Does Dermatend Really Work?

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Does Dermatend really work?Before you wonder if Dermatend really works, you may want to know exactly what it is and what it is used for.

Dermatend removes unwanted moles, warts and skin tags within one to three days without any invasive surgery. The solution in the cream penetrates the skin and the alkaloids destroy the bad tissue. While this happens your immune system immediately starts repairing the area and the mole, wart or skin tag turns into a scab, eventually falling off as scabs do revealing healthy skin underneath.

The Claim
Dermatend is meant to work within a short period of time and not leave any scarring. Well scarring is kept to a minimum, unlike invasive surgeries. It also claims to work on all types of moles, warts or skin tags and can even be used on children.

If you think about how much it will cost to remove the unsightly mole on your face, the pain you will endure and the possible scarring, using a cream to remove it at a fraction of the price does sound appealing. The reviews claim that this is possible with Dermatend and you can see results in a very short period of time.

The Hype and The Cost
By now you’ve probably heard the name Dermatend being tossed around when someone is mentioning the mole they’re having surgically removed. Why waste money on surgery when you can order a cream off the internet which is guaranteed to work?

The financial advantages far outweigh any possible side effects this cream may cause. The price of having a wart, mole or skin tag surgically removed isn’t cheap, yet a simple cream can do the same job at a fraction of the price. Bear in mind though when using Dermatend that while it may only take one to three days for your unsightly mole to disappear, you will need to use the cream for a further three weeks until it’s completely healed, still a money saver.

The Commitment
Placing Dermatend on the area every day for a month will not only rid you of the mole or skin tag, but will heal the area as well. It is a commitment and you shouldn’t miss one single day in order for it to work properly.

Some people find it easier to incorporate into their daily routine and enjoy mole-free areas rather than resorting to expensive surgical procedures, which have a risk of scarring and discomfort.

It’s important to know that when using Dermatend you are not guaranteed of no scarring, some people are more sensitive than others and a scar can form, which should fade over time. You need to choose whether you prefer a scar on your face or the mole itself.

Research of the Dermatend cream uncovers that some users rave about this product and how it helped them, while others are not as enthusiastic. Dermatend contains bloodroot, which is a corrosive chemical and can cause burning. It is the bloodroot that can also cause scarring for some people.

One particular feedback stated they had used Dermatend on a mole on their face without any burning or scarring and they are now completely mole free, while another claimed that the cream burned so badly around the mole, that while he is now completely mole less he has a scar to replace it.

Final Review of Dermatend

It’s fair to say that Dermatend produces results and it works on all types of moles, warts and skin tags. It’s also safe for children, though an allergy test may be a good idea due to the bloodroot in the lotion which can cause burning.

While some people have experienced burning and scarring when using this treatment, the percentage of scars are a lot less than it would be if they all had expensive surgical treatments.

Further, surgical treatments are costly, where a Dermatend treatment for three weeks is affordable and barely a fraction of surgical costs.

Dermatend is recommended for use on moles, warts and skin tags. It is advised that you have the mole checked by a doctor first to ensure that it couldn’t be cancerous before turning to this treatment. While Dermatend may cause slight burning and scarring, it is a much cheaper option than surgical procedures and is affordable to the majority of people.

Official Website: Dermatend

What do you think? Does Dermatend work?

23 Customer Reviews on “Does Dermatend Really Work?

  1. I would like to know where I can purchase Dermatend, or at least something that has the same active ingredients as Dermatend, to get ride of my skin tags & moles. Please reply. Thanks.

  2. I had raised mole on face. Bought this stuff and YES THIS STUFF WORKS AND IS WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!!!!! I AM SO SO SO HAPPY THAT MOLE IS GONE!!!
    ….I DO have a very slight scar but I just dont care. I’d rather have that than the mole. You will have slight scar of COURSE…’re ripping away at part of skin so you should expect something of a scar. Common sense. My scar isnt even that noticable. If at all.

  3. Dermatend contains bloodroot, which can cause significant scarring.

    There are several similar creams that use a cashew extract instead, and these will remove moles, warts, skin tags and keloids — without scarring. I think the active ingredients all originate in the Philippines, but the creams are sold by US companies.

    Bloodroot and cashew extracts both work against skin cancer, by the way.

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