Does DermMatch Really Work?

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Does DermMatch really work?DermMatch is designed to restore confidence in the way your hair looks. It can be a big blow to your confidence to go through life worrying what people think of your thinning hair or bald spots. There is such a stigma placed on it, people immediately think you’re older or less healthy than you really are. So does DermMatch deliver on its promise of thicker-looking hair?

When you have a thinning hair problem there are two aspects you have to consider. One is treating the cause of it, and the other is how to return the look of your hair to its former glory. Many of the products out there that are marketed as a cure work slowly and take several months to see even modest results. Other products, like DermMatch, promise to provide an instant fix to the appearance of your hair

The Claim
They say that they will change your life instantly. A bold claim made by a product that is basically a cosmetic concealer of your problem. This is the equivalent of sweeping the problem under the rug, so it most likely won’t change your life. It might defer the bad feelings you’re having, but with continued use you’ll eventually hit the point where your hair is so sparse no cover-up will do the job.

The product works by coloring the scalp, but also by attaching to the hair follicles to improve their appearance. So not only will your remaining hair appear thicker, your scalp won’t be white and shiny, the dead giveaway that you have a thinning hair problem.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that you are not really treating your problem here, and nothing is getting fixed. If you have an improvement in your confidence and self-esteem by using this, you’ll eventually lose it and be back to how you’re currently feeling, or worse, at some point in the future.

The Cost
An 8 month supply is currently $47 with shipping included. That boils down to less than $6 per month to use it.

Many people are complaining about the DermMatch price increase. When it first hit the market it was priced around $27 and has since been increased by about $20. This is quite the hike, but is often done by businesses to try and break into a market. They were probably taking a loss on it by selling it so low, and now they are recouping that loss and operating in the black. Also, since each disc lasts 8 months, they don’t get the benefit of repeat orders every month, like almost every other hair loss product out there.

The Commitment
Get ready to sign on for the long haul when you start using DermMatch. It does a good job of making your hair and scalp look better, and if you’re not careful people will wonder what you did to change your hair. If you want to keep up appearances you need to use it every day.

Pros and Cons
Several people raise concern over how hard it is to apply DermMatch, but those same people also say that once you get it onto your hair, it works like a charm. Very few people have said that it flat out doesn’t work, and an overwhelming number sing its praises.

This can be used by both men and women, which is great because men aren’t the only ones that suffer from thinning hair and a visible scalp. It comes in many different colors, one is sure to be able to closely match yours. Some products out there only come in a select few shades, so it can be hard to match it up to your specific color.

Final DermMatch Review

DermMatch works! While it may not be a solution to your thinning hair problem, it will make you look better, and return the appearance of your hair back to a thicker, more youthful appearance. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that your real problem is fixed, and be sure to continue your search for a true solution.

Our Recommendation
Using DermMatch in conjunction with other products designed to stop or reverse your hair loss is a good idea. It can give you that instant gratification of looking good now, and by treating the cause you can also feel good that you’re giving your hair what it needs to repair itself.

What do you think? Does DermMatch work or not?

Customer Review on “Does DermMatch Really Work?

  1. Reviews on their site indicating that this product does not work out weight the positive review which they hand pick for the face of the site.

    My issue after contacting service due to never receiving it;

    I order two of the these concealers for a wedding party to enhance the confidence of a couple of the gentleman. I did not receive my package, but this is not entirely why I am displeased. When I emailed dermamatch a woman named Denise replied. Her response was to call my post office and “we sent it so you should call them….” When I told her that I did call them but was also informing them, also stating that if I did get it I would need a refund and to return the product because she replied, “why do you want to return it? we didn’t do anything wrong, your problem is not with us.” When I emailed back that her responses were not helping and the product was not received so if I got it, I couldn’t do anything with it anymore. But that her next response should be how to return it and nothing further if not in assistance to which she replied in all caps, ‘RETURN TO SENDED’. When I called and asked for a different member of management she responded that this is not their structure which I assumed as her responses were indicative of someone who is not held accountable or knows little of what service actually entails. You do not blame the customer or point your finger at someone else. I was not calling them for excuses. Their system stated it was delivered so I called them as well as the post office to determine where the delivery issue occurred. Further stating that it is, “not my fault that you do not have a secure location for deliveries” is disrespectful to the customer and shows me that once you have received my money you could care less about the customer. I will never order from them again. If she would have simply stated that from their end it was sent, but that she would check into a few things, and then take the initiative to make sure their distribution center had not in fact miscommunicated or anything that represented actually caring, I would have ordered another set for possible future use and spoken to my bank about the rest. But because her responses were shown of little care you have lost a customer and trust me, I matter. I am the loyal, decisive shopper and if I am unhappy with what I receive simply for my own reasons I do not return. I spent 100 on this product and had not even used it before. Next time, try better.
    I do not recommend this product because you want a company who cares about the person behind the money, who will care if there is an issue and handle it. Not all caps email you and tell you it isn’t their fault, figure it out.

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