Do Acidophilus Pearls Really Work?

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Do Acidophilus Pearls really work?Probiotic bacteria are helpful types of bacteria, and Acidophilus Pearls is trying to make name for itself in the industry. This type of healthy bacteria supports proper digestion so as to give the body a boost of strength and vitality. Probiotics are very much needed by the body’s system.

However, if you simply rely on the foods you eat as the source for this type of bacteria, you will find that only a small amount of these microorganisms are able to reach the intestines where they are needed. You see, the human body’s stomach is filled with gastric juices, and most of the probiotic bacteria are destroyed even before they get to the intestines.

The Pearls branded probiotic products employ the use of pearl-like technology. Probiotics are contained in a pearl form and this acts as a shield for the live bacteria. They can therefore travel through the stomach and survive the gastric juices that are present in this area. This way, the live microorganisms can reach the intestines intact and in greater number.

The Claim
The manufacturer of Acidophilus Pearls claims that the pearl technology can safely deliver probiotics in the intestines. The result will be a strengthened immune system, as the effects of these good bacteria can greatly enhance the system’s overall performance. The presence of probiotics also aids in alleviating digestive problems like gas and constipation. So these symptoms will be eliminated through the regular use of Acidophilus Pearls.

The Hype
The benefits of probiotics to health are already proven, and that’s why yogurt snacks are particularly endorsed by health enthusiasts. Yogurt contains high amounts of probiotics, and that’s why snacks like these are recommended to people who are always suffering from constipation, gas pain, and other intestinal problems. With the introduction of Acidophilus Pearls, consumers have found a more convenient and affordable source for the much needed live bacteria.

The Cost
Bottles that contain 30 Acidophilus Pearls, a month’s supply, are priced at around $10. You can get these in groceries, drug stores, health stores, and on the Internet. 90-piece bottles are available too, and these are priced at about $30.

The Commitment
A once-a-day dose of the Acidophilus Pearls can be taken as maintenance for a healthy body. These convenient forms of probiotics can be taken at any time of the day, and can either be taken with meals or without meals. If you are taking some antibiotics to treat a particular type of disease, taking the pearls can also be helpful. You can take up to 3 pills per day in order to help your tummy deal with the harsh side effects of antibiotics. Taking an additional dose of these healthy bacteria will also help you to recuperate from your ailment faster.

The Acidophilus Pearl technology employs an effective concept. It effectively delivers on its claims and consumers are happy with the results of taking the pills. These are easy-to-swallow capsules, and they’re very convenient to take. It actually offers the benefits of eating yogurt without the calories and sugar.

Final Review of Acidophilus Pearls

Yes. The Acidophilus Pearls work and live bacteria can really get to the intestines even though it needs to travel through a highly acidic path. You will know because you will be having less stomach trouble once you start taking the pills.

Consumers with persistent symptoms of digestive problems are raving about the effectiveness of these pearls as less gastric problems have been observed through its continued use. And aside from eliminating the symptoms of digestive problems, an overall improvement in health is observed as well. In fact, there were even reports of improved condition of the skin.

Our Recommendation
Because of the high positive feedback from users, we are recommending the Acidophilus Pearls as a source of probiotics. There are very few reports from consumers who find this product ineffective and useless. However, you shouldn’t totally rely on these live bacteria as your only source for good health.

You should strive to live a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious and balance meals every day as well. But the Acidophilus Pearls make a great supplement, especially if you are prone to digestive problems. These are made from natural ingredients, so you won’t suffer from any side effects while taking the pills. And the price of these pills are very affordable too.

What do you think? Do Acidophilus Pearls really work?

29 Customer Reviews on “Do Acidophilus Pearls Really Work?

  1. I have been taking them for the past 20 days have not experienced any difference….=(

  2. Does pearl really help with constipation? Because I’ve tried everything and they work for a little while and stop . Thanks.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about these not having to be refrigerated. They do the trick for many. Tablets and capsules contain freeze-dried organisms and are in packaging to prevent moisture, such as blister packs, and generally do not need refrigeration or to be kept out of humidity (but should still not be exposed to heat above room temperature.) They also have longer shelf-lives than products containing live cultures, such as yogurts and drinks (which must be refrigerated). Probiotic yeast and some of the spore-forming bacteria, such as Bacillus coagulans, generally do not require refrigeration. (This is paraphrased from consumerlabs dot com)

  4. I never like taking pills if I don’t need to. This includes eating or drinking something healthy or taking vitamins. As a long term sufferer of digestive problems, I need something that has favorable results. Probiotics seem like a better option but I can’t drink milk and dislike eating yogurt. So it’s either take these pills or use probiotics instead. So I can use them without having to relying on pills too much. But like Jennifer, I like to travel abroad as well. So it’s not always doable to have something that needs to be refrigerated on hand.

  5. I honestly thought this product would have been called out as a scam. The reason for that is because I always understood that probiotics need to be refrigerated in order to keep them alive and viable. They’re living organisms, tiny bacteria, that live in your intestinal tract and help with digestion and absorption of nutrients, as well as your immune system. When you eat yogurt, whether it’s vegan or dairy-based, there are naturally occurring probiotics that are alive because the food has to be kept cold. When I purchase probiotics, I make sure there are millions or even billions of live cultures, and that the bottle is refrigerated. This guarantees that you’ll get the highest amount possible into your system.

  6. I took these while traveling overseas during my pregnancy. I read that probiotics can help prevent the kind of food poisoning that is common when traveling. My obstetrician said I could go ahead and try it, so I did. I’m terrible at swallowing pills, so I appreciated the fact that these pearls are so small. Anyway, it is hard to know if they were effective or not for my targeted use. I was careful in general about what I ate, and I still got sick a couple times, but nothing too serious. I’m hoping these played a part in the fact that I was able to remain as healthy as I was. I’ve heard great things about the probiotics that have to be refrigerated, but those are obviously not suitable for travel, so I think these pearls were a good option in my case. I wouldn’t rely on them enough to ease up on following the normal cautions when eating abroad, though.

  7. I have used acidophilus pearls for about 3 months now and my digestive health has never been better. I used to suffer from acid heartburn and various stomach problems after eating, which i no longer have and have been able to stop using my prescribed drugs for those problems.

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