAN PRIMERA.,uk made.No problem to other cars I have tried.Please advice me what can I do.

  31. I have a 2005 BMW 325i,… I have a hard time believing what fuel shark just did on my last tank. The most miles i’ve ever got per tank is 280,… I just got 330.5. I cant see how this can be,.. and will be keeping an extremely close eye on my next tank. I noticed Clay R’s post,… I think it’s true on BMWs.

  32. Mazda and BMW just started using this type of technology. A balanced and fully powered electrical system makes a big difference. Check out Mazda’s IEloop system.

  33. Stabilize the voltage in your car? Are you people insane? What malarky! You think the manufacturers of some $30 plastic gadget have solved a fuel efficiency issue that struggling American carmakers have been confounded by for years? Why would your modern car full of bells and whistles not have its own mechanism to balance the voltage? If you invest in this product, I also have a bridge to sell you. It’s centrally located in downtown Manhattan. Frankly, I can’t believe this company hasn’t been sued or shut down for false advertising. This is actually a step below those fuel additive cans they sell at Pep Boys. Fuel Shark has no bite.

  34. Interesting! I wonder how many users keep close records on their fuel usage and whether many others find a savings, as you did. When I initially read this review, it seemed logical that such a product wouldn’t work. Now, after reading all the positive comments, I’m starting to wonder…. Since it’s pretty cheap, it wouldn’t hurt too much to give it a try. I’m in California, and I drive a lot for work. I would estimate that I pay around $260 a month for gas. I think I might research a little further, and if I find a lot of reviews like yours, I’ll just go ahead and give it a shot.

  35. Not sure what to think about this…I’m seeing both good and bad reviews. I was intrigued when I first clicked on this link…wondering, could a simple device plugged into my car help me save gas? But it does seem like it’s just too good to be true.

    It seems as though at first glance it wouldn’t work, however, people who have kept records of the mpg they got seem to think otherwise. In any case, I don’t think it’s something I’d try, but if there was a similar product that could effectively prove its efficacy better I might try it.

  36. this is really cool… but im worried that whether is it bad for engines and the fuel economy…..
    would anyone tell the info or details about the fuel shark. . how 2 use it like that etc.

  37. I have tried the FuelShark. Four months and several tankfulls later, I can report about a 1.5 to 2 mpg increase in fuel economy. I drive a 2000 Subaru Legacy GT, AWD, with 55K miles. For tax purposes, I keep every gasoline receipt and make note of the odometer reading. So, I have a very extensive list of mileage computations to compare. I don’t know how or why but it seems to help a little. I would like to challenge the “arm chair experts” and naysayers to try it first before delivering a negative opinion. I’d enjoy seeing other first hand results posted.

  38. This technology has been used overseas for many years very successfully. It was tested at the University of Japan as well as in China by a group of engineers. Both tests resulted in a increase of MPG of a little over 10%. In addition, it was tested on ABC News’ “Test it Tuesday” segment twice with great results. The second time ABC tested it, they took the Fuelshark to a high end auto dealership and had their service dept. test it. The results were positive and the auto dealer ordered the Fuelshark for their Parts Dept. After a couple of months, the manager at the parts dept. stated that they had no complaints from their customers. How do I know this? I own the Fuelshark company. Before putting out these types of reviews, you should truly check the facts. The fact is that after 3 years of being ion business, we have a 99%+ customer satisfaction rate that we are very proud of.

  39. I’m sorry, but whoever wrote this review is showing severe limits in their understanding: The principle of applying capacitance across a car’s battery to remove interference is well known, and using the cigarette lighter is a convienient way for a non-technical person to do this. There are several respected companies that make products of this ilk (check Pilot Raizin, Q-Max etc – very well known in Racing/Drifting circles), which, when combined with other measures such as low-impedance earthing straps can measurably improve performance/horse-power/torque/fuel economy etc… with good components, you can improve these things A LITTLE – exactly how much depends on how electrically sound your car is to start with. This Fuel Shark product is sound in principle, but I feel rather over-egging the claims. Whereas a capacitance of between 7,000-20,000 is usually applied across a car battery in a product of reputable make, this product contains just one capacitor of 2,200 (and a blue LED!). It may have some marginal effect in your car, it may not… but to claim outright that it’s ‘snake-oil’ is grossly unfair in my opinion.

    And for this review to suggest “…it’s a good idea to keep your fuses… well-tuned… you can get the benefits they claim by just having your fuses… checked at your next oil change” is in my view even more rediculous than the Fuel Shark product claims! No, the Fuel Shark product makes no difference in my car, but technically it could in some others. Tuning your fuses won’t make any difference to anybody – as a qualified electrician I fail to even understand how you can “tune” a fuse. But at least I went to the trouble of buying the Fuel Shark product to evaluate it properly before commenting, which is more than the author of this review appears to have done. At $30, the Fuel Shark does appear expensive against other better known makes with higher capacitance (more effect), but it is available for considerably less if you shop around.

  40. I also bought the fuel shark because i was desperate for more mileage because my truck gets me about 14 mpg after using the fuel shark for about a month i know get 16.5mpg it might not seem like much but it sure makes a difference with a full tank.

  41. I started using the FuelShark, and let me tell you. I put the thing in an inconspicuous power/lighter port in the back seat of my father’s car. I noticed a few days later that he kept telling my mom that he noticed about a 3 mile per gallon increase in the gas mileage. He had stated this with absolute ignorance toward the FuelShark’s presence in his vehicle. He can state this simply by peering onto his M.P.G. display that his HHR comes with. Also, in regards to the claims that the cigarette lighter cannot transmit signals to the computer/power system is bogus. There is absolutely a device that will charge your battery right from your cigarette lighter, and that absolutely, without a doubt, works. Therefore the fact that you can have a voltage regulator that simply plugs into your lighter port is not all that far fetched. All that I ahve said is true. I know this product is unpopular; however, I genuinely suggest that individuals give it a try… especially those vehicle owners that have M.P.G. displays (that will take the mathematics and mystery out of it) that can give them the direct results. Thanls folks.

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